Welcome to Mozart's Rainbow Bridge Memorial Residency
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Memories of Mozart
Memories are something that no one can steal,
Some may forget you now that your are gone,
But we will remember you no matter how long,
Wonderful memories woven in gold,
This is the picture we will forever hold.

We little knew that afternoon
God was going to call your name
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you
the day God called you to Rainbow Bridge,
But we've always been a family
that continuously were strong.
"Don't cry, be brave"
are the words you might say,
If only you were here for just
one more day, so we could say
Good Bye.

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new,
We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name,
Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.

A million times we've thougth of you
A million times we've cried,
If loving could have saved you
You would never have left our side.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
Part of us went with you
On the day God called you home

Forgive me Lord, We'll always weep
For the one we love,
but could not keep.

It is four years since you passed away and left us.
Our hearts go on without you and nothings is the same. We have to hide our heartache when someone speaks your name. Empty and sad are the hearts that still loves you, silent the tears that fall. Living our lives without you is the hardest part of all. You were such a good friend and companion.

Love Always and Forever - Mom

March 4, 2015 - My Dear, Sweet Little Man - It has been eight years since that awful day that you let us. There is still that hole in my heart that will never go away. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and Sparky and hope you are together playing and enjoying Rainbow Bridge. I miss you little man. We both miss you very much and think of you ever day. Love Mom

March 4, 2012 - My Dear, Sweet Mozart - It have been five years since you left us. The tears have stopped,but the hole in my heart is very much there. There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of with love. To my very dear companion, I love you and miss you very, very much. I can still fell the curls in your fur. You were such a lovely furry baby. We miss you.

Love Always and Forever - Mom

April 10, 2010 - My Dearest Mo - Well, it is Saturday and I am working. Since I last wrote you Dad has finished his IDD treatments. I have finally finished the living room and am now working on the little bathroom. Easter Sunday we sang both services. Church was packed. Sparky is still his same old self. He seems to sleep alot, but he sure knows when we come home and boy is he glad to see us. Buffy knows it is getting warmer out and goes out in the morning for most of the day. When she does come in she is becoming more of a lap cat. Mom is still at Brandon's, I don't know when she is going home. Our Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner went well and we netted almost $900.00. Last Saturday night we went to Don and Diane Griffin's for a Legend dinner. It was fun and she had placemats from the show on the table. Patsy Gray down the road has a cocker that could be your twin sister and we had a storm the other night and Patsy's said she was so scared. It reminded me so much of you and how much I miss you. You hated the storms and would hide under the desk or get on my lap, or just as close as you could. I really miss your companionship. Dad misses you too. He speaks to you and of you often as do I. I am going to be a great-grandmother again in August. Bridgette is going to have a baby boy. She was only 4 when you were born. How time flies. You would have been 14 on April 22. Timmy, Sr. has COPD and a heart condition. I don't know what is going to happen there. He has an appointment Monday, with a disablility attorney. The same attorney that Jim had. I hope they can work something out, becuase like he said where can he work that he doesn't have to lift more than 10 pounds. The ecoonmy is so bad I don't know what anyone is going to do. I am so greatful I have my job. Yesterday, I had worked for Bill for 10 years. It doesn't seem possible. I can remember you and Sparky welcoming me home when we lived on Scuffleboro Road and then over here. I miss you little man. Well, must close and get to work. I love you Little Man and miss you with all my heart. Love Mom.

April 22, 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LITTLE MAN - I hope you have a wonderful day. I miss you and think about the day you were born. I had almost 10 wonderful years with you. You were my family for such a long time. Words can't begin to tell you what you meant to me. Dad sends his love also. He just got out of the hospital again. On Tuesday, the 16th he started having chest pains and we ended up in the ER. They kept him in Eatonton over night and then Wednesday AM took him to Piedmont. They did a cath and found nothing. So what happened we don't know. Then on Sunday in church he had pains again. Then when we got home. Then nothing for a couple of days and then on Thrusday pain again. I don't know what is going on. He goes to see Dr. Lipman on the 6th so maybe we will know something then. Sparky is good. He is getting lazier by the day, but then he will be 15 in October. Buffy is her usual playful and sleep self. She is like most cats. She loves to be outdoors and run and play. Dad brushes her alot, so we are getting rid of the dead fur. On rainy days and evenings, she sleeps. I hear her during the night jump on the keyboard to get her food and then she is back in bed. She sleeps between us or warapped around Dad. She loves Dad. We all miss you very much and hope you have a good day. You would have been 14 today. Until we visit again. Love Mom

