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Memories of Molly Rebecca
Molly you came into our lives to live a normal life of a cherished house pet and we turned you into a truck dog. You've traveled in almost every state and barked at so many strangers and made so many friends. Everyone who ever petted your furry head fell in love with you. But time and age got more than you could bear and with the loss of your hearing and having to see you struggle to rise or go outside we made the decision to set you free of your pain. We know you would have stayed with us until you couldn't raise your head but we had to help you be free of the pain and hear all of the sounds around you. We know you went to doggie heaven, waiting for us to come for you and we will cross the bridge and be with you again. We'll miss you forever and know you will always be in our minds and hearts and we will come for you because you are a part of us.

Hi Beau, we miss you and hope you are running in the meadows with lots of furry friends. You have two cousins near you to play with Bella and Nando, play easy since they are smaller. We love you our precious little girl.

Good Morning Molly, if you hold real still you can feel Mommy rubbing your belly. It's hard to believe you've already been playing in the meadow four days, in my heart you just crossed the bridge. I hope you are having lots of fun running in circles with your new friends. I'm sending you dog treats and lots of hugs today. I love you and will come for you soon.

Hello Molly, missing you so much right now. Daddy misses you too, right now he is napping on the couch. If I listen closely I can hear your snoring right along with him. Molly for years Daddy has called you a "bedhog" well let me tell you it was him, everynight he rolls to the middle of the bed, guess he's missing you laying against him. I still have your blanket on our bed, so know you are still keeping me warm at night. I love you my baby and miss you with all my heart.

Hello Beau, your vet called this afternoon and told me to stop by. He said you were ready to come home, so tomorrow I'll make the drive to bring you home. I know your soul is playing over the bridge with all your new friends but your remains will be close to me. I love you so very mch and miss you deeply.

Hi Molly, Mommy's scratching under your chin and I can see you right leg twitching when I do. You sure like Mommy loving on you. Today I brought you home to be with us, you are resting next to my bed where I know you will be safe and you can hear me when I cry for you long into the night. I had really thought that I was going to be better by now but I still look for you everytime I hear a sound and when I cook I turn to give you bites of scraps and when I walk into the kitchen I look to see if you need fresh water. People tell me that my loss will ease and I will be better but until that time comes my baby I'll still listen for you to breathe during the night and hope the household sounds are you coming into the house. I love you my baby and will join you to cross the bridge to heaven.

Hi Baby, I'm watching the TV and can feel you lying on my foot. You always loved having that close contact, guess it made you feel safe being really close to Mommy and Daddy. Even on the truck you would lay between the seats and raise your head every little bit to see if we were still there. Baby we are still there for you and we are keeping you safely tucked away in our hearts.

Hi Molly, today Mommy decided that I have to start letting my heart start to heal. Molly I love you so much and I will visit you often but writing to you everyday is breaking my heart even more. Molly watch for us to join you in the meadow and we can cross the bridge together, until that time run, jump and play with all of you new friends. And when you rest look down to see Mommy and Daddy smiling up at you.

Molly I really thought yesterday that I could stop telling you how much I miss you, but I've come to the bridge several times today just to look at your face. I guess I'm not ready to let you go just yet. Life is just not the same without you here. I still listen for you and today I finally cleaned the nose prints off the door where you watched the street and barked at every person, car, bird or leaf that went by. So many times I told you not to bark and after losing your hearing I patted your bottom just to quiet you down. Now I'd give anything to hear you bark again. I miss you so much.

Hi my baby, just quick little scratch under your chin today. It's already late and I haven't even got dressed today, since your not here I don't have a reson to go outside. I miss you.

Good Morning Molly, today is going to be a sunny day so time to get dressed and get outside. I have to make a road trip to Illinois, if you were here you'd be running in circles as soon as I got my suitcase out. You sure did love to go in the car and especially in the truck. To get you to get in the tub we had to tell you that if you wanted to go on the truck you had to be clean. Boy those were the fun days, we'd open the front door and you'd be standing at the truck step before we could lock the door. Mommy and Daddy miss those times too. Love you today, Beau.

good morning lil girl Even though it's only been a short time i still miss you., i looked for you this morning when i got up, i cried. i miss you so much be good baby daddy loves you

Hi beau, Mommy has to leave early tomorrow for two days. I won't be able to visit but I'll think of you often. I miss you and love you so much. I hope you are playing with all your new friends.

