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Memories of Moly
I am writing this part after I have finished writing what follows because I didn't know what I would feel like after writing it. What follows is kinda long, but I learned just how much writing this has helped me. I don't feel as sad and unhappy as I was before writing this, I fill kinda fulfilled that I had three of the best damn partners I could have ever wished for. They were great partners, loving me whatever I was going through, whatever I was putting them through. They ALWAYS loved me, even when I didn't love myself, or even liked myself. I learned that they counted on me, and I on them, and for that I shall be forever grateful. So, read on if you will, but to be honest, it really doesn't matter to me, because just writing this has helped me heal. I am still very sad about my latest loss, Maxx, just 4 months after the loss of Moly, but I know I will get through this, and someday, I will have more partners to help me get through anything.Although this is Moly's page, I do need to say that when Moly died in July, it was very hard to deal with, but I had Maxx to help me deal with that, and he had me. Maxx passed on December 8, 2015, and now I don't have another furbaby to help me deal with his passing. I live alone, so waking up in the morning is VERY difficult, as is going to sleep at night. I miss him so much... Thank you.
I found Moly around July, 2001, on a job I was working on in Woodside, NY. She had just had a bath from her previous owners, because she smelled so sweet. She must have gotten out of the gate, or yard. She had a brand new collar on, with no ID. I tied her up to the fence, and told her I would take her home if she was still there when I got back. She was. When I brought her home, she met Max, my Bernese Mountain dog mix. Max loved her! I can't say the same about Moly! lol She didn't like Max, or probably any other dog.I put flyers up in the neighborhood with my phone number on them, and all I got was calls from people who were drunk, usually between midnight and morning. Nobody claimed her. I kept her. One day, she bit Max on the nose...blood was everywhere, it was frightening. It was Sunday night...I called my vet, and he said calm down, it's just like you or I getting a cut,to put pressure on it, and the bleeding would stop. It did, and the next day I had to repaint the kitchen, because Max was sneezing all over the place because of the blood going into her nose! lol I was furious!!! lol But Max needed a partner, so I dealt with it. A couple of days later, I came out of the bathroom to find Max laying on her back, with Moly's mouth wrapped around Max's throat. Max looked like she was having fun, Moly looked like she wanted to kill Max! lol Well, Bernese mountain dogs are a furry breed, so it looked like it really didn't bother Max, she wanted to play. As I was trying to get Moly's mouth off of Max's neck...it's funny when I think about it...Moly chomped down on my hand, causing pain and a lot of bleeding. I was okay. When I was able to, I grabbed Moly by the cheeks (gently)...looked into her eyes, and told her quite softly,"if you ever do that again, I'll break your freaking neck!" I may have been wrong to do that, and I apologized to Moly many times after that, but it worked...Moly and Max were complete buddies after that...they loved each other! I think while I was at work, they plotted together how to get a rise out of me...and they always did! lol Sadly, in 2005, Max got very ill, and I had to put her down :o( I was very distraught, because Max was my first pet I had since I was a child. I wanted to wait before I got another dog, and I did. One day in the spring of 2006, my friend and I were getting the boat ready to go in the water in my town, College Point, NY. We were reminiscing about Max, how much we missed her, when I saw a girl walk into the boat yard with a dog. I looked at Kevin, and said, "I'm not ready to get another dog just yet." Well, that all changed a few minutes later, when I heard the girl yell out..." Max, stop that!!" Well that was one of the common things I had said to original Max! Max, cut it out...! Max, stop that...! Max, get outta there! lol So, with that, I went over to ask her about the dog. It turns out Maxx had 2 days to live when she rescued him, and she was looking for a home for him. He was cute, a little goofy looking...and I fell in love with him. He was an American pit bull terrier. Big, handsome looking dog. So I took Moly to meet him a few times at the local boarding house where she kept him, and they hit it off! It was love at first site! For the next 9 years, they were inseparable. They NEVER left each others side. Now it was Moly and Maxx ganging up on me! lol In the beginning of 2014, Moly turned 14. She started having problems getting up. I thought it might be time to put her down. When she couldn't stand up for more then a few minutes at a time, I became desperate. I didn't know what to do, so I asked the girl at my local pet shop if she knew of anyone that could help Moly. She told me about this vet in Manhattan, NY, named DR. Jill Elliot, at The Heart of Chelsea animal hospital in Manhattan. I looked