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Memories of Moses
One day in August of 2012, my mother was walking down a dirt road near our house when a little kitten came crawling out of the watery ditch. My mother quickly wrapped him in a blanket and took him home to be cared for. After being taken to the vet, we chose to keep the kitten. A few weeks later we attended mass and told a woman in font of us our story of how we found him, she suggested we call him Moses because of his humble beginnings. Moses was a very playful kitten and he enjoyed playing with our other pets Toby and Kaiser, who instantly formed a bond with him. When Moses was a kitten, he would climb from the ground all the way up my leg and torso to my shoulder. He also enjoyed playing with my girlfriend at the time Bethany's cat, Peach. Moses was always getting himself into trouble and he would make everyone laugh. Moses went up to the blinds in my parent's bedroom and would paw them repetitively and make a funny noise. He would bolt around the house and scratch the molding on the door and the couches even if you told him to stop multiple times. Moses would run by the couch at high speeds and wallride it like a skateboarder! During Christmas time, Moses would dive into the Christmas tree and climb through it sticking his head out causing the tree to almost topple down. He would break glass ornaments nearly every day, but no matter what, we always loved him because he was a special part of our family and you couldn't help but think he was cute. For example, he would scoop his little paw in the water bowl and drink water from his paw. Moses had a condo that he would snuggle on with Kaiser and he learned to be an expert groomer. When you came home from work or an outing, Moses would greet you by rolling on his back at your feet. Moses loved shoes and he would place his toys inside people's shoes or rest his head and paws on them. Moses loved music and when you played meditation music he would come in your room and purr while you meditated. Moses had a few special belongings that he owned. He had a pink blanket that he was wrapped in as a kitten and slept on. Moses also had a large squirrel toy that he loved to snuggle with that belonged to Toby. Moses loved to run after toys when you rolled them on the floor and would play fetch. When we would take walks with our dog Toby and cat Kaiser, Moses would follow along and be excited to explore the wilderness. Moses belonged to the Crew, which included all of our pets. They would go outside and protect each other when they would go on adventures together. Our neighbor Marleen would call up our phone and say that Moses was getting into mischief with some of the barnyard cats. Moses loved to laugh and be silly, he always had a smile on his face. When he would get energetic he would sometimes run sideways on his hind legs and have his paws out like he was ready to come at you. Moses had a joy for life and he was extremely loving to his family. He enjoyed sitting under the bird feeder and watching the birds in the side yard from his special spot on the grass. Moses went by many names including Great ole Moe, Crew, Gerb, Laughter, and Mowie. We would always sing to him the "Great ole Moe" song and this would make him roll and purr. We always asked and said silly things to Moses when we addressed him like "what's the current state of that laughter?, quit all that laughter engagement, what would make you laugh, that hard?, what are we laughing all about there, crew? I love laughing with you and at you, mainly because your a crew, but mainly because your so little, and laughable, and crew memberish." Moses most likely did not know what we meant but he enjoyed laughing with us and being extra silly. Moses always wanted lot of attention and he loved being outdoors exploring the meadows. Moses will always be remembered by our family for being full of so much life and personality. We miss him terribly and wish we could spend more time with him on earth. We know that when the time comes we will all meet again and share our love and joy with each other once again. In the days following his departure to Rainbow Bridge, our family took some days off to spend time together. We drove out to where we used to live years ago and it started to storm heavily. It was hard to navigate through the road we were traveling. When the storm subsided the sun came bursting through and a glorious rainbow illuminated down over our landscape. As we continued to drive, the rainbow got brighter, then we saw the rainbow descend upon the road and emanate beams of iridescent light into our vehicle. We all simultaneously acclaimed that Moses was present in this moment and we felt peace and serenity. The following morning, my mother turned on the radio in the kitchen and the first song to come on was "Somewhere over the Rainbow." That evening we went to an outdoor concert together despite there being a chance of rain. When we arrived, a man came up to us and gave us all free tickets. Once inside it began to rain lightly until it subsided shortly after. The sun peered through the clouds revealing an amazing double rainbow. At the end of the concert the singer gave a shout out to her "crew" making the evening crescendo with a tone of synchronicity. We knew after these special moments that Moses was assuring us he had reached his new home at Rainbow Bridge.
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