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Memories of MooMoo
You were my salvation when I was down. You kept me going. I loved the way you always butt-headed me. I loved the closeness when you slept next to me. I would never move you because it was ok to crowd me. You peed wherever and whenever you wanted but we didn't care because you were Moo "The Most Wonderful cat." I love you with all my heart because you were like my third child. I don't know how to go on without you. You were an angel in disquise. When I looked at you, my heart felt fulfilled like I have never been before. You were the consummate beggar wanting Deli beef or grilled chicken. I always wanted to accomodate you. When my mother was dying, you laid on the pillow beside me and I gained strength from you. There is nothing else to say but I love you with all my heart and as Bread said in the song. I would give everything I own just to have you back again my beloved Moo. 8-14-08 I am still missing you my baby and still love you more than life. I wish I could hold you and pet your beautiful fur once again. 8-21-08 My baby MooMoo I miss you as much now as ever. You were so beautiful with your black and white hair and those huge yellow eyes that looked into my soul. I would have done anything for you. I love you my baby Moo.
8-28-08 Dear MooMoo, your Mommy misses you more than ever. I'm trying to finish my shrine to you but it is so hard. I'm looking everywhere for more pictures. I have a lot. I dreamed of you last night and saw some goofy pictures of you. I hope they were real and I can find them. I love you so much baby Moo. 9-3-08 MooMoo< I miss you as much as the last day I saw you. I cannot get over you, You were my child. The pain is so much that I don't even want to do anything. I am looking for another kitty, not to replace you. Nobody could do that. But, I want to give some unloved homeless kitty a good home and the Love I gave you.. Some kitty that otherwise might be put to sleep. I don't care if they are pretty like you were, I just want to love them Like I loved you and have them love me like you did. My love, The pain is almost unbearable, I loved you so so much. Love Mommy
9-8-08 Dear Moo baby I hope you have met Ralph, Tippy and Itty kitty. I hate to think of you alone and not knowing anyone. I wish I could be there with you. I hope you feel the love that I have for you. I know you probably have a lot of new friends but I hope you can see our kitties too. It breaks my heart to not have been able to say goodbye to you. I still love you with all my heart and hope I can get a sign that you are happy. Love, Mommy 9-18-08 Dear MooMoo baby, I still miss you so much and love you so much. Things haven't gotten any easier. I hope you hear me when I tell you I love you. I visit your residence many times a day. Your Daddy misses you terribly too. He loves you very much. Love Mommy Dear sweet Moo, it is hard to believe you have been gone 3 months. I still miss you so much. All the funny things you did like staring at me in the kitchen and crowding me at night I miss terribly. Blackie crossed RainbowsBridge on 10-21 so take care of her. I miss her too. You are still the boss my pretty baby. Love, Mommy My dear baby MooMoo. Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that I had you and wish I could have had you longer. I will think of you when we have the leftover turkey you loved. I still love you with all my heart. Love Mommy 2-25-09. Dear Baby Moo. I miss you as much as I ever have. Nobody understands how much I loved you. My heart aches everyday wanting to see you again. I can hardly wait until we will be together again my most wonderful black & white beautiful kitty. I wish you could send me a sign that you are ok and happy. With all my love my sweet baby Moo. Love Mommy.My baby Moo, everyday I cry over you and wonder why I had to lose you. My life is empty now that I don't have you. You were such a comfort to me. Just to look at you made my heart warm. I love my other kitties, but you were so special and nobody can ever replace you. Love Mommy 8-2-08 My Baby Moo you have been gone a year and I still miss you so and cry everyday. Nobody can replace you because you were the boss of all the kitties. Now they have no boss. You gave me something no one else or nothing else has ever given me. Unconditional love. You will be in my heart until the day I die. Love Mommy 7-3-2010 My dear sweet MooMoo kitty. It has been almost 2 years since you left me. I still love you so much and still cry almost every day. I will never forget my "Most Wonderful Cat" I would give anything in this world to get you back. I can only hope to see you when I die. I hope and pray for this. My sweet baby. Love forever your Mommy. Hi sweet MooMoo. I haven't visited you for sometime. It has been 5 years that you are gone. I still miss you and always will. My heart is
aching for my other baby Freddy. I had to let him go on July 27. Please watch over him. Remember how you used to box with him? He was so weak I had to let him go but my heart breaks
because I let him suffer needlessly. You would have been about 20 now Give my love to Freddy Mae. Love mommy 8-15-2013 I love you.

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