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Memories of MommaCat
It was an August morning. Arlen went out to get the paper and found you and 4 kittens on our lawn. You were starving but got to the back yard and I fed you. I saw you sit and let your babies eat, so I brought out another can of food for you. At that moment I knew you belonged to us. Our wonderful vet found loving homes for 3 of your kittens. We kept your baby SOX and you. We watched you grow into loving each other so. Our other cat Billy was a house cat so you 2 were mostly outside tho we had a room in the garage where you slept. Our sadness came when SOX was shot by a kid with a BB gun, then Billy died of a stroke....... Our happiness was you took over as Queen of the house. We look for you and of course you are not there and this brings the tears. We will put your ashes with your favorite toy we called 'Mousie' I miss so sleeping with you and having you kiss my face. You kissed my hand as you went to The Bridge.

Love from your parents

Diane & Arlen

Last winter Arlen was sick and had a terrible cough. Rather than disturb me he slept on the sofa in the living room....Momma stayed with him all night, when he got up she got up. We called her his nurse. In the morning she slept on the gold chair......her shift was done.
Fun Times: Arlen got up early and set the kitchen for breakfast. She waited for him to bring out a plate and box of 'snackies' which she would eat and then it was a race for who got the 'gold chair'. Arlen wanted to watch the news, but she wanted a nap, but she waited to see who got the 'gold chair' FIRST...she usually won.
Going away from the house for a while brought many toys all over the house.....we would ask 'How did Mousie get into the living room?......she looked at us like 'How do I know???'
Arlen would get up early in the morning and go look out the dining room window. She would follow him in and start major scratching on her scratch post. This was BIG wake up time.
We would be in the computer room and she would walk in and like say.....are we having a family conference? I think I have some things to contribute....
Wake in the morning and find part of the newspaper all over the floor.....Did you do this Momma?...ME??

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