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Memories of Moxie "Moo Moo" Hayes
Moxie "Moo Moo" Annette Hayes was adopted on September 4, 2005 and saved from a life of loneliness and isolation. She immediately filled our hearts with panic when she ran away the very first day home! But fear not, she was just a 1 1/2 year-old puppy wanting to play! Her favorite thing to do was to crawl up into bed with Matt and sleep under the covers until morning. She would also sit beside you on the couch and just stare at us. Stare. Even after getting lots of love and attention. Just. Stare. And it always made us giggle.

When Jaydon was born in 2009, Moxie was incredibly protective and always on guard around him. She would like his tiny head and lay down beside him wherever he was. Strangers at the door? Moxie could be found near Jaydon. Not once was she ever snippy or growling or otherwise annoyed with him. Even when he pulled her tail really hard!! She loves Jaydon so much!!

Moxie was a mix between a pit bull and a boxer. She was a bounder and speed runner at the dog park! She loved going there and racing other dogs and exploring in the fields. With such an incredibly teachable spirit, she learned quickly how to "come when called" by our whistles, which made it easy when it was time to go. Although she was a bit too independent for "heel", she never veered far away from us at all. Always near. Always watching. Always loving.

This is our Moxie Moo-Moo.

We loved her with all of our hearts the first moment we saw her and our love for her only grew exponentially with each passing day. We miss her but we know this is not the end. We will see her again. We know she will be watching for us and to her, it will only be like a moment in time. That's just how Heaven's time works. For us, we will cry because we miss her. We will laugh with the stories we remember about her. We will love her even more.

We love you, Moxie Moo-Moo. We love you, yes we do. You're our lit-tle girl, our Moxie Moo-Moo. And we love you, Oh oh oh oh!!!

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