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Memories of Mouse
Mousey, I have been thinking of you this week, I cant believe that it has been almost two years since we lost you. You know that it was 17 years ago this month,that we met at the Sayreville Animal Rescue.
Lily will be 17 as well this year and she is feeling so much better lately. Our little Frankie is almost as big as you now and is quite the handful. She isnt as caring to her sister as you were but I see her groom Lily every so often lately. Keep us in you heart as you live deep in ours for ever. Love Daddy, Lily and Frankie
Hello Little Mouse, You have been in my thoughts alot lately, I was looking at your pictures and thinking how much little frankie has grown to resemble her big sister. I wish that she would be a affectionate as you though. She is better with Lily and that is a great improvement. Lily is well, She is very slow and creaky on her hind legs but she gets around pretty good considering that she is 17yrs old now.. We all love and miss you every day my baby and ours hearts are filled with affection for you always. Love Daddy, lily and Frankie

My Mousey, It has been two years now and we miss you as much as ever. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. I smile frequently when I remember you. I wish you had made it to the new house, I think you would really love to play on the smooth floors in the huge rooms with you baby sister, Frankie. I thought last week that Lily was going to join you on the Rainbows bridge. She was very sick and had to see the doctor again. But her doctor said that she is not ready to leave us yet.
Please keep her in your thoughts and when it is time for her to come with you, guide her to a quiet corner in the sun. I love you my baby always......Daddy, Lily and Frankie

Mousey, You have been on my mind every morning this month. I keep remmembering how you slept on the pillow above my head and would play with my hair. Guess what. Lily has picked up the same habit lately. She is doing very well by the way. I thought that she would be joining you very soon last month but she has pulled yet another life out from under her little hat and she seems as happy as ever. When ever Frankie is particularly mischevious and I call out her name to get her attention some how your name comes out of my mouth, I sometime suspect that you are possessing her. Not that it would be a bad thing. Do keep it up my little Mousey. I love you always.....Daddy

Hello Mouse, Your little sister Lily will finally be with you. Poor Lily is very sick but I know when she see's her big sister it will make her feel all better. Please be your sweetest with her and dont chase and wrestle her right away.... maybe give her alittle time to ajust to her new home first. Both my babys will be together once again and Ill be able to send my letteres to both of you here. I love you my Mousey, you are always dear in my heart. Love Daddy

Mousey,I hope Lily has found her way to you. She left my arms this morning on her journey to you so please look for her she will need a nuzzle and maybe some grooming help. We will miss her sweet nature so much down here so please show her your way of keeping us close. Daddy loves both his Jersey Girls so much. I am so glad that you will once again have each other..........just a reminder; give her at least a day or more to settle in before the chasin and wrasslin begins Love Daddy

Mousey, You ave been on my mind so much this week, Your littlest sister looks so much like you as she gets bigger. I love her to pieces but she didnt inherit my Mouseys affectionate nature. I hope you are having a happy reunion with your sister Lily and helping to make her adjustment easy. I always love you my little Mousey. Dont forget us here , we need your love. Daddy and Frankie

Good morning my little Mousey, I hope you know that I am thinking of you often, We always feel you close to us at home And little Frankie needs your guidence so much. She is all alone all day and she is very happy ( and angry) at Daddy when he has to leave her to go to work. I hope you and Lily are enjoying each others company on the rainbowsbridge. I love you always.....Daddy

Mousey, Daddy has been thinking of you alot. How much I love you and miss you. Its almost spring here and I remember how you loved to watch the spring birds at the window. I tell Frankie all about your funny ways and I think how much fun you two would be having with each other. There is finally someone in the house who could keepup with my Mouseys rambunctious ways. I love you baby, please dont forget us. Your Daddy

Mousey, Hello baby. It will be three long years that you went away from us next month. I miss you everyday and think of you very often. I wish you could see the new home. You would love the big sunny window with the birds flying by and the big deck with all the flowers. There are alot of doors that you would be hiding behind to leap out and scare me. I hope that you are being kind to Lily and Muff and please continue to look down to us and send us your love, Daddy

Hello my little Mousey, I have been thinking of you quite alot lately. It has been over three long years now that you had to leave us but you are ever close in our thoughts and hearts. You alway bring a smile to me when I think you you. I know that you are not alone on the rainbows bridge with you sister Lily and all of you angel friends but please dont forget us down here, we need you love always. My love to you baby.....Daddy and Frankey

Hello my Mousey, I love you and am always remembering your funny and sweet personality. You are forever missed but always cherished. Love, love Daddy and Frankie

Good Morning my little Mousey,
It will be four years now since you were taken from us. I remember that last day with me so well and it hurts so much remembering the shock of loosing you so quickly. I had wanted you to be in your own home with me and Lily when you passed. I knew how you hated the doctors office so to loose you there was a terrible nightmare. I will always be sorry for taking you there that morning. Honey, You know that you are always very close in my thoughts and ever in my heart. So please stay close and think of us down here. Daddy loves you so much
Daddy and Frankie

My little Mouse,
Daddy loves you more and more as each year passes. This Sunday, April 27th will be your 20th birthday. That is just amazing!! I think of my little Mousey as my eternal rambunctious baby. You make me break into smiles when ever you pounce back into my memories. You brought so much happiness to me and you were also so very affectionate. It is no small wonder that you are always just a thought away. I know that you are looking down on our little family with love. Frankie and now Sammie have two very special guardian angels. I love you always......Daddy, Frankie and Sammie

Hello my baby Mouse,
You are in my thoughts this week. I love you very much and miss you. I was thinking how you and Frankie would have had so much fun together. You both love to play so much! I know that you would have a blast with both Frankie and Sammie. Please give my love to sister Lily. And dont forget us down here. You are always in our thoughts.
I love you always Mousey. Love Daddy, Frankie and Sammie

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