July 4, 2010 - HAPPY 4th My Little Man - I hope you have a great day. I finished painting the house around the 15th of June. June 29 we had our community yard sale so I got rid of a lot of things. We made $1800.00 that was the best ever. I have got two new bookcases in the spare room. One where the old refrig was and the other by the light switch. It looks really nice. In my office I ordered another bookcase to replace the short one and brought the file cabinet in from the shop. I did away with the computer desk and used the other desk. You would still be able to hid under it. Our weather has been very hot. You would have been right over the air conditioner vents. I think of you every day. You taught Sparky well, because he is laying right over the vents himself. Buffy goes out in the morning, but as it gets hotter, she comes in and spends the afternoon. Dad was still having chest pains after he got out of the hospital. He went to Dr. Lipham and there is a vein that is behind where they put the stents that they can't get to and it is 90% blocked. They are going to try and help it with meds. Dr. Lipham comment "It is serious, but not critical at this point. That is really encouraging. It is like wait for the other shoe to drop. Dad has bursittis in his shoulder now and is going to the doctor for that. Me, I am still working. Today, choir sang a tribute to all soldiers and veterans, then Dad and I went to the Dekalb Farmers market. Dad will be canning tomatoes (chili sauce and stewed tomates). John Smith, I don't believe you every met John, has brought use cucumbers. We have made pickels. Thrusday, he brought us fresh sweet corn. That is the first corn we have had in years. Later, he is giving us some to freeze. Mom is getting better every day. I talk to her every day, but I do wish we could have gone home this year. Sherry sent us DVD's of the girls. Kassie in the Sound of Music and Hannah and Aleah in Wicked. They are wonderful. Tim Jr. and his girl friend are looking at buying a house. Bridgette is due in August and she and Kyle are moving in with Tim and Margaret. I don't know how that will work out. Lillie is showing her horse. Tim went to the Dr. on Wednesday. The doctor didn't release the weight restriction and told him he must be in an air conditioned place. I wish he would change doctors. They put him back on the steroids and he is still retaining fluid. I don't know. All I can do is pray for them, just like I pray for you. I know you think I don't think about you because I don't write everyday, but I do think of you alot. I miss you so much. Well, before I start to cry, I will close and remember we all love you very much. Love Mom

August 18, 2010 - Good Day, my little man. I hope you are well. We are doing fairly well. Dad has gone to the dr. for his shoulder. It has been giving him fits for about two months. He has had theraphy, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. It has been so hot here. In a away, I am so glad you are not here. I don't think you could have taken the heat. You and Sparky and Buffy would have fought for the registers. Sparky lays like you did over the resgisters and Buff gets on a kitchen chair over the register. You did teach Sparky well. I think about you every day. In a way I wish I was with you and we had crossed Rainbow Bridge together. Things in this country are no where near like they should be. Tim, Jr. is trying to get a loan to buy a piece of property. Bridgette has not had her baby yet,but she and Kyle are living with Tim and Margaret. Tim is suppose to get out by September 1. I don't know if that will happen. Tim Sr. when to see my mother on Monday. She was so happy. We are all fairly well and miss you. Not much else is going on. August 7 we had our chicken B-B-Q. We didn't do very well. Only made about $700.00.
A lot of work and a long day for someone our age. We have had several really bad storms, with all this heat and I think of you. You didn't like thunder storms. You would hide under my desk. I really do miss you and think of you every day. We still have your ashes on the TV and they will go with Dad and I, as will Sparky's and Buffy's. We have new neighbors. They are really nice kids. His father is a juvinile court judge. Really nice people. Please look for a little dog, named Jody. She joined you yesterday. She was a nieghbor and a beloved pet from our very good friends Debbie and Gary. I am sure you can show her around and give her all the help and love that the other Rainbow Bridge residents gave you when you arrived. Until we meet and cross Rainbow Bridge together. I Love You. I guess I have told you all the news, so will close for now. Write to you soon. Love Mom

