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Memories of Mr Bill
Mr Bill, thank you for allowing us to be your parents. From the minute we saw you, we knew you were coming home with us. They said you were the shelter favorite, they were right! You sat in my lap and just purred away.
You were so good. You loved sitting on the deck sunning yourself, you never ran away.
You always conned one of us for treats. And you always got them. You wouldn't eat unless we watched you!! You loved bacon more than anything. We loved your silent meows, and giving you belly rubs.
I loved how you cuddled up to me at bedtime. I felt so comforted having you there. You loved when Daddy brushed you. My sweet budsy boo boo, I was just telling Daddy how much I miss you, everything about you. How lucky were we to get the sweetest cat ever? I love you buddy and we'll see each again.
When we adopted you, we really needed you, then it was time for you to need us. We did everything we could to help you buddy. I'm so sorry you got cancer. I hope you arrived safely and know just how much Mommy and Daddy miss you. I would like nothing more than to have you at home with us.
One day we will be reunited. Until that time comes, I love you and miss you. 7/7/21.
Hi kitty, I can't believe you left a week ago. I still expect to see you run to the front door when we get home, or seeing you curled up on your favorite blanket. I miss you so very much. I long to have you in my arms, purring and cuddling up to me. I love you so much Billy Budkins. 7/8/21
Sweetheart, you came home today. I cried my eyes out. I miss you so much. I have a hard time believing you're not here anymore. Sweet dreams kitty, visit anytime. Love, Mommy 7/10/21
Hi sweetheart, we're going to pick a photo of you to place on your urn. My baby, I love and miss you so much 7/11/21
Hi buddy, I'm really struggling with you not being here today. I can't even put into words how much I miss you. The house is empty without you. I know you were with me last night. I felt you and it comforted me. I try not to cry, but it's so hard. I just want you back. I want kitty cuddles and purring in my ear. I love you sweetheart 💗
Buddy, I'm missing you so much today. I just want you here. I still can't believe you're not here. Hugs budsy. 7/16/21. Hi kitty, love and miss you. I hope you've met lots of newbo friends at the bridge. Hugs baby boy 7/17/21. Hu sweetheart, I hope you're having fun and making lots of friends. I miss you so much xxxx 7/18/21. What wouldn't I give to pick you up and give you your daily kitty cuddle. Today, I washed all the bed linens. I hadn't moved anything. The imprint of your body was there. I just broke down crying. My sweet budsy boo boo. I love you 7/19/21
Hi sweetheart, Mommy has really had a hard time this weekend. I just miss you so much. I feel empty inside without you. Since we don't know when your birthday is, Happy Birthday sweetheart, today and forever. I love you baby. You're never far from my thoughts 7/25/21
My little buddy, you've been gone a month and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you so very much.
Life isn't the same without you. I love you sweetheart. 7/29/21
Hi sweetheart, I hope you can hear me letting you know much I love and miss you. Every morning, I wish you a Happy Birthday and give your sweet face a kiss. I never imagined how much I could love you. You've left a huge hole in my heart. I miss you each and everyday. Keep sending signs to let me know you're with me. I love you kitty 10/6/21. My sweet little boy, can't believe a year has passed already. I miss you so much, you were unique! I so sorry we couldn't save you, we tried very hard. Rest easy gentle kitty and never forget how much Mommy and Daddy love you. We'll meet again! 7/1/22. My sweet little boy, I miss you terribly. Happy birthday everyday sweetheart xxx
Hey sweetie! I want to thank you for sending Miss Kitty to us. I know it was you! We love and miss you so much Billy 💓 My sweet Budsy Boo Boo, I miss you so much. I know you're being so good!!

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