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Memories of Moo Stanley Persons
Moo was found in a old hollowed tree in a cemetery with his mother at 8 wks Black and white and he mooed! they both became additions to our family. Moo and Mommy(me)became quickly attached, he was so adorably cute , observant and quickly learned the patterns of our household, sometimes reminding me what I forgot to do with a look or quick bark. He also became a protector and watched over aging Papa spending their days on projects or resting, he sometimes argued with his human sister who also worked at his Vet. which soothed him when he visited "Sisters work" we Thank Dr. Dave for all his time and knowledge, generosity and patience. Moo always kept Daddy in line & liked belly rub time, chest rubs and neck kisses by him. He enjoyed going to the airport to pick up brother which meant they toured missed eateries and got to catch up on snuggling. Moo comforted me when ill, & became my cuddle movie snack partner. Moo was the protector of baby birds chasing away crows, but enjoyed chasing lizards, he liked to join in on everything we did in the household (a homebody). He also loved his toys and it showed, enjoyed Christmas because it meant a new toy and ribbons around his neck in celebration of gift giving. Roxy was his adopted little Fur Sister who lavished him with kisses and became another comfort and good Ol Mama Dixie took it all in stride. Lets not forget his infamous paw raise was the sign of again and both front paws raised meant Please! Cheerios were his favorite trick treat, we were attached at the hip and became one. This past year we were focused on Moo's health making sure he had the best of health care especially his aging heart , he left us so unexpectedly, suppling him with his last breathes and CPR I heard and felt his life leave us.
Moo, now half of me is missing and I am lost and have the broken heart. Moo Bear know Mommy always loves you, we all do and like I told you we are together FOREVER! You are my ONE in a lifetime my furry love of my life of 13 years.
Missing you, until we are together again! Xoxo Mommy

10/20/20 Happy Birthday Moo Bear it's been 6 days since you left us, today we would have celebrated your
13th year, sung Happy Birthday and had cake with whip cream in celebration of YOU. Your birthday present came in the mail yesterday-it's a new silver Tag and new collar(necklace)as you knew it, with your favorite food image on it, PIZZA! I decided to wear the Tag on a silver chain, sorry not the necklace/collar. Today will be a difficult day as we pick up your ashes, I will sit in the gazebo with your ashes and blanket and still sing Happy Birthday to you and reflect on our years together. Roxy misses you and looks for you, Papa misses having your company in his workshop, today is my work from home day and the house feels so empty without you. I miss you so much Moo Bear, I miss your kisses, scent, company, snuggling and you putting me to sleep. I realize that my heart hurts so much because you took a big piece with you so you can always have my love with you, I will be sending you more daily. Please visit me I am waiting for you in my dreams and waiting for signs. I will start meditating to open my mind to all possibilities.
I miss and love you forever. Mommy xoxo

10/26/20 Today is Papa's 90th Birthday there's going to be cake! we discussed how this year you would have been 91 in canine years one year older than Papa, but technically you left us at 90 yrs. old, this would have been a great Birthday to celebrate and take pictures with Papa. We Love and miss you deeply, I hope you're getting my messages in the universe. xoxo Mommy

11/16/20 Moo Bear Today is 1 month and 2 days that you left us and I miss you so very much, brother arrived on the 30th and stood for a week you would have been so excited he was home, he missed your excitement and cuddling. I woke up the morning of the 31st, in a panic to the sound of your bark to let you in, I ran to the door and opened it for you but I didn't see you and I was reminded that you're not physically here. I couldn't help but cry because I was happy to hear the sound of you and also from the reminder that slapped me in the face. I'm hoping it was really you and if it was, you continue because this will always be your home and it did make me happy. I'm very lonely, I miss you, especially asking for Cherrios, jumping me to hurry up with dinner, playing ball and cuddling with you. Have you seen Rocco or Sam? Kisses for them ok. We all miss you and talk about you all the time. Love you Forever and ever..... MommyXoXo

12/25/20 Merry Christmas my Christmas Angel, I miss you so so much, I was not able to do the Santa for doggies or wear my doogie pajamas it will not be the same for me again, we all miss the joy and excitement you brought with Christmas we all miss you so very much. Your brother is here and he wrapped the Christmas bows around your doggie blanket, I was gifted a beautiful locket with pictures of my three children Brother, Sister and you. My days have been a lot more lonely and I think of you everyday, how could I not, you were so very perfect and loving, you brought such happiness. I ordered Papa a pillow with you image on it for his bed which he loved and got very emotional about. I like walking by to see your image standing on his bed. It's hard for me to accept that you are not here with us, I miss the way you looked at me with your big beautiful brown eyes. Visit me often Moo Bear because I still need you.
Together Forever Love Mommy XOXO

1/1/21 It's officially a new year, how can I leave a year with you in it and start a new one without you? I love you my little boy and miss you deeply my heart still aches. Roxy misses you too, and we try to help eachother. Keep warm and be happy until we are together again.
XOXO Mommy

3/31/21 Hello My Moo Bear, I miss you soooo very much, your blanket and necklace are together in your favorite spot on the couch, and I hug and kiss them daily Inhaling deeply trying to find your scent, which are stronger some days than others, I kiss the pretty box that contain your ashes too,I hope you can still feel my love for you in the universe. I miss how you looked at me with your adoring eyes that let me know you loved me, I miss having you by my side to cuddle, talk to and snack with. You knew me so well and were intuned to my emotions more than anyone in this family and acknowledged my feelings when I was sad, happy or not feeling well. Lately I have not been feeling well and I miss you watching over me and snuggling with me to make me feel better. I see changes in Roxy that are very simular to you, I'm not sure what that is all about, but I feel like she's trying to comfort me like you would have, she's spending more time with me, I really appreciate her efforts, sometimes she's quiet,sad and lonely, she also misses you and cuddles with your blanket, so we help eachother. I cannot believe our years together passed so quickly, they were some of the most memorable, happy and real times of my life and I Thank You for them, I just wish we had more time together.
Baby Bloosom crossed the bridge a few weeks after you did, give her a kiss from me if you see her.
Until we are together forever again.
XOXO Love from Mommy

8/12/21 Hello my handsome boy, I continue to miss you so very much and kiss your necklace and blanket to find your scent, I keep hearing your yelps and barks as your trying to tell me to let you in, I have to open the door in hopes that this was all a terrible nightmare. Roxy has been sad since you've gone, Im sure she misses your companionship and kisses, Mama Dixie has gone blind, deaf, and has doggie dementia. I think of earlier days when everyone was healthy and we were one big happy family (I miss that so much). We all talk about you and miss you.
Today is Mommys Bday, I can't remember a year I didn't have you on my lap while being sang to, I opted out of cake today, it's to painful not to have you with me. Please visit me in my dreams or send me signs.
I love you Moo Bear and thank you so much for the wonderful life we all shared with you.
XOXO Love always from Mommy

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