September 23, 2010 Good Morning my Little Man, Well, I am a great grandmother again. Bridge had a baby boy, Johathan James Wheeler-Henderson. He was born August 27, 2010. Yesterday he went to the hospital with spinal meningistis. I don't know if it is viral or bacterial. He is at Upstate where they have recently opened a new children's hospital. I guess it is wonderful. I hope he is ok. Dad an I have been busy with church. Sang last sunday afternoon at the Baptist Church, had fun with that. I guess the Baptist are goin to sing with us for the Christmas cantata. I am working, Dad is well and Sparky, just got back from the vets. He has another growth on his butt, but because of his age and the heart mummer, No surgery. At times, he still runs around here like a puppy. We still miss you every day and you are thought of everyday. Dad and I miss you very much. I guess I have told you all the news, so will close for now. Love Mom

December 25, 2010 - Merry Christmas - Good Evening my Little Man - I am so sorry that I have not written in a while, but I do think of you every day. I miss you every day. So much has been going on the I don't find time to write. Work has been slower than normal, but Dad has kept me busy. Johnthan is well. He only spent a week in the hospital. I guess he is ok now. Tim and Margaret separated October 1st and Tim when to live with Mom. He was there about two weeks. He started going to Brian the local minister for counseling and since then things seem better. Tim has started work at the wire mill again, thanks to Brian. Tim and Margaret had a fight with Bridgette and Kyle about living with them and then they moved out. Tim has not seen Johanath in a while. Tim, Jr. is working on the same line with his Dad. Tim the III is growing. They sent me pictures for Christmas, they are so nice and he is so cute. I wish we were closer. Lily is beautiful, also. Jim got pictures of Aleah and Hannah they are beautiful girls also. I didn't hear from Bridgette for Christmas. Mom is doing well. I hope winter is good to her. I know you have a few new friends at the Bridge. I hope you are doing well. I miss you so much, but again I think of you every day. I love you. Mom.

January 1, 2011 - Happy New Year, my little man - I hope you have a great new year. We had Jackie and Audrey over for dinner today. It was a nice day. Sparky doesn't seem to feel well, because he isn't eating like he should. The weather has been strange - The 26th of December it snowed. Then it warmed up nicly. Today is cloudy however. Dad has been going to therapy and I have been working. Nothing new is going on so will close for now. Love Mom

January 12, 2011 - Good Morning, my Little Man - Keep your eye out. Sparky is joining you. We just came from the vets and he will be putting him to sleep shortly. So the two of you will have a wonderful reunion. He had lost a lot of weight and would not eat and was sick to his stomach all the time. So, Doc said it was best to put him down and Dad couldn't stand to see him suffer and longer. He couldn't walk and all he could do was drag himself around and throw up. So, we had Sammy put him to sleep and he should be there soon. Show him around and you to have great fun together until we see both of you one day. Love Mom

January 13, 2011 - Good Morning, Guys - Mo I hope you have found Sparky and are helping him adjust. He will probably want to see his Mom and Dad, also. You can introduce him to your Mom and Dad and he can introduce you his. Let him know that Dad and I cried for him last night and also for you. Our hearts break every time we think of you two. You were such good companions and friends. Sparky, I will set up a page for you shortly. Then I can address you and Mo separately and together. Sparky, we hope you had a good trip to Rainbow Bridge and that you are now at peace and that you are no longer in pain. I know you are free from all the hurt you were feeling. Mom and Dad miss both of you very much and think of both of you every day. The ice storm is clearing up and Dad when to therphy this morning. He was late, because a lady skidded on the ice and hit a power pole and it took them forever to get it cleaned up. Dad is doing as well as can be expected and I am too. We both miss you both and love you always. Love Mom

