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Memories of Mookie
6/17/2014, Mookie you were my very best friend, that unexpectedly came into my life back in the fall of 2007, when in the pouring rain you showed up at the front door. It took a few days of setting food out on the front porch, before you worked up the courage to come in to the house, after all there was a big ole Greyhound, Annie, and a little Dachshund, Molly in there, and you weren't quite sure what to do with that. But you soon made a home and let them both know who was in charge. You were the neatest cat I have ever known. You turned out to like the outside more than the inside early on, and learned how to come and go through the doggy door. The dogs quit using it, so I guess I should call it a cat door. But as you got older, you stayed in more, especially in the winter when it was cold, didn't want to have anything to do with that. Neither did I. What was so special about you was how you followed me everywhere. Always underfoot, and I am surprised I never tripped down the steps as you would always want to beat me to the bottom of them. And when I was outside you would always follow along, like a little puppy dog, and would never take off, just followed me as I walked around. But one thing you pretty much did was stay around the house and not venture to far from your territory. And another thing I could never sit down at my computer without you jumping up there, rubbing everything in sight and then carefully finding a spot on my lap. Mookie I miss you so much, I wish your time would not have been up yet, God sent you to me, and I guess he was ready to have you back. This is really hard. I am struggling with your loss so much. I have not cried so much ever. With my Dad dying just 3 months ago and now you, I am lost. It was just last Friday you laid around on the chairs on the back deck all day, but came in to sleep with me that night, and then on Saturday you weren't feeling too well and mom took you to the doctor. You were running a temperature and he gave you a shot to make you feel better. But it didn't work. We had the Church social going on that day and night so I made sure you stayed in the house till we got home which was pretty late, like 1 AM. You wanted to go out, but came upstairs and slept on the end of the bed. Then about 5:30 am you were crying at the front door to go out, but it wasn't until 7:30 than I got up to let you out. You didn't look good, I sat down on the porch with you, and petted you but you were ready to move on. So I let you go, came in and looked out the kitchen window and saw you sitting on that retaining wall between our house and Bryon's. You looked weak, so I went out and called you, you always came when I called your named, but you just looked back at me, as if to say goodbye. I went around the corner to go get you and you had vanished. I went on to Church came home, and you were no where to be found. You always knew my car and would come to the front door But not today. I looked for you the rest on Sunday, Fathers Day, of all things but no where. Even Matt came by to look but we never found you. A pretty crummy Fathers Day.
Monday 6/16 we were leaving to go to Breck and your Aunt Mary was coming to cat and dog sit but you weren't there. Molly was and she was sad and lonely, waiting for you. I even looked outside in all the usual places again, but never found you. There was a little voice in my head, I think it was you, saying Dave quit looking, you won't find me. So with a heavy heart your mom and I took off for Breck. We did let the neighbors know about your disappearance, just in case. They were so supportive. We had just left Limon, Colorado when Mom's phone rang, It was Jennifer from next door Dave and John found you down where I had been looking for 2 days. You had died. My heart is broken, I loved you so much, you were such a good companion, I don't know what I'll do without you. Please look after me, you are in a better spot, maybe you went to be a companion to my Dad. See if you can find Maggie, Annie, and Heidi up there as well. Wait for me. Please dear God let me see you again someday. I will continue to write to you soon. We are still in Breck now, but I don't want to be here, I'd rather be at home with you. DAD
6/21/2014 Mookie we are back home. Got here Thursday night. It was so hard to come in to this house and not find you here. I kept looking out the front door as if you would magically appear, but you didn't. I hope you are doing well and will look after us. Molly is hanging in there and I don't think she quit understands you being gone. We were sitting out on the back deck last night and I so missed having you come up and sit on my lap. As time goes I sure hope the pain of losing you will lessen. I know the many memories you gave us will never be forgotten. We sure have had an awfully lot of very nice people sending us thoughts of your passing to the Bridge. Mookie we love you. DAD

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