her up on the internet, and there was a couple of success stories she had using laser therapy to help animals who had the same problem as Moly. So, I made an appointment. Dr. Jill gave me a schedule of what she thought would help Moly, and it did. After a few appointments, Moly was getting up and down by herself, and walking around, as far as I could tell, pain free. It was amazing! Dr. Jill gave Moly an extra year and a half of good life. As we know, all good things must come to an end. On July 21,2015, Moly took her last breaths. I honestly believe she waited for me to leave for work that night before she passed on. I believe she knew how much it would hurt me to see her take those last breaths. I wasn't going back to work for two weeks after that night, so it gave me time to heal, and I needed every minute of it. Which brings me to Maxx. After Moly passed, Maxx was seemingly ok without her, but I knew better. Whenever I would leave the house for more than a few hours at a time, he would go crazy. He started chewing through sheetrock walls, ate his way through 3 hollow core doors...severe separation anxiety. He was so smart, he actually pulled the pin out of one of the hinges on the door to get out. Finally, I was able to Maxx-proof the house,and he finally gave up trying to get out of the basement on Thanksgiving 2015. I was gone for 9 hours that day,(stuck in traffic for 3 hours) and I came home and he didn't wreck anything. I was so glad for him, and myself, too. We had passed that hump. So it was with complete shock that just a few weeks later, on December 8, 2015 that Maxx died. This is why I came to this website. Maxx and I were decorating the house for Christmas that day, and we were loving it. As I strung the lights around the Christmas tree, he followed me around the tree, about 7-8 times! lol Funny dog! I put 2 stuffed reindeer out, and he was eyeballing them, seemingly waiting for me to turn my back, so he could snatch one and tear it to shreds! I pointed my finger at him and told him, "don't touch that!", and he looked at me with those eyes that said...yea, right! Anyway, around 8 that night, I noticed he didn't look right, and that he pooped a little on the kitchen floor, which he never did. So I took him outside in the yard, and he just laid there. After about 5 minutes, I told him to come in,and he did, and he laid down in his spot on the rug, and just stopped breathing. I couldn't believe it. He was in great health, I fed him the best dog food on the market, and he was a very strong and happy dog. I will miss you all, Max, Moly,and Maxx, you were the brightest part of my life, and I will forever be grateful for allowing me to share in your life. May God hold you, and keep you, until we reunite in the future.
Love, your daddy, Rich.
12-11-15 Just reading all the replies you have gotten. So many people have so much love for all of our family members. They are really helping me through this. I was shopping in the mall today, and I saw you, Maxx. You were etched into a piece of crystal. I took out my phone to look at your picture again, and the etching was almost exactly as you looked. Even the girl who was selling them couldn't believe how close the resemblance was. I started to cry. I miss you two, and I love you all. Will talk to you soon. Love, daddy.
12-12-15 Just woke up again, and your still not here. I really miss you waiting for the coffee to finish brewing so I could take you out. It's done and your not here. It's so quiet in the house right now. Your not inside rolling around on the carpet, scratching yourself, getting ready for the day ahead. I was gonna give you a bath today...it's gonna be really warm. I just gargled, and your not here to stick that nose in my face to DEMAND! that I blow in your face so you could smell my minty breath! I can't even write lol because I'm crying. I love you and miss you, Maxx. Love, daddy.
12-13-15 It's 1 am and I just got back from Artie's house. Tammy and Artie told me how sorry they are for my loss...is Heavens gain. I just saw you, Maxx, that damn fly! lol It's hard coming home and not having you here, but all these wonderful people on this website are reassuring me that we'll be together again..all of us. I miss you. Love, daddy. Sleep with the angels, my handsome little boy. Hey Moly, hey Maxx, it's 9 pm, and I just wanted to say goodnight. I slept late today because I didn't get to sleep until around 3 am. It was quiet around here without you two. I'm starting to get used to not having you under foot, but don't worry, I still, and always will miss you. I'm starting to put together pictures of you two, and I found a couple of the original Max. She was so beautiful. Maxx, you two would have had a blast!!! She's the reason I took you home so long ago. I'm gonna send the pictures to Rainbowbridge.com to let them resize them and put them on your page. I did a little bit of crying today, it was a little hard. The weather was beautiful, you two would have had a great time outside today. Uncle Vic bought me some dinner today, and it was strange not having Maxx come running in to let me know someone was here. I miss that...sleep with the angels guys, I love you and miss you. Love, daddy.
