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Memories of Monet
08/22/2014 Monet'. You entered our lives by a visit to the Pet store early in the year of 2000. We were looking for a Fish Tank and some Fish. I heard you calling me from the back room. When I walked into the room you were on your rear legs scratching at the gate of your pen telling me to Get You Out Of There. You were sharing the pen with a much larger puppy and you were Not Happy. I went back out front to get Robert and we both came back to look at you, and it was a total connection for all of us, except Mattisse who was waiting in the car. By the time we left the store we had spent over $3000.00 dollars. Remember the ride home? We had a 99 Mustang. you rode between my legs as I drove. The passenger seat was full with the 55 gallon tank. Robert rode in the rear seat with the stand and Mattisse. The trunk was full of sand, greenery, pumps and all the items for the tank, fish were to come later. On the ride home we were talking on what we should name you, and since we had an artist name for Mattisse, what would we call you. When we mentioned that we had just spent a lot of money, it came to us as Monet, and there you were. We took you home and you became a very important part of our lives. As a baby you looked just like a Furrby, the toy that was popular at the time. You loved to go next door to Mike and Elaine's and play with their cat. You tormented Mattisse for a number of years. Remember the day Charlie came to live with us. You were on the couch and your body became this Hard Straight Arrow looking thing, with your teeth showing and growling at him as if he had better not think about joining the household. It took you several weeks to adjust to him. Remember the day Robert sat on the steps and talked to the both of you coaxing you to give each other a chance, and you finally melted and let him in to the family, later to never want to be separated, and especially after we lost Mattisse who found the bridge 01/04/2010. Mattisse taught you and Charlie so many wonderful traits, one being ridding in the car. Remember the last move to Florida where you and Charlie rode in the back seat of the convertible we had at the time. It was packed to the hilt. I left about 6 inches at the top and the two of you rode with your heads looking out to the front view watching where we were going, never complaining about your cramped quarters because you loved the ride. She taught the two of you to behave in the tub each week for your baths and beauty treatments of bath, dry and brushing. On the move back to Washington we had the big rental truck and you rode on the pillows in the front seat and onto the dashboard.
I sent Mattisse a message that you had left our world 08/21/2014 at 5:20pm Pacific Time and for her to greet you when you arrived at the bridge 08/22/2014 and show you around as she did here on earth. We are having a hard time letting go, but know you are at peace and no longer in pain. You dealt so well with slowly loosing your sight. You always had the ear mite problems because of the smallness of your ears and we were always giving you medicine, which you were not happy with. When you rear legs started to give out and you were no longer able to walk without falling over, or dragging them after going pee, we knew the time was very near, but when you just started lying around whimpering from pain, we had to make a decision for you. So as you entered our lives on your rear legs, you left us by not being able to use them.
Tell everyone you meet to visit Mattisse. She signed in at the Bridge on 01/04/2010.
Charlie Misses you, he seems lost and does not want to eat. He keeps looking for you, as he did when we lost Mattisse, he kept going to the spot where I pulled her out of the pool, but with you he does not know where you are.

08/27/2014 Dear Monet', tomorrow Thursday will be a week since we said Good Bye and you left us to visit fur baby friends and family fur babies. We know you are running and playing with Mattisse and all the new friends you have met. We have received many kind words from others who have fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy meeting them and showing them the wonderful love you gave to everyone you met while you were with us. Doc sent a very nice condolence card about you. We are waiting to hear form them as to when we can pick your remains up and bring you home. Our schedules have been such that Charlie has not had to be alone much by himself so far. Last night was the first time for a Solo bath. This was his first bath alone in over 10 years, he was a bit nervous because you were not there with him, and being that I do it in the shower it was good because tears were falling. We have your picture next to Mattisse in the living room and I lit the holder we found after loosing her with the 3 candles in it so you would have your needed light to shine on the two of you. Until I write you again.

01/04/2015 Today is the anniversary of loosing Mattisse to the bridge. I let her know you were coming and I know she is there and the two of you are playing just as you did here on earth. We miss you so very much. This was our first Christmas with out the two of you. I look at the pictures of last Christmas and smile as I see you trying to get to everything even though your body is not working properly. Charlie has still not recovered, it has been 6 months and all he does is lay under
the bed waiting for you. Some times it is very difficult to get him from under the bed. I am so sad that I feel he has given up and just waiting.

08/22/2015 Darling Monet. It has been a year. I am crying now as I write this. Charlie still just lays around until he hears Robert. He does not respond to my voice, he has lost his hearing now and also his eye sight has become very poor. When I say Somebodys here! he knows that means Robert is home and it is time for his evening medicine. He now has High Blood Pressure and is in the beginning stage of Kidney Failure. We have been giving him an intra venous needle every morning for several months and feeding him liquids to help his kidneys. He no longer is very active. Sleeps a lot even when I am here with him. The song I have playing is I will Always Love You and we want you to know how true that is.

Take Care Baby, and be ready for Charlie when his turn to cross the bridge comes.

We Love You and will feel your loss for a long time.

05/17/2016 Dear Monet. Charlie is on his way. He left us on Sunday May 15th at 5:15pm. He has been in Kidney Failure for the past year and suffered a stroke. We rushed him to the ER, knowing that the time had come. Now you, and Mattisse are Complete again. I will build his RB page tomorrow.

08/21/2016 Dear Monet. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of your going to the RB. Time is very slow in healing. Loosing Charlie this past May has made it even harder. The 3 of you brought us such joy, but loosing the 3 of you has brought us tension and arguments. Our lives are in turmoil from all the losses. Robert has ben Hell Bent on getting another puppy since loosing Charlie, has got scammed for $800.00, then we have come to a stage of separation from each other I don't think it will ever heal. We send our Love to the three of you. I built a folder for screen saver that I call Trilogy. There are only pictures of the 3 of you and it plays on Roberts computer so we are constantly with you. Until we talk again.

10/26/2021 Dear Monet. This past couple years have been Hell here on earth with the Covid and after 32 years together your Dads have seperated and I have not seen him in 6 months. I have your pictures on one shelve for the Trilogy of you 3 wonderful babies. I am adding that picture because I see you everyday. I will add a picture of your latest brother Picasso who went with Robert so I will never see him again.

03/16/2023 Sad news my darling Monet. Your dad Robert passed away on Feb 28th. I pray that you, he, Charles and Mattisse are all together forever now. I will always love you.

Love Dad Preston

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