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Memories of Momo
Sweet little Momo was adopted in early November in 2018 by Rebecca Brinkworth along with her littermate and brother, Albert. She first caught my eye in her shelter box that was filled with 6-8 little jet black kittens. Mome was immediately trying to communicate with us through the glass of her box, clawing and meowing, and it was love at first site. As we took Mome and Albert home, one was absolutely going ballistic with the tag on the carrier door while the other nipped and licked fingers through the holes. I have no doubt in my mind that Mome was the playful little menace fiddling with the tag. We knew we had one girl and one boy but then had to figure out which was which. Mome was indentifiable by her shorter hair (that sometimes looked like a mullet!) thinner tail, smaller body composition and HUGE beautiful eyes. Her eyes were a pale icy yellow green compared to her brother's warm amber eyes. She also had quite the big snozz, made all the bigger by her tiny little head. As mome grew up she became well known for some unique habits, the first was her affinity for playing fetch with her blue Kmart toy- something she began doing independently the week we got her! She was a terribly messy eater and would fill huge mouthfuls and let it all fall out of her mouth as she chomped and chewed. Always curious, she played with everything and everyone and always greeted new guests with love and affectionate. Her loud grumbly purrs could be heard through walls, a huge sound for such a small baby girl. She would lay on my chest as I rested on our pink couch and rumble and purr and fill me with love and comfort that was indescribable. She soon came to claim the pink couch as her own, often laying with her paws tucked up under her chest on the arm rest and the curved back of the chaise. She was more vocal than her brother, particularly at meal Time, and would meow and meow untill she got what she wanted. As she got a little older she also started to click at bugs she would see our the window. An indoors only car, mome enjoyed venturing out to the garden on her red lead and would stealth around like the little panther she thought she was.

Unfortunately, at the young age of 11 months, mome passed away in my arms. She had been experiencing lethargy and weight loss for a number of weeks with no diagnosis or incorrect diagnosis from the vet. Even on her last day, my baby girl made sure to come and lay on my chest and rumble her little purrs through my body, even as she was so so sick. I made the call to let her go peacefully that day, and told her she was so loved and that everything would be okay. She was at peace and left this world having made an impact on so many friends and family that loved her so, so very much.

My life feels broken without her. While of course I love and adore Albert incomprehensibly, no one will have the Momo charm and sass that she exuded while being so incredibly affectionate and docile when you needed it. She truly was the smartest, most passionately loving cat I've ever known.

Goodnight my beautiful girl, I miss you everyday and don't know how I will go on without you. I love you, I love you.

My beautiful girl. It's been half a week without you and I miss you so, so much. I miss your warm little body and cuddles and rumbles and purrs. What I would give to have you in my arms again. I love you.

Dear sweet Momie. It's been a month since you left us and the world hasn't been the same since. Your bright eyes and flashes of endless energy are missing from our lives and your absence is ever present. Alby is doing well, though he's become a bit of a spoilt baby now he's the only one. We both miss you so, so, so much. I hope you are somewhere warm and loving and safe my angel. I love you my baby girl, always.

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