January 14, 2011 - Good Afternoon, Guys - I have thought about you a lot today, both of you. Sparky, I though of you this morning when I awoke and how you would come over and I would scratch your back. And you would rub your nose on the side of the bed. I though of this when I made the bed. Dad took the shampoo and Lubricon you guys used to Debbie down the street. Audrey is getting you frontline and ear wash and medicine. Maybe some of her dogs can us it. We are going over to Audrey's and Jackies' for pizza and salad tonight. My cousin and his wife, Jackie's sister are visiting. Oh! how we miss you both. Buffy has been watching to Sparky today a lot. I think she misses Sparky, also. We love you both and miss you very much. Love Mom

January 15, 2011 - Good Afternoon, Guys, - I have thought about about both of you again today. I know you remember listening to Neil Boortz with us in the mornings. Well, early this morning Royal passed away. He was 43 and leaves his wife and two little girls. I don't know what else can happen this week to make us sad. Last Saturday was the shooting in Tuscan, where the little girl and five others died, Monday was the ice and snow storm, Wednesday we put you to sleep, Sparky and Now Royal. I will be glad when this month is over. We have not done much today. I worked and Dad made cabbage rolls and sorted more pictures. This is what we have been doing to keep business. We both miss both of you so much. Well, I am starting to cry and can't see the screen to type anymore, so will write to you tomorrow. Love Mom

January 16, 2011 - Good Afternoon, Guys, - We went to church this morning and it is so funny not to come home and have you Sparky meet us. I called Mom and it is snowing up there. Doug is supposed to come over today. We will see. Dad bought steaks yesterday for supper, us he is getting everything ready. You know how he is. Everything has to be just so. I have had one call today. But they need a well person, not us. Buffy was outside for awhile, until the bulldog from next door appeared, so now she is laying on my desk. I am so glad this week is over. I hope and pray that you are doing well Sparky and that Mozart you are helping him to adjust. Dad and I look forward to the day we come to Rainbow Bridge and greet you both. Love Mom

January 17, 2011 - Good Afternoon, Guys, We have had a quiet day. I worked and Dad finished sorting pictures. I finished the scrape book for the Community association. We have a meeting tonight. It has rained most of the day. With the rain it has been dark and cold, although not freezing. Yesterday, a beagle from up the street came up the driveway and Dad thought it was you, Sparky. Then he realized it wasn't you and oh how he cried. He misses you so much. You used to follow him everywhere just to keep an eye on him. He misses that, as do I when I watched you. We both miss you and Mozart, very much. Not much else to write about so will close until tomorrow.
Loc Mom

January 18, 2011 - Good Afternoon, Guys, We had a quiet day. I worked and Dad cooked and puttered in the shop. We miss you both very much. We think of you often. I wake up in the morning and expect for find Sparky at the foot of the bed and then get up and get his back scratched. We Miss you so much. I hope you are both well. Sparky, I hope you are adjusting to Rainbow Bridge and please know how much we miss you. Love Mom

January 19, 2011 - Good Evening, Guys. We had quiet day. Doug and Lloyd were over last night. I thought Lloyd was coming over today, but he didn't. Today was slow at work. I did my billing and about 3 PM, I expected Sparky to come and ask to go out. I rained during the night, but by morning it was just foggy. Tonight we have choir practice. Mom is well. We miss you both love Mom

Janaury 20, 2011 - Good Evening, Guys - We had a quite day. Lots of fog this morning and gray this afternoon. We are suppose to have snow tonight. Dad went to theraphy this morning. He is doing really well. This afternoon he read the papers and did crossword puzzles. I worked and finished my billinb. Buffy has laid on the desk or my chair most of the day. Doug called and was so sorry to hear of your passing Sparky. I wish the gentleman from the Memorial Garden would call, I want you home with us. You can join Mo on the TV. I will try and get you on your own Rainbow Bridge site this week and and get your scrapbook started. Debra sent a card and so did Dr. Durham today. Dad said he is thinking of both of you. We love you both and miss you very much. Love Mom

