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Memories of Mopsy
9/24/2017- Oh Mopsy I can't believe this. You are one special kitty. You were supposed to live forever. I don't think you realize that me and Tony looked forward to you greeting us at the door, every time we came home. I did a "headcount" every time I left the house. You always knew where to sit. I loved when you'd lay with me in bed. I was lonely if you decided to stay somewhere else for the night. 4:00 am will never be the same. I knew one day I would miss you waking me up at 4:00 am to get a little wet food. I hope Chloe made you happy this past year. She really seemed to like you. Now you get to be reunited with your sister Pookie. I hope she has found a nice sun spot for you. No more belly pain. No more needles,or trips to the vet.
I'm going to miss playing fetch with you. I'm really going to miss your sweet meows, and your cuddles. You really were the perfect cat, the perfect pet. You were more than a pet, you were our buddy, our baby.

10-1-2017- Happy Birthday my buddy.
You and Pookie would have been 14 years old. I cherished all of these years together. I really miss you so much.
Chloe has a new sister. We saw her and fell in love. She's so cute , and young. You would really like her too. I got a new tattoo, in your memory.
Love you buddy.

12/6/17- hi buddy. I sure do miss you. I just started crying out of nowhere, so thought I'd say hi. Chloe and Tilly get along great, but I know she misses you too. I hope you and Pookie lay in the sun spots together and play. I'm sure i'll cry again when I bring out your Christmas stocking. I love you buddy, miss you!

9/21/18. Hi Buddy!! We miss you so much. Can't believe you've been gone a year. I know Chloe misses you. You would love Tilly. She reminds us of you all the time. A little black kitten crossed our path this morning. Of course we thought of you.
I hope you and Pookie are having fun up there. Tell her that I love and miss her. I miss you Mopsy, love you

10/1/18- Happy Birthday !! I love you buddy. I miss you. I hope you and Pookie celebrate with some cat treats. Thinking of you.

9/21/19-Hi buddy! I think of you all the time. Today is especially hard. You've been gone 2 years. Still miss you like crazy. Love you bud!

8/2/20-Hi big guy. I have been thinking about you a whole lot. Tony really really misses you. We got a new little black kitten, named Leo. I think you'd like him. He reminds us a lot of you. I thought I'd write a little message to you. We miss you so much. I hope you and Pookie are okay in kitty heaven. Love you buddy. Momma

Love you buddy!!
9/22/20- Hi Mopsy!! I thought about you a lot yesterday. I didn't want to cry. I'm keeping it together at the moment. I miss you soo very much. So does Tony. 3 years already. You'd like to know little Chloe is doing well.. she's happy. You'd like Tilly, not sure about little Leo. He's snuggling with me right now. You and Pookie stick together up there. Miss you buddy...

9/22/21-Hi Mopsy. I still miss you so so very much. 4 years now. It's crazy. I sure hope you have comfort now in kitty heaven. This is still so hard. I think about you all the time. You're still my lovie buddy. Love you bud. Take care of Pookie.
8/29/22- Hi buddy. I'm sitting here with Chloe. I wish you were here to snuggle with her. Leo does now. It's cute. I think about you all the time. Say Hi to Pookie!! Love you !

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