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Memories of Molly
You came to us here in the countryside in 2008 as a rescue after having a rough start in life. It was 2 years after our dear George passed away, who we immensely miss as well, but we were ready to welcome a new member to the family.

I'll never forget the first day you came into our home, full of energy and excitement bolting everywhere to explore the house... even into areas you weren't supposed to, you'd play for us to chase you out.

I spoilt you so much, plenty of treats and being allowed to sleep on my bed under the covers... where the first day you left a 'present' on said bed. I'll miss that quirky ritual of yours whenever you slept at the end of the bed or snuggling up against my pillows to have our heads side by side.

I'll miss your affectionate licks and kisses, especially when you sneak one in so fast standing up to the face before I could react.

The walks we'd take in the fields and countryside, that almost prancing gait you had to show how happy you were throughout stopping every now and then to sniff the area. Though you did have an affinity of being attracted to poop without fail, and God forbid it were a fox's... you'd end up straight in the shower!

Living out in the countryside we'd let you roam the garden and stable yard to your own devices. You absolutely loved to roll in the hay at the back of the barn! Though again that could be said about the horse poop, lost count on the amount of times we had to chase you away from eating it... urgh.

Your favourite simple pleasure every year was to check out the apple trees during Summer and Autumn, picking the apples yourself off the trees to munch on to your absolute delight. You were almost addicted to them, nonetheless it was almost always the first place you'd visit when left to roam. And if it wasn't for apples your next favourite thing, as well as Calypso and Hunter's, were them Pedigree Dentastix. The immediate reaction from simply making a noise off the packet.

We'll miss the play times we had with you out in the garden, alongside Calypso and Hunter... often quarreling over sticks and balls. As you got on in your later years you just couldn't keep up with them, so we had to cheat to let you win every now and then.

Indoors you were beyond spoilt for comfort. You were a heat seeking magnet to anything radiating heat, and you ALWAYS had to sit on something... even if it was my feet! You loved sitting in front of the fireplace alongside your siblings, and if not it'd be you pressing up against the radiator on top of your large dog bed. Your company, along with your siblings, sitting on the recliner by the computer was always appreciated during the long hours of work, or past time activities gaming.

You also loved to get into the car to go for a drive. If a door was left open we'd find you in the passenger seat waiting to go.

As you got older it, we had to give you a helping hand to get into the car or the bed... tucking you underarm by the bum to scoop you up to your absolute delight.

For such a strong girl it truly hurts to see how rapidly your health declined in the final weeks from the once proud dog that was just bolting about not too long prior despite your age of 17+. We hope you would forgive us for taking you on your final journey in the car towards the vet, but we also hope you had some enjoyment out of the Dentastix you were so focused on trying to chew on along the way that you would absolutely refuse to let go... right up to the very end you still held it in your mouth.

For your final resting place we laid you to rest by the apple trees you loved so much, along with that Dentastix still in your mouth and a packet of them between your front legs... wrapped up in that big leather jacket you loved whenever we went for walks.

Rest in peace Molly - George and Sally shall welcome and keep you company.

May we meet again. Until then we will truly miss you, sweetheart.

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