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Memories of Mr. Doctor Du Dog
Mr. Dr. Du Dog oringinally lived in a tiny trailer. He came to me at about five years old. His first name was Mr. Do Done Did! He went by Doo. Du needed a new home and I was hapoy to welcome him. I had known him as a pup!
He began going to work with me at a long-term psychiatric hospital. Every morning, he would know who was upset or angry and walked around them. Sad patients were approached by Du and he would push against them for soft petting. Once, he was kindnapped from the nurses station, taken to the patients' beauty shop and had his toenails painted gold after a big debate! He escaped after only one and one-half feet were painted. Patients gave me an extra ice cream for Du. One young man loved to help Du eat the ice cream. He asked to go with us on walks. He was very psychotic after a horrible childhood. He finally asked if he could hold the leash with me. After a long time, he finally took the leash by himself, gaining confidence from Du. He had only been afraid that the Du Dog would get away. He became so confident that he was discharged to a halfway house. He called the Pug "Doctor Du", which means "Doctor You" in the German Du. My grandpa used to sing a song that began with "Du, du, liebst mir im herzen" (you, you, love in my heart...). Then a senior African American man came to the nurses' station where Du had his bed and bowls. He bent low and sang very softly, "Camptown ladies sing this song, Du Dog, Du Dog. Camptown race track five miles long, oh the Du Dog day..."). Each day, he'd smile as I arrived and say, "It's gonna be a Du Dog day!"
Much later, I went to another county for work. I lived in a residential hotel. The manager was very adamant that no dogs were allowed. I helped her organize her supply room and she became a friend. She let Du Dog stay with me. He barked if the drapes were open, so they stayed closed.
He loved the Chinese lady who cleaned the room and knew he was a Chinese dog. She taught us that dogs in China don't bark or yip or howl Chinese dogs say, "Wu Wu!" Du was my therapy dog after spine fixation surgery, going for walks daily, the dog park weekly and enjoying his life as a hotel dog.
Every Friday, we went to McDonald's and the Hispanic workers theete called him "el gordito perrito" (the chubby little dog" and liked to give him his ice cream cone at the drive-up. Sadly, about a year later, he became slow and one night just laid there unresponsive. We were downsizing and moving to our beach cottage soon. I stayed up all night in a recliner, holding him and saying sweet nothings. I begged him to make it to the beach house. The next day, he seemed fine, got a good vet visit. He made it to the beach the next summer, but died the nest year, the day after Valentine's Day. He held on so I could feel his love longer. Du was a real trooper.
He loved going to the beach, running and playing by the water long before we had our beach home. He never did anything that we could assign to badness. He just loved. He will be by water in his home by The Rainbow Bridge. He will wait for me.

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