January 21, 2011 - Good Evening, My little man - I worked and Dad puttered in the shop after he came back from town. I miss you so. I know you have taken good care of Sparky and now I can write to both of you. I miss you under my desk. I really miss you gentle love and caring. I look forward to the day, we will cross over the bridge together. I miss you even after all this time. Love Mom

Janaury 22, 2011 - Good Afternoon, my Little one - Well, we just got back from Watkinsville and picking up Sparky's ashes. Now you and he rest together as you always did. I have such wonderful pictures of the two of you together. We will miss both of you, but now, you are back together again. I am sure the last four years have been a little lonely for you. I know you had your Mom and Dad, but it is not like your long time companion. You and Sparky were so close. I miss you very much. Thank you for all your years of love. Love Mom

January 23, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little man - Well, I just finished writting to Sparky. I hope you two are getting settled in together. You know we would never leave the two of you alone. You were always together. We went to Sunday School and Church this morning. I worked this afternoon, as Patrick lost his pager. Dad did Spareribs on the grill. They were delicious. We miss you very much. Take care of yourself and look after all the others at Rainbow Bridge. Today, you may have another pet joining you. T. J. VanHouten our neightbors. Will, have to put their dog down tomorrow. So, it will be a sad neighborhood with the loss of all of our wonderful companions. We miss you and love you. Love Mom

January 24, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Man - How are you? I know you are well as there is no pain or sickness in Rainbow Bridge. I worked today and Dad went to the Doctors'. His arm is getting better each day. I started Sparky's scrapbook this afternoon. It is a usual day. I miss you under my desk to keep my feet warm . I love you Little Man. Love Mom

January 25, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Guy - Hope you are well. I worked today and Dad puttered in the shop. He has invented a pulley for his arm and it is getting stronger every day. I didn't do anything this afternoon. I just could get with the program. I miss you little man.
Love Mom

January 26, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Mo - How are you today. Dad did crosswords this morning. Jackie and Audrey stopped by with some vension hot dogs, beef bones and stew meat. So, Dad is all excited about what he can cook with those. Of course, his vegetable soup is first on his list. Vicky Farley was by this afternoon and she asked about Sparky. It was hard to tell her he had passed, but she was pleased the two of you were together. We didn't go to choir tonight as it was late when we had supper and Dad didn't feel well. I guess that is all the news for today. Will close for now. Love Mom

January 27, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Guy - How are you today? Did went to the doctors this morning. His arm is getting better every day. I worked. We had quiet a few leads today. It has seemed good to have a good month sales wise. I am sure Bill feels better. Otherwise, things are the same. Robert called tonight. He is well. I guess that is all the news for today. Love Mom

January 28, 2011 - Good Evening, My Motsie Mo - How are you today? I hope you had a good day. Dad did crossword puzzles today and I worked and cleaned this afternoon. We went shopping tonight. Another day is done. We miss you little man. Love Mom

January 29, 2011 - Good Evening, My Mo - Hope you had a good day. I worked today and Dad puttered. Our weather is warming up, which is good. Mom is having snow. Not much else is going on. Love Mom

January 30, 2011 - Good Evening - Mo - I hope you are enjoying having all your furry friends with you to play and run. We didn't go to church today, as I over slept, that is not like me. We had breakfast and read some. I did some ironing and worked on Sparky's scrapbook. Dad puttered in the shop and cooked. The neighbor where Linda lived is bring Dad some racoon's later today. Nothing else is going on. I miss you little man. Love Mom

January 31, 2011 - Good Evening - My little Mo - I hope you have had a good day. I worked and Dad puttered in the shop. Adam from next door was over a couple of times. Dad got the racoon late Sunday, so he has been boiling them in the shop this afternoon. So, we had racoon sandwiches for supper. Nothing new is going on. So will close with Love Mom

February 1, 2011 - Good Evening My Motsie Mo - I hope you had a good day. I worked and Dad went to therapy. It has been overcast all day. We did have a little shower this morning, but tonight we had a thunder and lightening storm. I think of you every time we have a storm. Buffy was laying in Dad briefcase that he left on the bed. I miss you little man. Love Mom

