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Memories of Moo Moo Sha Sha
She was so mean when we got her home; climbing curtins & mini blinds; she wanted to be outside. So the time came when she provide comfort to a family member & be outside. She was so happy! It lasted 3 months, then she was back with me in my apartment, she was going outside during the day & in at night. She was happy; then she went missing and was found. She was too far gone. She was a good cat I miss her.

Well its been a year and still I am sad, but I know you are in good company and having alot of fun

It will soon be 2 years since I last saw you. The sadness is still there, I am at moms now, where I know you were happy.

Tuesday will be 3 years. I am still at moms and she is ok. I miss you Moo Moo, yes you were mean and you tore up many things in my apartment.. but when you were sweet, you were sooooo sweet. I hope you are having alot of BIG fun at the bridge.

Hey Moo Moo. I can close my eyes and I am driving to that emergency vet, and that song on the radio 30 minutes to Mars (strange name) marry me marry me..... I remember so much. I know you are in a goood place with Monty, Don, Gus, and the other many cats my family has had. Was 4 years yesterday & I forgot the candlelight lighting was on Mondays and I was off Monday.I did light a candle last night for you and said many prayers.

May used to be a happy month. Wow all 3 cats were born in May (ok you were born in April), hmmm so was I. Clinton n Monica will be 7 this month. I do not think they miss you Moo Moo. You were mean to them, queen of the roost. I'm sure yall had a good time playing together. Every time Jimmy open that door and let you outside,I just knew something was going to happen.Still remember that night and the next day, the week of my b-day n mothers day.On the 18th of May it will be 5 years and the song is that one by Daughtry "Home" that reminds me of you. Will do 2 Monday nights for you this year. Now go play!

On June 7, 2012 Mom passed away. We were at the nursing home n she was breathing fast holding on till her oldest son got there. They told us the hearing was the last to go. I told Mom when she got to heaven find Moo Moo, kiss her on the head n tell her I love her. Mom moved her eyes. My sister and I went outside to sit n get some air. I the parking area a cat walked aroun a red jeep. This cat coul have been any color any breed in the world. This cat was Moo Moo's twin. The cat rubbed on the jeep looked our way, then crossed the street back to its house. On Monday is moms funeral. I will do candlelight for Mom and Moo Moo.

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