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Memories of Moses
Moses was our gentle giant from the time we first took him home. Arriving at the breeder, we thought we were getting a puppy. A few minutes later this 35lbs "puppy" arrived in our arms. Gentle and lazy, this little pup loved Timberline work boots and an occasional basketball. His toys were big to match his size, but he always thought he was a little dog. He would try and hid his head behind chairs and boxes; thinking that if he couldn't see anybody, they couldn't see him.

As the snow would fall in the wintertime, Moses would eat a path through the backyard. Icicles would grow from his coat and white snow would cover his thick, black coat. Up at the lake, this giant dog had to stay in the house during "Bear Season," because all of our neighbors thought this gentle puppy was a bear. When the summer finally came, Moses would pull us into the lake at full force. There was the time when we took a walk at the shore of the lake and Mosey heard the kids jumping in the water. He saw the splashes and heard the noises of the beach and pulled his right into the lake. It took us a while to get him back on the ground, but then as soon as we hit the other little lake he did the same thing. The water was always part of Moses. There were times in the backyard when we would splash in the pool and Moses would try to jump in! After he moved to Florida, he would sit and watch the water in the backyard!

At home in Florida, Moses met his younger brother---a shih tzu only a fraction of his size. Moses always loved little dogs. At puppy school, the teacher would never let him play with the other puppies during social time; they always thought he would roll over and squish the little puppies. Moses never understood and always wanted to play with the little dogs. He always thought he was a little dog. And when Gizzy, his little brother came around, Moses was a new dog. Our boys would wrestle with each other and play tug of war. Mosey loved to throw his rope and tug Gizzy across the floor. Although Mosey never played for long, whenever he did play---the Earth shook!

To My Loving Little Boy there are no words to describe the feeling in my heart since you are gone, I will always Love you and never forget you...I know you are watching and you are as Regal as the day I brought you home.......So until I see you again, MY LOVE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU......

I know that it was time for you to be called home my beloved Mosey....and tonight I take comfort in knowing that you are peacefully resting among the angels...where every moment is pure and beautiful....though some tears have fallen know that my last wish for my dear Mosey is to see him happy...be free and dance among the stars and may the heavenly shores tickle your paws...though we are parted for some time I know that one day I will see my baby brother again...and until then you will always have a home in my heart....Moses I know you are never far...

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