February 2, 2011 - Good Evening Motsie Mo - I hope your day was good. I worked, but it is slow. Dad went to town and then did crosswords as it rained today. Buffy is so lonesome for you guys. I know we miss you very much. Not much else is going on. Mom is doing well. Shoveling snow, but she is happy. Well, will close for now. Love Mom

February 3, 2011 - Good Evening My Motsie Mo - I hope his finds you happy and playful. Dad went to Therapy today. Only one more week. I worked, but not much going on. It is supposed to rain tonight. Mom is still shoveling snow, but at 92+ I can't tell her anything. I miss you little man. Love Mom

February 4, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little man - I hope you are well. Well, it has rain off and on all day. When I talked to Mom we had had about 1/2" of rain. We are invited out tonight to Dave & Sue's to play chicken foot. I know we will have a good time. Nothing else is going on. Some thing, different day. We miss you little man. Love Mom

February 5, 2011 - Good Evening, My Mo - We got home last night about Midnight. We had a great time. Dave & Sue are so nice. I was to have today off, but I ended up working. I only have one call at 6:16 tonight. We had 2" of rain since yesterday morning. Oh! how it rained last night. Uncle Jack and Steve were down today and I did there taxes. They left about 2:30 this afternoon. I thought they might stay, but they wanted to get home. We all miss you and love you. Love Mom

February 6, 2011 - Good Evening, My Motsie Mo - We went to Sunday school and Church and then to Walmart in Milledgeville to get things for tomorrow night's meeting. We then came home and had lunch. I call Mom and Tim called. Tim thinks Mom is getting worst, as she thought Lilly was Bridgette. I don't know what to think; she seem ok when I talk to her, but then I am 1100 miles away. We then went to the building and set up the tables and decorated for tomorrow night. We came home and I did tickets for tomorrow and Dad got supper. Buffy is on the bed, Dad is in the bath tub soaking his back and I am in my office writing to my favorite little man. I miss you little guy. Love Mom

February 10, 2011 - Good evening, My Motsie Mo - I have worked and Dad had his last therapy session today. I am glad that is over. Dad tilled the garden today and he wants to plant tomorrow, but I think it is to cold. We had snow this morning, but nothing like they are getting at home. They had 4" and hour and have had a total of 256". Sorry I haven't written up to now, but Monday was community association, Tuesday was Harmony Association, Wednesday was choir and tonight was Energizers. So, I hope there is nothing tomorrow night. I want to stay home. Other than the usual nothing else has been going on. I miss you little man. Love Mom

February 14, 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day my love. Today is a pretty day. It is suppose to warm up to 65 or 70 which will be nice. I don't feel well today, I think I am coming down with a cold. Just what I need. I hope you and Sparky are having a good day at Rainbown Bridge. We miss you both very much. Mom is well and I don't know about Tim. I worry about him with his COPD. Dad has gone to town. I told him not to do anything for Valentines or our anniversary, but he probably won't listen. He is so thoughful and caring. Just like you were. I was looking through pictures to use in Sparky's scrapbook and when I see the pictures of all of us as a family it makes me sad to think that you are no longer with us. I wish you could have lived forever, but I am being foolish, because i know that you can't, but it still hurt after all this time. I miss you little man. Love Mom

March 1, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Man, Well here we are only three more days and you will have been gone from us for four years. I seems like only yesterday. I miss you everyday. Your soft curly hair and your cute smile. I miss you little man. Since I last wrote to you it has been the same every day. Work and sleep. We did get a new TV on Saturday, so maybe Dad can hear this one. Doug came over on Sunday and hooked up the DVD player. Todoay, we went to the funeral of Sara Clary. I don't know if you remember her or not. She was a very nice lady and had the same birthday as Dad. Well, that is all the news so will close. Love Mom

March 2, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Guy - Today was a nice day. I can see you laying in the garden enjoying the sunshine. You loved to lay in the sun. I also, look out the window of my office and see you by the cedar tree. I miss you, it is just like you left yesterday, on I just don't cry so much. I worked today and Dad worked over to Debra's. Not much else is going on. Love Mom

March 3, 2011 - Good Evening, My Little Man - Today was cooler, but sunny. I worked and Dad went to town. He took his chain saw to Mac and worked in the garden. He also went over to Debra's and worked a little. He ordered the things for the Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. Nothing else is new. I worked on Sparky's scrapbook and did some knitting on my prayer shawl. I love you little guy and miss you very much.

