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Memories of Molly Ann
Molly was abandoned by her mother as a baby, she immediately bonded to me while Marvel was filling out the 7 pages of adoption papers. (My stepdaughter and wife independently "found" her at a shelter in Washington, Iowa on the same day.) She had been left there at 4 months old with a basket to her "toys". The other dogs kept taking them from the basket, she kept going around the room and putting them back in her basket. Where ever we were in the house she would follow. She loved sitting on the top of the couch while we watched TV and shared our "pop" corn with her.

She came to work with me, everyone loved her - she would sit at the top of the stairs and watch us work all day with her head resting on the edge of the stairs - we finally stapled a small pillow on the stair case for her to rest her head on.

We live in the country, in winter with long hair - she would pick up so much ice and snow in her fur, she had to be carried home from a long walk. One day she wondered away, and we were very worried - over a foot of snow had fallen. Just before evening, while searching for her, I saw a black dot on top of a small hill in the distance. When I went closer I realized it was our black "barn" cat sitting on top of a mound. When I reached the hill - on the other side Molly was frozen in the snow in the valley below. We would never have found her if our cat hadn't sat there all day!!

My last revelation was a week before we allowed Molly to cross Rainbow Bridge. She was now blind, deaf, and very confused. Yet, she climbed up onto my futon at 3 AM and laid beside me the rest of the night - something she hadn't done in years - I knew she was starting to say goodbye.

I miss the times she would come down stairs around 10 PM and "bump" my ankles to get me to come up to bed.

When she was 5 I brought home a miniature German Schnauzer puppy (10 weeks old). Molly didn't want anything to do with the new arrival - even until Sadie Mae left us a year ago when she turned 12 (July 28, 2017), Molly barely tolerated this silly acting arrival. Sadie would scratch her bed forever trying to settle in. Just about the time Marvel and I were about to shout " Sadie Stop It!" - Molly would grow from across the room.

We miss them both so much.

Sadie picked her own spot to be buried the morning we took her to the vet - but that's another story.

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