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Memories of Molly
Born 10/10/07. Passed 5/26/23. Almost 16 years of joy. She came from a church retreat at Mustang Island Texas. I was not planning on bringing a puppy home. But the cook had a litter of new pups. She was a Chocolate and a female and she came home to live with Chloe and Sunny. Those were some awesome years with kids and those dogs! I am too grieving to type much today. She simply was a sweet sweet and yet odd lab. She was not 100% lab. She had a long nose. She had front feet like a dachshund. She ran like the wind. She loved to tease tease tease. And she was the Best at Tug of War. We fought for months to keep her going but it was in a way selfish. Dogs don't show much pain but her ol body failed her in several areas, like will happen to us all. If you search for Chloe I have a nice tribute in 2017 to her. I can't believe that Chloe has been gone for 6 years. Please pray for Molly's soul and her parents and our grown kids. No more pain. No more pain pills. No more loss of dignity my ol friend. On her last day she still was sweet with a great little face. I so much am going to miss that cute little face. She was one of a kind!

5/26/23 pm. Its been 8 hrs since Molly's department to we hope a better place. I found a less fuzzy tomb pic. I am working on a pic gallery but having file size issues. The house is different. Her presence seems gone. Is all this pain worth it? Yes, 15 years of love cannot be received by anything but a precious pet. Our marital lives and kids lives have been molded and defined by 5 labs or lab mixes. Molly was so sweet i hope to write some reflections in coming days and weeks. God bless you all.

5/27/23. The Announcer. Molly was the Announcer. Funny how these dogs assign themselves roles for life. I so miss Molly! Molly girl would always, until her heath failed, make big barking declarations. Her favorite announcement was when I pulled the kitchen trash bag out to go outside to the big trash can. She barked and barked and followed you outside while you moved the trash! It was a Sunday night ritual. I so so miss this little dogism. This is so so hard to type this. Please comfort Molly behind the pain of her failed body and comfort us. God is good.

5/27/23. The Keyhole. (I am going to type this topic latter. Too many tears now but these memories must be captured before I forget them. I went back to Chloes memorial and some of the things from 2017 had faded and I find this net tool so helpful for grief and memorializing). So Zuma invented a Keyhole procedure after each meal. Molly ate outside and Zuma inside. Zuma waited at back door and would not go outside until Molly approached the back door. Beth named it the "keyhole". It was a dog invented standard procedure. Well this first morning my wife said Zuma waited at the keyhole and Molly was not there. Zuma did not know what to do. Well I lost it when told this and I keep losing it all morning. Typing is therapy. Posting pics is therapy.

5/29/23. Molly Loves Some Minivan! It is Memorial Day. It has been three days since Molly left us. I am determined to record some of Molly's quirks before I forget them. When I read Chloe's memorial this week there were things that I was starting to forget that this Rainbow Bridge site brought back to me. So we did many family camping trips over the years. And Molly the odd behavior of wanting to be in the vehicle which was the Toyota Sienna van. You get to a campsite and 30 min later she wanted in the van. At bedtime she slept in the van. I think she was a scared e cat and the van made her feel safe. The bench seats made a nice bed and she usually got her way.

5/29/23. Keyhole Reprise. So here we are day 3 and Zuma seems more quiet and docile. She knows something is wrong. So again today Zuma waited for Molly at the back door. No Molly so she had to be coaxed outside. So yours truly "lost it" again.

5/29/23. Molly The Eel. So when Molly was a pup we had a square glass topped coffee table. Sunny thought Molly was the "greatest". Sunny chased her OMG. So if you have every scuba dived or watched it on TV you know the green or grey or blue moray eel lives on the coral structure. Eel has a open month and you dont want your finger near him. Back to Molly, after the dog chase she would dip under the coffee and "snap snap snap" that mouth at Sunny as he pursued her. I laughed until I busted a gut. Thanks be to God that he gave us a creature that brought us so much joy!

5/31/23. Molly The Night Stalker. It has been over 5 days since you crossed the bridge. One memory that i need to record is your Night Stalker gig. When it got good and dark, like 9 pm, you went in the back yard and prowled at your pace. Your long rat tail trailed behind as you snuck around. If i went out with a flashlight you would suddenly appear out of nowhere. You were an odd goof dog who in ways you were more like a cat.

6/3/23. Belly Laughs. Molly has been over at the bridge for 8 days now. I am not longer triggered to tear up over the smallest thing. The house just feels empty. Zuma senses it. Zuma today waited at the "keyhole" and no Molly. It is too quiet. She had a presence with poor mobility, bad hearing, bad vision. I am perturbed that all the dog pics seem to be not enough pics. Also bothered at my memory and not recalling enough Molly laughable moments. Before Molly got old i would say over and over that she made me Laugh more than any dog. We believe she clung to her earthly life because we so loved her. I hope Molly is watching us now recalling all of those funny belly laugh moments. I so admire the parents who periodically add to memorials for years.

6/15/23. Miss you Molly. Mom picked up your remains from the vet. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since you left us. I look at your pics a lot. When you were a pup you looked more like a hound and less like a lab. Pray you are in a better world than this one.

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