March 4, 2011 - Good Evening, My little Man - Today, you have been gone from us for four years. It doesn't seem possibly. My how time has flown by. But, please know that you are thought about each and everyday. We love you very much and miss you so much. Love Mom.

June 9, 2011 - Good Afternoon - My little One - It has been so hot for about the last month. You would have been right over the register, if you were here. I am so sorry, I have not written to you more often, but time just seems to get away from me. With working and being secretary of Energizers, and the Association and everything. The days just go by. It doesn't mean that I don't think about you and Sparky, because I do. I think about you two every day. I miss you both very much. Live here is the same. Get up go to work and go to bed, with this other stuff thrown in. Dad has a nice garden this year, but it has been so hot. Mom is as well as can be expected for someone who is 93. I wish we were going home this year, but we can't. Next year Hannah graduates, It doesn't seem possible and Dad wouldn't miss that for the world. Well, I will close for now and know that I think of you every day and I miss you very much. Love Mom

September 23, 2011 - Good Morning - My Little One - It has been so long since I wrote to you and I am so sorry, but you are always in my thoughts. This summer was so hot. You could never of stood it. This summer has been the same. I worked and Dad had a beautiful garden. Tim left Margaret in July (she put him out) and he lived with grandma for a while. He is now dating a lovely lady. They are coming to visit in December. I am so excited. Dad's health has been well. I am so glad. I am finally getting the hospital bills paid. We went to North Carolina to see Robert two week ago. He is doing well. Sherry and Paul have finished the house except for the living room and you would never know it. The pictures she has sent are beautiful. We are really looking forward to going home in June. Mom is well and busy. She made Tim a pie yesterday. Lilly has been in the hospital, but I think a lot of it is nerves. Really there has not been a whole lot going on. This is my last year as secretary for energizers and also, the community association. I am ready for a rest. I miss you and Sparky. I often drop my hand from the couch and wish I could pet you and feel your beautiful coat. You had those beautiful curls. I really, really, miss you, as does Dad. Buffy learned from you well. She now lays over the register, when the air conditioner is on. But, most of the time she is outside, with Dad. Well, I don't know of any more news, but please, please, know that we love you and miss you very much. Love Mom

December 5, 2011 - Good Morning, My Little man - It has been a long time since I wrote to you, but please know that you are always on my mind and in my heart. I love you little man and always will. It has been a hot and mostly dry fall. Dad harvested his garden and has since, put in a winter garden of cabbage, spinach, etc. Well, today is the day Tim comes to see his Mother. He lands at 2:18 and I can hardly wait. I have been awake since 12:30 this morning. Sherry and Ellie were down in November and Bill came down also. Got some very nice pictures. I think she really enjoyed herself. We went to Audrey and Jackies' daughters for Thanksgiving. We are invited to Audrey's and Jackie's for Christmas and theya re invited here for New Years. My mom is doing well for a person 93 years of age. She still will not come and spend the winter with us. This is Dad's and my last meeting as officers in the Community association. I am so glad. We decorated the Model T for the parade on Saturday and this year Dad got to ride and was not in the hospital. Thank goodness!!! I applied for social security the other day, so will start collecting in February. I never thought I would make it. Other than that I have been working and Dad has puttied outside. I guess that is the highlights of the last two months. You know we are very dull people. We have only been going to church every other sunday as I have had to work. The new minister is terrific. We like him very much. Well, I guess that is all the news, I hope you and Sparky are doing well. Oh!, if you happen to meet a beagle, by the name of Dirty; that was Chris' dog. He got hit by a car Thanksgiving weekend. Sherry called and said Chris was very sad. Again, we all miss you and love you very much. Love Mom

