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Memories of Mr. Floyd
We took Mr. Floyd in during Hurricane Floyd, in 1999. He was the best little boy, right from the start. He had so many medical problems, having all of his teeth removed, jaw reconstruction for osteomyelitis, and even radiation therapy for his thyroid problems, but he came through everything like a trooper. He loved being brushed and watching TV with his dad. He was a great big brother to Kerby. In the early days, he showed the girls (Matilda, Chloe and TC) who was in charge! It has been a tough few months, with his chronic renal failure and inflammatory bowel. Mr. Floyd crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is no longer in any pain and is free to play with "his girls" now. We will miss him terribly forever. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Kerby 10/08/2011 - Oh, Mr. Floyd, it's been 2 days without you and it seems like forever. We miss you so much. Kerby is heartbroken, wandering around looking for you. He spent so much time by the front door, waiting for you to come home. He is so sad and has a URI, so is very miserable and really needs his big brother. Daddy is so sad, too. I wish you were here to watch TV with him. The house is empty without you. I hope the girls are being extra good to you - I know Matilda must be so happy to have you there with her especially. I love you so much, Buddy, and wish you didn't have to go. xoxoxo Mommy 11/20/11 - Hi, Buddy. Oh, how we miss you! Kerby really does, too. His diabetes is still all over the place, can't get him regulated. I bought a box to put your things in - it's Christmassy, but will be okay until we can find he perfect box for your brush, bowl, toys, and all of the cards we got from your friends when you had to leave us. The memorial in the paper was so nice - the fall picture of you with the yellow mum. You never looked more handsome. I wish you could come back to us, just want to hold you so much, but I know that your pain is all gone now and you are happy with your girls. I miss you, and Daddy and Kerby will never be the same without you either. xoxoxo Mommy 12/24/2011 - Hi, Buddy. This will be our first Christmas apart and we are so sad without you. I wish you could just come back so I could hold you. You were the best hugger ever! Kerby misses you so much, and especially Daddy. We love you. Santa will be good to you, I know. xoxoxox Mommy & Daddy 10/06/2012 - Hi, Buddy! Oh, we miss you so very much! We lit your candle tonight for you. It's never going to be the same without you. Kerby still looks for you downstairs. His sugar is still crazy, but we have it controlled for now. We finally got Jules to the vet - trapped him, got him fixed, got all his shots, but he just comes in for a few minutes once in awhile. We still think about you all the time and miss you terribly. But, we know that you aren't in any pain anymore. Still, we wish we could just hold you again. Love you, Mr. Floyd, so very much! Mommy 10/05/2013 - We can't believe it will be 2 years ago tomorrow that you crossed over The Bridge, little Buddy. We miss you so much! Kerby is right here with us - he must know that we are writing to you. We will miss you forever and ever, Mr. Floyd. xoxoxoxo Mommy and Daddy, Kerby and Jules 10/05/2014 - Oh, Mr. Floyd, do we ever miss you! I don't know where 3 years have gone. We miss you so much everyday, and daddy still says "good night" to you (your picture) every night. Things here are the same. Sometimes I think I would feel better health-wise if you were here. Kerby is still doing well with his diabetes, and he and Jules get along most of the time. I think Kerby still misses you though, too. Remember we love you. It's so hard, even knowing that you are in a better place. We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Kerby & Jules 09/16/2015 - Hi, Mr. Floyd. Oh, how we miss you. I can't believe it's been almost 4 years without you. Daddy misses you so much, too, and so does Kerby. I still think that if you were here, I would feel better about things. It's just so sad to think of you being gone. Things here are okay, Kerby and Jules still get into spats at times. I hope you are having lots of peaceful times with "your girls". Please know that we think of you every single day, and love you so very, very much. Love, Mommy Hi, Mr. Floyd! Oh, it's been so long, I'm so sorry about that. We've continue to miss you everyday, that will never change. Kerby misses you; he was very sick this weekend with his diabetes, but he came out of it, thankfully. Things here are okay, but not the same without you. Please know that we think of you everyday, and that we miss you just terribly. Daddy will especially never get over losing you. But, you are in a better place. We will all be together again someday. We love you, little Buddy, and you will always be our special guy. Love, Mommy

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