12-14-15 Missed you two again today. Came home, and you weren't here, Maxx. It's too damn quiet.I left you a Devil Dog wrapper on the floor last night, I thought you would like that. Holding onto that last paper plate you chewed on... Goodnight my loved ones. Sleep with the angels. I miss you. Love, daddy.
12-15-2015- Another day without two of my best friends, EVER!! Maxx, I told Uncle Andy about your passing, I saw him at the union hall today. He was shocked like everyone else. I cried. Another guy named Andy ( big, strong, tough guy ) was comforting me today. He was talking about his 2 little poodles, I could see the emotions in his eyes. I told Carol Ann yesterday, she said it was good that you went quickly, on your terms, in your spot, with me at your side. She said she hopes she goes that way. It's comforting, but I still want you here with me. I thought we had 4-5 more good years left. You are so big and strong...and LOUD!!! lol
It was about this time 8:05 PM, one week ago you started to look a little off. It didn't seem to far out of the ordinary for you, I had seen you look like this before. You were under the bed...your new hiding place, so it wasn't that abnormal. You came out, and I noticed a little bit of poop on the floor. That was different, you had never done that before, so I thought you had to go out. We went downstairs...you walked a little different, but again, I didn't think too much about it. I let you out into the yard, and you walked to the grass just fine, laid down, and just rested. I went in and came back out in a few minutes,saw you were still in the same spot, and just sat next to you and petted you're head for a few moments. I then got up, and said " come on, lets go inside," and you did. When you got inside, you laid down on the floor. A few minutes later, I told you to come over on your rug, it's more comfortable, and you did. It was then I knew something was wrong. When you walked over, I saw your paws curl under, and that's not a good sign. I had seen that with Moly, and Terri's Ivy, just before they died. You got to your spot, laid down...and took your last 4-5 breaths, right about now. 8:35 PM. I was sitting next to you at this time, and you just died. I couldn't believe it...just like that, you were gone. I cried for two hours, then called Kevin to let him know. He cried, too. I came downstairs about 4 or 5 times that night to check if it was really true, if you were gone, and you were. I just really couldn't believe it. You were so happy that day when I got home. I had just bought you two new pillows from Target. You were running around, having a great day in the yard...so big and strong. How could you just go like that? Only God knows, and I will find out when I join you. I love you, miss you, and will cry some more for you, but the people in my life are helping me through this, along with these wonderful people from The Bridge.
I miss you, I love you, your daddy, Rich.
12-16-15-Hello, my little guys...I made it through the night. I hope you feel good, I'm starting to. I didn't cry as much today. Maxx, I'm having a hard time laying down on the couch. You know how you used to come up to me when I first laid down, you got real close, looked me in the eye as if to say," can I come up there with you? " And of course...you were always welcome...I really miss that. I am trying to upload a photo of the original Max so the three of you will be together in my computer. I'll try to find one of Ziggy, the white-striped black cat that I had. She was a great cat. Quite like a dog. When I called her, she used to come to me. You'll like her.
12-17-15-Hi Moly and Maxx...so sorry I missed you last night. I got kinda busy and tired real fast. I'm pretty upset today....miss you both. I can't stop thinking about you. It's rainy and gloomy today, a good day to stay home and be miserable about my losses. You were my family, and now I'm alone. It really hurts. I'm crying right now, so I can't really think much. I'll be back later. Love, daddy.
12-18-15-Hi guys. Just got home from the city. It's still too quiet around here. Mike upstairs says he misses your barking, Maxx. I miss you guys. I want you back home with me...