January 12, 2012 - Happy New Year My little Man - Sorry, I am late, but I guess I am getting old. I have worked a lot and Mom fell the other day, so I have been worried about her. Along with the fact that Tim is having such a hard time with his divorce. I was so nice to meet Theresa when they were down. That week just flew by. I can't believe anyone could be so mean. I am so glad I got you out of that when you were little. Well, Sparky joined you a year ago today. I hope the two of you are doing well. Dad and I miss both of you very much and think of you often. I still cry and think of you. Our weather has been beautiful for this time of year. Very little cold and a lot of sun. The kids would like to move South, but work is the big hold-up. Tim has such a good job up North, as does Theresa. Well, i better close for now and get back to work. I love you little man. Love Mom

March 2, 2012 - Good Morning, My Little Guy - I hope you are Sparky are well and having a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge. The weather this winter, so far, has been wonderful. Even up home the weather has been fairly good. No much snow. We are going home in June, as long as the gas prices don't get much higher. Mom will be 94 in August, doesn't seem possible. Tim is going to court for his divorce on Tuesday. I hope things turn out ok. Dad and I are good, but we miss you and Sparky and we think about you both every day. We miss you guys. As I told Sparky, Dad took in a Jack Russell the other day and he thought about keeping it, but she chased Buffy and Dad couldn't have that. So, he took her to the pound. I hope she found a good home as she was a cute dog. Our days are the same, eat, sleep and work. We have been to the nursing home and hospital to visit friends, but that has been the extend of our travels. We both miss you both very much and look forward to the day we meet at Rainbow Bridge and cross over. I love you and will talk to you soon. Love Mom

March 4, 2012 - Good Afternoon, My Little Man - We just got home from church. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone for five years and Sparky has been gone a year. We miss you both very much. You are both thought of often. The weather today is cold. What a change from the 70's of the last week. Bill called and the tornado was 300 yards from him. Oh! how lucky he was that it went by him. This year has been a very strange season. Mom and Tim have had very little snow. Very strange for Northern New York. We are going home in June and it will probably rain and be cold, with our luck. I wish you were here to go with us. Buffy, is still spoiled. She lays anywhere she wants. But, she is beautiful. We miss you very much and hope you are waiting patienely for Dad and I to join you and Sparky. How you are having a good day and know how much we love and miss you. Love Mom

December 1, 2012 - Good Morning, My Little Man - I bet you thought we forgot about you, well we haven't, but time just seems to slip away. I am sorry I forgot your birthday, as far as writing to you, but believe me, I didn't forget on that day. You are still in my heart, as you will always be. This June we went home for three weeks. Hannah graduated from high school and is going to Rochester to college. We got home early in July and since then it has been work and the same thing only a different day. Mom is now 94 and Tim is 43. Tim is now divorced and he has a lovely lady friend, whose husband was killed in an auto accident this fall. Jim and I like her very much. Buffy is still the same, just as independent as always. She is getting older, but seems just as spry as ever. In September Dad had another heart spell and we went to Atlanta again. In October he had a sleep test and is now on oxygen at night. I am still working and I hope the economy holds so I can keep working. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Jack and Steve and Doug were here for Thanksgiving dinner. I have the Christmas tree up and am looking forward to a quiet Christmas with just Doug over for dinner. I really don't know where this year has gone. Please forgive me for not writing, but time has just slipped away as the song goes. You are never far from my mind as I think of you often. Love Mom

February 26, 2013 - Good Morning Little Guy - It is another dark, gray day. Nothing much else is going on. I am working. Dad has been working at the Community Center. We put a new roof on and Dad is doing some work venting the building. He is also the rental chair again this year, so that is keeping him busy. Doug has been working in Tennessee with Bill, but he is home now. We have had a lot of rain. At last look about 10" and don't know what we got over night again. We miss you and speak of or think of you many times a day. Hope you and Pepe and Sparky are having a great time together. Dad went to the cancer skin doctor yesterday and we will have the results in about two weeks. Buffy is well amd says hello. We miss you and love you and will meet you at Raimbow Bridge. Love Mom

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