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Memories of Morris
Morris brought me through some of the worst of times in my life, and we rode the waves thru some of the best of times too. You made we walk and talk again, never thought I ever get a complete sentence out again. You knew I would do it with your help. Morris was such a bold and wonderful boy.I am so thankful to have had him in my life.I'll be looking for you at that Rainbow Bridge one day. You brought such happiness,love and peace into my life my Love.Sure couldn't have come so far in the process of my RSD without you. Morris,I'll miss you forever.Love means never having to say good bye,and I know you're with me somewhere,I can feel you by my side on so many days.I'll be calling out to you someday.Well my love,I'll always miss you. be good, and I'll be there someday too.The chair waits for me someday to be with you.Love always,Mom 3-01-2010 Well just thought I'd stop by today to say how much I miss and love you. It still hurts so much even after all this time.Lots of love,Mom 9-10-10 It's been a whole year now my love,can hardly believe you've been gone from me so long.I miss you so very much, and my life is so lonely without you.Wish things had been so different. Well my love, I so love coming here to leave you notes, it really helps. Being so alone, it helps to talk with you on some level.You always listened in your own way, and always made me feel like things were going to be okay, and you know they always were.12-23-10 Well it's almost Christmas now, remember the fun we used to have on Christmas Morn,and you had fun with all your new toys.The dumb bunny is still here.Emma loves playing with it. She was here to visit. You'll always be my love, and I'll always miss you.Wish it could be different.I love you my dear.Hope you're with Amy up there, and having fun with her.Wish she didn't have to go either.I so don't understand why.Guess we never will.You will both be always in my heart.Lots of love,Mom 3-9-2011 Still pretty lonely here.9-10-2012 Well time has moved on likes it suppose to, but I still think of you so very often.Luke is a wonderful boy, and am able now to help rescue other greyhounds.Knowing I helped to get one more off the track is satisfying. Luke is now a certified Pet Therapy dog, and we go into the hospitals to help others. I'm still alone in life, hope I can say that I have someone at my side one day, it will be when the good Lord knows it's my time.7-15-13.Well Morris, by now you know Emma is with you up in heaven. I so hope you and her are having fun with that ball. I know you both loved each other, you did it all in your own way. We were all so fortunate to have you in our lives.I'm still alone and hoping I'll find the right person in life.Maybe it will change. Grandma isn't so well.9-10-13 I miss you. Good to be here with you.Love you & miss you.Mom
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