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Memories of Monty
Dearest Monty, there are really not enough words to describe how perfect you are.
A truly irreplaceable companion.
You saw us through tragedy, illness and loved us unconditionally.
You were such a brave trooper through your years of battling FIV and put up with so much just to make us happy.
your Kind and gentle soul has touched our lives so deeply we will love you forever.

We have so many wonderful memories of you Monty that we will keep in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
Thank you Monty, We are truly blessed to have you in our hearts.
We will meet again, loving you always.
Mommy and Daddy XXXXOOOO

July 06 / 2015
Wow almost a month, seems like a lifetime.
Still looking for you everywhere and can't get though a day without breaking down.
You were the best friend I have ever had and I miss you so much.
Be happy my little boy and know that my love for you will go on forever.
Until we meet again. Your Daddy XXXXOOOO

July 07 / 2015
My darling precious Monty, My heart breaks everyday without you.
I wonder if I will ever deal with losing you.
I will always love you with all my heart.
I wait until we meet again in heaven.
all my love forever and eternity, Your Mummy XXXXXOOOOO

Aug 09 / 2015
Hello my boy, well here we are at two months now, wish I could say it is getting easier but I'd be lying.
I still have all your things, guess I always will.
I think the hardest thing was giving away all your food, I know its what you would want but it just killed me inside to do it.
I pray for you every night, that there is special place for you, that your happy and that I will see you again.
You were such a good boy and never complained about anything, even with your last breaths.
And I am so sorry for all the things I did to you in your last month to keep you alive.
I so desperately wanted to save you, but it wasn't meant to be.
I love you and miss you more with each passing day.
Be at peace Monty you are so very loved by us all.
Loving you always until we are together again. Your Daddy. XXXXXOOOOO

Sept 10 / 2015
My dearest Monty,
Today marks three months since your passing, in some ways it feels like an eternity and in others like only yesterday.
I am trying to get on with out you but it's very hard, you were my rock.
No matter how hard my day was you would always make things better, when I was stressed or feeling bad you would lye on my lap or climb up on my chest and all my bad feelings would just melt away.
I thank God every night for all the beautiful years we had together.
Praying for you seems to help, I guess its because its the last thing I can really do for you, that and to honor your memory.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, I miss you so very much and love you more than I could ever express in words.
Your mummy sends her love also on this special day and is always thinking of you also.
May God bless your special soul for the unconditional love and loyalty you have shown us.
I will love you for all time,

Oct 10 / 2015
Dear sweet precious Monty,
I find I am still so lost with out you my darling little boy.
No one will ever replace you in my heart my gorgeous wee man.
I hope you liked your song I played for you my handsome wee fellow.
Happy anniversary and I pray you are enjoying yourself in the afterlife.
Till next time baby, love sent your way from the bottom of my heart of hearts.
Love you forever,

Oct 10 / 2015
Hello again buddy,
Hope you are ok and happy,
I'm sorry for all the grieving just can't seem to let you go.
I would give everything I have and live on the street just to have you back, but unfortunately life doesn't work that way no matter how much we wish it.
I keep trying to think of the good times but am so sad they are all gone.
You made such an impact on our lives, you loved us so much and asked for so little.
I know you wouldn't want us to be so sad but its just so hard.
You helped me so much through the years and I will always be grateful.
I love you Monty, forever and ever and nothing can ever change or take that away.
I pray that when it's my time, that you will come for me and God willing we will cross the bridge together into paradise.
Loving you always,

Nov 12 / 2015
Hello little man.
So this is five months now, wow
Still missing you like crazy.
Your mother had another portrait done of you and it looks great.
She is still having a hard time missing you as well.
It's going to be a sad Christmas this year with you gone, you loved Christmas so much.
I can still see you lying by the tree staring at the lights, and how much you loved getting gifts.
Life can be so very painful when we lose a loved one, and you are such a big part of our family.
Anyway sending you all my love and best wishes for all time.
Your such a good boy.

Dec 10 / 2015
Dear precious, Darling Monty,
Mummy's heart is still truly broken with out you here.
I miss your sweet talks and beautiful meows, you understood every word I said to you and loved me unconditionally as I did and still do you.
I will continue to play you our special song my gorgeous boy, and look for your signs you always manage to get through to me.
Happy six month anniversary my darling, until next time and I am sure in my heart of hearts we will see each other again.
I will celebrate you every day forever.
All my love.

Dec 10 / 2015
Hi my boy,
Missing you like crazy, can't believe its half a year today.
We've had figurines made from your pictures, a little comfort I guess but also very sad.
More than anything in the world I hope and wish for your happiness this Christmas, it is my prayer that there is a Christmas tree somewhere for you to look at, as you loved ours so much.
In case you want to visit, your scratch post is still here as well as your little horse on the bed and your favorite cushion.
Loving you with all my heart and soul,

Dec 25 / 2015

Merry Christmas Monty, We love you so much and are missing you like crazy.
All our love forever and always.

Jan 10 / 2016
Dear sweet Monty, Mummy loves you so very much.
I'm still struggling with out your gorgeous self with us little man, but I'm praying you are and content in heaven.
Until we meet again as I know we will.
I love you forever darling.