12-19-15-Morning sweet puppies!! I'm starting to feel a little better. Starting to accept that your not here, your in a better place. I still miss you, and I always will. I printed some pictures of you three guys, and put them on our tree. I hope your together at the Bridge, waiting for me. I have those Swedish genes in me, so you might be waiting for a while! lol I'll be back later...
12-21-15 Thinking of you guys...a little teary-eyed. It was really lonely around here today. I'm wrapping gifts for our family. I'm so sad not wrapping any for you guys. I don't know if I can get another puppy yet. I'll probably be moving to a new home this year. I'm gonna make sure the new place allows me to have pets. I hope you don't mind, but there is a new puppy out there that needs a new home, just like you guys did. I will do my best to help them. You two were well loved. The people in the candle lighting ceremony are a wonderful help to me. You two better be nice to their furbabies!
Love you, miss you...love, your daddy.
12-22-15- Hey little boy and girl! Thinking about you two. I found some pictures of Original Max and Ziggy the cat. You never met Ziggy while you were here. I hope you have met her now. She was a cooooooollllll cat! I'm not crying as much, but's it's still too quiet around here, pretty lonely, too. Maxx, it's two weeks ago, right at this minute, you went to the Bridge. I watched you take your last breaths. I hope that it comforted you that I was with you when you passed. It stunned me. I wasn't sure you died, I just didn't want to believe it. We had such a good day, I bought you two new pillows. They're still by your spot on the bed. I still have your two red pillows, along with your Kong on the bed with me. I can't move them yet. One day I will...not today.
Miss you, love you, daddy.
12-24-15-Hey my little loved ones! It's Christmas eve morning. It took a while for your page to load, I guess there's a lot of people trying to write to their furbabies. I miss you all. I'm playing Christmas music, trying to feel good about the time of year, but it's really hard without you two around. My first Christmas without you two, or a pet of any kind since 1997. That's a long time. I'm crying again, so I'll come back and write more later. Love you, miss you, your daddy.
12-25-15- Merry Christmas my beloved little puppies!!! I can't stop crying since I woke up. This in my first Christmas without my puppies since 1997. I'm so sad. My first Christmas without you guy's, Max, Moly and Maxx. It's so quiet and empty in this house. Moly, Maxx, you both left for the Bridge this year, four months apart. It was my choice not to have my own family, and for whatever reason, that's what I chose. But I always thought I would have a pet, and I don't, and it sucks. I'm so alone right now, it's gonna be a rough day. I hope you are running around, not worrying about me, because eventually, we'll be reunited. Pope Francis said in his Christmas Mass that we, as humans, have to stop the injustice in this world. One of those things is the way we treat animals. Thousands of dogs and cats are abused daily, and we must put a stop to that. I promise, when I can have another furbaby, that I will help one, two, ten of those animals out there. They need people like me. People willing to put up with the pain we suffer when you move over to the bridge. Because the joy you bring me FAR outweighs the pain of your loss. I wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of joy, open spaces, and plenty of sunshine, toys ( Kongs and pull ropes), food and full water bowls. I'll be back later to tuck you in...I love you guy's, sleep with the angels.
Love you, miss you, daddy.
12-29-15-Three weeks since you went to the bridge, my handsome, little boy, Maxx. Everyday, I miss all the things you did around the house. When I open a plastic bag, your not there to see if I have anything for you, when I make a sandwich, your not there waiting for the last little bit of crust that I always gave you, when I get into bed, your not there waiting for me to give you the ok to come on up and join me. Those are some of the things I miss. Three long weeks ago, you left me. I'm still very sad, but it's getting easier. I will always remember you, and I will always miss you, Moly, Max and Ziggy. You were my buds.
Miss you, love you, daddy.
1-2-2016-Hi my beloved friends. It's the new year, and your still not here. I miss you terribly, but it is getting easier. Know that I will NEVER forget you. I am putting together a collage of photos for you all to hang on my wall so whoever comes into the house will know and remember you. It will keep you in my sight, too. You are always in my heart...
Love you and miss you, your daddy.
