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Memories of Mopsie
You hung in there my baby girl. You gave me such joy, lots of happiness and many, many laughs. I would tell you how funny you were and that you didn't even know it; you would just look at me. I miss you so, so much. My heart is broken.

There are so many happy and funny memories of you baby girl. I will cherish them and you forever. I love you.
4/16/15 2:50 am - I miss you baby girl. I love you so much. My heart is broken; I'm doing my best to heal. It's very hard without you.

4/19/15 7:13 pm ~ I miss you Mopsie. My heart is shattered. I went to a pet loss grief support group today. They were wonderful people. Patty took me; you know, Fergi`s mom. They all miss you here. You've been and are very much loved. You brought so much to me, I think much more than I gave to you. Words can't express how much I miss you. The only thing I want is to have you back. Oh, baby girl. My little, precious Moppie. I love you forever; to the end of time and beyond.

4/20/15 12:41 am ~ not too much longer and you won't be "preview" status. I'm so sorry that it's taking so long. I am visiting you this way and so is Lori. Shirley, Lori and I talk about you often. You are physically gone but not forgotten. We miss you so much, baby girl. My heart is shattered. You were such a good girl, Mopsie. I love you from here to eternity and beyond. Some people here at the complex also miss you. They always petted you when you were out. They've said they expect to see you there. You are loved baby girl.

6/25/15 11:18 pm ~ In a few hours it will be 12 weeks since you died Mopsie. I know you are at peace and not suffering. I have so many wonderful memories of you. I remember when I would be eating my lunch or dinner and you would come to me to go outside. I would get up to let you out and I would realize that you weren't behind me. I went looking for you and there you were eating my lunch (or should I say, your lunch). I hadn't put the plate up high enough. You would have thought that I would have learned the first time; however this happened numerous times, probably too many to count. I do miss our cuddles, hugs and kisses. You were such a loving doggie. I thank you for everything you gave me. I've read in a few places to be sure that you have fresh water out for your dog because they can't let you know when they need some. That wasn't true with you. When you started drinking a lot of water there were a couple of times that you ran out. You came to me and just looked so intensely at me. I had thought you wanted to go out, so I got up and followed you. You didn't go to the front door, instead you went to your water dish, looked down at it and then looked up at me. I picked up your dish, walked to the bathroom to get you some water and you followed me; watched me as I filled it and then followed me back as I placed it on the floor. You didn't speak human and I didn't speak doggie; however we communicated so well. We're such a good team and we will continue when we meet at rainbow bridge. I hope you're having fun baby girl. I love you so much. I cherish the memories that you gave me. Love mommy

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