Jan 10 / 2016
Hi buddy, Happy new year.
Hope you can see the candles cause they burn for you on every occasion.
Sure miss you Monty, Thank you for making me feel special and for brightening up my life.
You really are the greatest, save a little spot for your daddy we will be together again one day.
Loving you as always and always in my prayers.

FEB 14 / 2016
Hi Monty, Happy anniversary, Happy Valentines, Happy Birthday.
We Love you so much and miss you more every day.
You are still a very active part of our lives, and we are always doing things in your memory.
Be happy little boy cat. We have you in our hearts always and forever.
Love Mummy & Daddy XXXXXOOOOO

March 10 / 2016
Dearest Monty, We wish you all the love and happiness in the world.
You are always in our thoughts and prayers, we miss you soooooo much.
Loving you always, Mummy and Daddy XXXXXOOOOO

April 10 / 2016
Hi again Monty, Loving you as always and missing you to the max.
Your candle has been burning all day but I'll have to put it out and go to bed soon.
I pray every night that you are happy where you are and that I'll see you again.
I hope that you can feel my love and know how much of an impact you had and have on my life.
As always your mother sends her love and misses you very much.
Love forever, Mum and Dad XXXXXOOOOO

May 10 / 2016
Hello Monty, you are still our number one love of our lives, you are and will always be our precious angel cat, our sweet little man.... we miss you. we wish you much peace and all our love is sent your way. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo your dad and mum.

JUNE 10 / 2016
Dearest Monty, it is one year since you passed we have celebrated your life all day today.
We hope you approve of all, we donated in your memory to the SPCA and the balloons for you were set free at 5:30 pm the time of your passing.
The candles are burning for you and we hope you like your flowers.
We still miss you and grieve for you and doubt that will ever change.
God bless you and keep you little fellow you will always be number one in our hearts.
Love forever and always,
Mummy and Daddy XXXXXOOOOO

July 10 / 2016
Hello our darling boy cat, we miss you terribly.
You are in our hearts forever and eternity.
Love Mummy & Daddy XOXOXO

Aug 10 / 2016
Hi Monty, not a day goes by that you are not in our minds and our hearts.
Miss you so very much.
Love always, Mummy and Daddy

Sept 15 / 2016
Hi Monty, Sorry I was away on the mountain on the 10th and no internet.
I hope you got the messages your mother and I sent up on your balloons.
Loving you always and forever.

Oct 10 / 2016
Hey Buddy, 16 months and still grieving pretty bad, made another donation in your memory today and the candles are burning for you.
you'll always be #1 . All our love for all eternity.
Mum & Dad

Nov 10 / 2016
Dearest Monty , we are always thinking of you.
You will always be in our hearts and souls.
Love always, mum and Dad XXXXXOOOOO

Dec 10 / 2016
Hi Monty, Coming up on our second Christmas apart, Still really hurts but we are getting by.
Would give anything just to hold you one more time if only for one moment.
Oh well , good things come to those who wait eh. (sure hope that's true)
Wishing you love and happiness ,Always and Forever from me and your mother. xxxxoooo

Dec 25 / 2016

Merry Christmas Monty, We love you so much. XXXXXOOOOO

Jan 10 / 2017
Happy New year Monty, we love and miss you with all our hearts. XXXXXOOOOO

Feb 16 / 2017
Happy Birthday Monty, miss you every day.
Your the best #1 cat ever, wishing you love and peace Forever and for Always.

March 10 / 2017
Hi again Monty, Love you very much my little buddy.
Always thinking about you and always missing you.
Your mother misses you also and feels your comfort from Heaven.
Loving you always. Dad XXXXXOOOOO

April 16 / 2017
Happy Easter Monty, we love and miss you so much little man.
All our love sent your way, Mum & Dad XXXXXOOOOO

May 10 / 2017
Hi Monty, Missing you a lot lately coming up to your day soon.
Forever in our hearts. Your Mummy and Daddy XXXXXOOOOO

June 10 / 2017
Hi my special angel boy, mummy loves and misses your gorgeous self and your precious unconditional and loyal soul ,,, forever in my heart of hearts darling little man, love your mummy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

June 10 / 2017
Hello my boy I wish you so much happiness on this anniversary day of your passing, you are such a beautiful soul and I miss you so much.
Your donation to the SPCA was made today and our candle's will burn for you, hope you like your balloons.

Dec 25 / 2017
MERRY CHRISTMAS MONTY, its been hard not writing a message every month but have to stop sometime or we'll run out of room.
Miss you so much this time of year ( or any time of year lol ).
Not a single day goes by that we don't think of you and miss you.
Your mummy keeps buying you angels and we always light a candle for you.
Till we meet again my boy,
Love always Daddy XXXXXOOOOO and Mummy XXXXXOOOOO

June 10 / 2018
Loving you more with each passing year, the candle is burning and the balloons are on their way to you.
We made a 400.00 donation this year to the SPCA in memory of you.
You are forever in our hearts.
Love always Mummy and Daddy. XXXXXOOOOO

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