1-6-2015-Hi Buddy, I'm soooo sorry I missed you yesterday...I'm already starting to cry. It was four weeks ago yesterday that you left for the Bridge. I miss you so very much, I wish you were here with me now. I want you to know how very much I miss you, everyday. I don't go downstairs much anymore since you left, just to do laundry. I always cry when I go down, and look at the spot you were laying when you went home. I found some more pictures of you and Moly when she was younger and healthier, I think they were from 2008 when I was working at the WTC site. You guys were playing tug of war with one of the many ropes I bought you. I really miss coming home and you not being here...it's so quiet. I want you back. I didn't think you would be gone so soon after Moly. I thought you would be here 4-5 more years. I wonder if you missed Moly so much that you had to go and be with her. I know you're together now. I can't stop crying now. I'll be back soon...
Miss you and love you both, your daddy.
1-10-2015-Hi puppies, I miss you both...having a hard time today. I can't stop thinking about you two. I wish you were here with me, but I know you are together, and that gives me comfort. Aunt Susie asked about you, Maxx. I couldn't tell her you were gone, too. I'm trying to come to the Bridge web site to talk to other people who have lost their fur-babies, maybe make their life a little more comfortable. I hope it helps. I'll be back tomorrow for the candle lighting ceremony. Till then...
Love you and miss you, daddy.
2-21-2015-Hi Mush...I miss you little girl. Today is seven months since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I'm crying...I miss you so much. It just hasn't been the same around here without you. I know you have Maxx right beside you as I write this, and that makes me feel good, and I also feel lonely without you two. I hope The Original Max and Ziggy are with you, and Bootsie and Chubby, my two puppies from when I was a child. I'm working now so I can move and nobody can tell me how many dogs I can have. I love you and Maxx, and I miss you very much.
Miss you and love you both, your daddy.
3-21-2015- Hi my little Mush. It's eight month's since you went to the Bridge. I still miss you so much, you and your buddy, Maxx. I'm listening to " Always on my mind", just like you are. I hope I gave you a good life...you were such a great little Mush. Kevin stopped by before, he misses you too. I love you little girl. I hope to see you in the future. Please wait for me, I'll be there. Be nice to all the furbabies at the Bridge...good night...
I love you and miss you always, daddy.
7-21-2016-Hi Mush...I miss you. One year ago I came home from work to find you had moved onto the Rainbow Bridge. It was hard, like it is today. I really miss you. I hope you and Maxx are continuing the loving relationship you two started here on Earth. You really loved that little boy, as he loved you. I got a new puppy. His name is Nemo. I think you would have liked him. He's really cute, happy, and funny. I'll post a picture of him so everyone can see. He's a real cutie, and a good dog, too. I can't stop crying. I wish you were here with me now. I miss you so much. Please take care of all the new fubabies who come to the Bridge, especially the one's with no family...they need us, and you. I love you, Mush. I hope I gave you a good home and life.
God bless you, and keep you for me. I will ALWAYS remember you. I love you and miss you, your Daddy.
7-21-2017-Good morning My Little Mush...It's two years since you left me for the Rainbow Bridge. I always cry when I come here. I miss you so much. You were/are a great little girl. I remember coming home that morning from work, and you were laying on your spot on the couch, you didn't move when I came in, so I knew you were gone...but NEVER FORGOTTEN. I ALWAYS think about you, every time I come to my computer, or just standing around, you'll just pop into my mind. I love you and miss you so much. I hope that you are happy with all the other pets. May they ALL come to say hi today. I miss you, Mush, and I PRAY that some day we will reunite. God bless you Mush, and all the other pets at the Bridge. I love you, and I miss you, good night Moly.
12-8-2018 I'm so sorry Mush, for not writing to you in July. I'm here to renew Maxx, and I just realized I missed you this year...I'm sorry. I love you and miss you. I'll be back in July. God bless and carry you until I arrive.

12-16-2022 Hey Mush, so sorry I haven't been here in a while, there's no excuse. I will ALWAYS love and miss you. Hope you're having fun with the others. Till we're together again. God bless, and love you ALWAYS.

7-21-2023 Hey my little Mush, it's that time again. Eight years ago today I woke up, and you were gone. I think about you all the time. I miss and love you my little Mush. I hope you and the other furbabies are loving life. Till we're together again. May God love and hold you until we meet again.

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