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Memories of Mr. Belvedere
We loved you as a kitten, then when you grew up we loved you more. You loved to sit on Poppy's lap. Rebekka saw you before you came to live with us and so did we. You were from a litter of four. Your father - Forevermore's Zumbledore of Voijer. Your mother - Voijer's Xweet Cat-O-Mine. You loved to drink out of the faucet in the kitchen sink. When you were a kitten you would curl up in the sink in both bathrooms. You slept on our bed during the day. If I took a nap on the couch, you would curl up next to me. You meowed for food. I did not want to have you put to sleep, I let you die peacefuly in our house. I told you if you wanted to go it was alright. We love you and will cherish your memories.

3/5/12 I missed you today. You didn't sleep next to me when I took a nap this afternoon, All my love, Mama

3/6/12 Today I bought picture frames for your photos. I am making a stepping stone with your name, date of birth and date of your passing. Poppy put one of my stone cats on your resting pace. I miss you so much. I hope you hear me talking to you in the morning and when it's time for bed.
Love, Mama

3/9/12 It is one week since you became a resident of Rainbow Bridge. We miss you very, very much.
All our love, Mama and Poppy

3/11/12 I missed you sleeping on the computer chair when I came in the room. I used to turn the chair around and you would jump on the bed. I also look for you on our bed during the day as you slept there. I think Obadiah doesn't know where you are as he looks for you when he eats. Remember he would try to eat your food. We gave the canned food to the Blooming Grove shelter in your memory. I talk to you every morning and before I go to bed. I love you and miss you very much. xoxo always, Mama

3/13/12 Obadiah jumped on the chair and then on the cat tree. He scratched and sniffed it. I think he realized you weren't around anymore. I tell him when he looks for you that you are at the Rainbow Bridge and will wait for him there. I miss you, all my love, Mama

3/21/12 Dear Mr. Belvedere
A heart of gold stopped beating,
Two blues eyes at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove,
He only takes the best.
God knew you had leave us.
but you did not go alone,
for part of us went with you.
the day He took you home.
With all our love, Mama & Poppy

3/29/12 It has beeen a month since we got the news you had cancer. I did not want to put you to sleep quite yet, so I let you stay with us. On 3/2/12 you ate your breakfast then layed on the bed all day as you usually did. In the late evening I noticed you couldn't walk so I carried you into the family room and held you on my lap, but you didn't want to stay. We put you on a towel on the floor and I petted you and said if you wanted to go it was alright. At 11:46 you departed for the Rainbow Bridge.

3/29/12 I ordered your momument with your picture engraved on it and the four lines fom the poem above. It will always be a memorial to you.

4/2/12 It is a month since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you very much. I am crying as I type this. I talk to you every morning and before I go to bed. I read a wonderful book called I Will See You In Heaven, and I know I will someday. Have you met Oreo, Morris and Charlie. They lived with us before you. Sammy should also be there. We miss seeing you lay on the cat tree, it looks so empty. Once Obadiah jumped up there but didn't stay. I look at the gray tray and see only one dish. I hope you have a comfy bed to sleep on like you did on ours.
Always in our hearts, Love Mama and Poppy

4/9/12 Yesterday was Easter. Your memorial stone came on saturday. We set it up on your grave. It is beautiful and the engraving looks like you. It will always remind us of how you looked, you handsome little man. We will plant flowers so they will come up every spring. We miss you.
Love, Mama and Poppy

4/28/12 Today I started reading a book titled Going Home. It is about letting go of pets dying. Maybe you suffered more because I didn't put you to sleep. I might have been selfish and wanted you around longer. I hope you didn't linger in pain. I loved you and couldn't let you go. I miss you very much. All my love always, Mama
P.S. All the daffodils have finished blooming outside so I am changing the flowers in you residency.

5/2/12 It is two months today that you left us. I miss you more and more eash day.
Love, Mama

6/16/12 I miss you very much. Your grave and monument are getting covered over by weeds. It will be cleaned up in the fall. We put the screen in the front door and Obadiah sits on the little bench and looks out. I wonder if he sees your grave? I am crying as I write this because you are not here with us, but you are in spirit.
Love, Mama

9/3/12 It is 6 months since you left us. I look at your memorial stone everyday, and sometimes I talk to you. All the little white wildflowers are in bloom in the front yard. Fall is coming soon. Some of the trees are showing signs. Obadiah looks out the front door when I open it in the morning, I wonder if he is talking to you. I am crying as I write this, the pain of losing you does not go away. I miss you.
Love, Mama

