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Memories of Mozzarella
You left us too soon and unexpectedly but we have millions of beautiful memories that we will cherish.

We can only hope that we made your life as beautiful as you made ours.

I cannot wait until the day we can be reunited at the rainbow bridge together, buddy. Until then.

We love you for eternity. Thank you for everything, Mister Man.

Ryan and Ana.

It's been a month since you left us, buddy. It doesn't get any easier. My heart hurts so much because I wanted to keep you safe. I keep waiting to hear you meowing at 3am, to see you sleeping in your little bed, to see you run towards me when I open the pantry door because you want food. It's so hard, buddy. I feel so alone and guilty because I should have been there with you. A regular vet visit should have never turned into a tragedy. I miss you every day. Every time I see a picture of you on my phone my heart feels like it breaks into a million pieces because you should be here with us. Basil misses you. Ryan misses you. Everyone misses you.
It's so painful to miss you.
You truly changed my world, Mozzarella, and for that I'm so grateful. The pandemic, college, life after college in the pandemic... it was all too much and there were so many times I just wanted to quit, but I looked at you and I didn't feel so alone. I would look at you and feel like there was still hope in the world.
Thank you for being in my life, buddy. I will never ever forget you.
I love you, baby boy. <3

Hi mister man. Mommy's come to visit you again. I'm sorry I haven't logged in here since last time, it's just been so hard. I think about you and I see pictures of you and my heart just breaks. It's not fair. I miss you so much. I wish you were here so I could give you kisses and feed you churus.
Sometimes, I look at pictures of you and it feels like it was ages ago. It almost feels like our time together wasn't real, like it was all a dream, and I hate that feeling. I wanted more time with you. I wanted all the time in the world with you.
You took a huge piece of my heart when you left, buddy boy.
Please visit me. Visit my dreams, visit me when I'm driving to work, visit me when I'm sitting alone somewhere. I want to know your spirit is still here with me. Visit Ryan and Basil too. They miss you so much.
I will never ever forget you and you will never ever be replaced.
Ryan and I will have many more cats throughout our lifetimes, but none of them will replace you. They'll be your siblings that you get to watch over and protect from kitty heaven and we will love them just as much as we love you but just know that you are always in our hearts.
I love you so so so much.
If only our love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
Rest peacefully, baby.


Hi baby. Mommy's here again. It's been awhile since I last visited you. It's so hard. It's hard to think about you without feeling a stabbing pain in my heart. It's hard to think about you without crying and saying that you should still be here.
It's almost been a year without you, my sweet baby. A whole year. I miss you ever single day and I will miss you for the rest of my life. Please, don'r ever forget how much I love you and how badly I wish you were here with us still. One day I will think about you without tears coming down my face. I love you.

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