10/2/12 It is 7 months today, I miss you very much. I cry every time I write to you. The leaves are falling all around your memorial stone, some times it is covered. Poppy is going to plant snow drops so they will come up in early spring. I some times get annoyed at Obadiah when he wants food and I remember telling you to take a long walk on a short pier. I wish I didn't say it because you really did take a long walk. I love you, Mama

10/23/12 I hope you are playing with Tigger. Did he tell you he was sick? We are all sad that he had to die. Rebekka will miss him. We all loved him.
I will start a Rainbow Bridge for him.
Love, Mama

12/18/12 It is almost christmas. The tree is up and Obadiah was in the living room by the heat watching us. I think of you coming in the living room also. I miss you. Please enjoy the christmas tree that I am sending you.
Love, Mama

1/1/13 Happy New Year. I can't see your stone because it is covered with snow. Yesterday evening Obadiah injured his left back leg. He tries to walk but he cries because it hurts. He just jumped on the bed in the computer room. We will take him to the vet on wednesday if he isn't better. Please remember him when you play with friends and ask Jesus to heal him.
Love, Mama

1/2/13 Today Obadiah came to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, Please take care of him. We love you both.
Love, Mama

1/10/13 We adopted two new kitties on 1/7/13. We didn't replace you or Obadiah, we still love both of you. We needed companionship. Their names are Mickey and Archie. Obadiah, we will pick up your ashes and put them in a nice urn. We will keep them on the liquor cabinet facing the front door, you liked to sit there sometimes. Have a good time together.
Love, Mama

2/2/13 Mr. Belvedere, you left us 11 months ago today. Obadiah came to meet you 1 month ago. The snow drops are peeking through by your grave. Obadiah is resting on the liquor cabinet looking out the front door. Your ashes Obadiah, are in a beautiful wooden box. I had a plaque engraved with your date of birth and death. We miss you both.
Love, Mama

2/25/13 Today Luke came to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss him. Now we have four fur babies waiting to meet us. We love you.
Love, Mama

3/2/13 It is 1 year since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It is also 2 months that Obadiah came to stay with you. It will be 1 week that Luke joined you. We love and miss all of you. The snow drops will soon be in bloom by your grave, and also the purple crocus.
Love, Mama

5/11/13 It has been a while since I wrote to you. I have two solar lights by your grave. They stay light all night. I also have two by Tigger. Luke's ashes are finally home and safe on Kathryn's mantle. All the flowers and trees are all out. We miss you and Obadiah.
Love, Mama

7/7/13 We may have to move your monument for a few days as we are having the pipe from the well to the house dug up. I hope we will not have to disturb you. If we do we will gently remove you and replace you after the work is done.
Mickey and Archie look out the front door just like you and Obadiah did. Miss both of you. :(
Love, Mama

11/06/13 We put your monument back after 7/7/13. We did not have to disturb you. It is now fall and the leaves are all over the front yard. I had halloween lights on the front door and a pumpkin flag. I have to put up the thanksgiving flag.
It was Obadiah's birthday on 11/2/13. He would have been 12 yrs old Hope you all celebrated. Wish him a happy birthday from all of us. It was 1 yr ago on 10/23/12 that Tigger came to play with you. Rebekka misses him. Mickey and Archie had surgery to remove their front claws as they were doing damage to the house. They didn't use the scratching post. Mickey scratched the carpets and Archie tore the wall paper in my bath room. They are fine now.
Archie meows for food and Mickey finishes up what Archie leaves behind. I have to feed them greenie treats before I can get into bed at night.
I miss both of you.
Love, Mama

1/02/14 Obadiah, One year ago today, we sadly said goodbye you. It broke our hearts to loose you so suddenly. I looked at the last picture taken of you in the living room while we were decorating the tree. You looked sad. We didn't know you were sick. We miss you, you will always be in our heart.
Love, Mama

3/02/14 Two years ago at 11:02pm, you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I am crying as I write this. We miss you very much. Snow is covering you and your grave and the stone with your picture and name.
Love, Mama

2/04/19 It is seven years since I last wrote to you. I have a picture of you on my refrigerater. I look at it and I still miss you. Your stone is still there ad it is covered with some snow. A few weeks ago the snow drops started to appear. Mickey and Archie sit on the cabinet by the front door and watch the birds. Archie is so fat. all he wants to do is eat. Mickey is smaller. Sometimes Archie sleeps with me at night.
I hope you well and enjoying friends.
Presicious, Lynn,s,cat came to the Rainbow Bridge, shortly after that Lynn died.
Love, Mama

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