Hi Molly, Mommy had the fast trip to Illinois and everytime I passed a restarea I thought about how often we had stopped at one for your "potty" break. Well I ususally had to stop too so it was never a bother to stop for you. I think back to the times when the snow was deep and you would try to find just one blade of grass so you'd know it was okay to go there. And the time in Arkansas when you ran across the grass and landed on a water sprinkler head and pulled off a toenail. And when we went to the base by Seattle and had to keep you on a leash just encase that bald eagle wanted to swoop down and grab you. Baby we have so many good memories of our time together and we cherish everyone of them, Mommy and Daddy love and miss you so very much, you are a warm spot in our hearts Beau and here is a scratch under your chin and a rub on your tummy...

Hi Beau, it's a sunny morning and Mommy has to cut the grass and you would be walking along behind the mower making sure I didn't miss a spot and after ten minutes in the sun you would find a shady place on the porch to supervise from there. Molly I miss all the little things that you did and still I slowly open the front door becasue that's where you would lay waiting for us to come home. I love you Beau so here's a scratch under your chin...

Hi Baby, Mommy and Daddy love you and giving you a scratch under your chin. Miss you my little girl...here is a dog treat.

Hi Molly, missing you alot today..here's a belly rub baby. Love you.

Hi Baby, today has been a hard one for Mommy. I woke last night feeling you shake against my leg like you always did when the fan got you too cold. I reached over to put your cover on and realized you weren't there. Molly everyone says this will be getting easier and maybe it will but you have been gone 4 weeks and I miss you so very much. Here is a rub under your chin Beau.

Hi Beau, you've been in the meadow for a month now and my heart is still broken. Mommy is giving you a scratch under your chin and a rub on your belly. We miss you, Baby.

Hi Molly, Daddy and Mommy are just sitting here talking about your trips on the truck. We remember when you would jump into the driver's seat and push on the switch to flash the brite lights. If we were in a resturant people would say look someone is in your truck and we'd laugh and tell them you was just reminding us to bring your supper. We all had so much fun traveling around the country. We miss you Baby, here's your dog treat and a kiss in your head.

Hi Beau, Mommy wants to give you a rub on your belly and a scratch under your chin. Molly you were a wonderful pet, friend and family member. We love and miss you so very much, everyday we think of you several times and wish you were still with us. And we know just how much you loved us..Goodnite Baby

Hi Baby, Mommy loves you and here is a belly rub and a dog treat. I miss you Beau and think of you many times a day. Play with all of your new friends while you wait on Mommy and Daddy to come for you.

Hello My Baby, I've been thinking about you a lot today. When I look at your picture I can feel your fur under my fingers and feel your breathe on my hand. I know you are resting in the shade of a big tree in the meadow and waiting for Mommy and Daddy to join you. So rest and then play with all your new friends until we come for you. We love you Baby girl..

Hello Molly, today you have been gone for a whole two months and in my heart it seems like just yesterday. I miss you so much still and think of you several times a day. Baby I so wish you were still with us, but I know you are running and playing with your friends in the meadow just waiting on Mommy and Daddy to come for you. So have fun with your friends and know how much we love you still and our hearts are still broken. Here is your belly rub and a big kiss on your head.

Hi Beau, Mommy and Daddy miss you go much still. When you left you took with you a part of our hearts that will never be filled again. Baby stand real still and you can feel Mommy rubbing your belly and scratching under your chin. We love you, Baby Girl.

Hi Molly, boy do I have a lot to tell you. Mommy and Daddy just got back from a trip to NC, SC, and FL. We met up with Bob and he misses you also. We got to meet his wife and she was nice, you would have liked her since she is a "dog person" and then we traveled down to Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Norman's, the last time you were there you chased their cat and almost destroyed the livingroom. It was so funny watching everything fly off the tables, it's a good thing they were so understanding about you and the cat. After there we went to Amber's to meet her family, you would have loves it there was 6 dogs and a cat. You would have run around like crazy. On our way home we picked up Daddy's sister and brought her home to visit for a few days. Molly we miss you so much still. Our hearts ache for you Beau.

Hi Beau, today it has been three months since you left us. Somedays your leaving feels like just yesterday and then others it seems as if you have been gone for a very long time. Molly we miss you so very much, you are tucked away in the special place in our hearts. So here is a scratch under your chin and a rub for your belly. Now go play with your friends and watch for Mommy and Daddy to come for you and remember we love you.

Good Morning Molly, as I look around the house I still expect to see you. Today is four months since you had to leave us. Beau I miss you everyday and wish you could still be with me and Daddy. Here is a big hug, a rub on your belly and a scratch under your chin. Go spend the day playing with your friends and enjoy the sunshine. Watch for us Beau. We love you and miss you.

Hi my baby, Mommy and Daddy still miss you so much. We still look for you when we come home and push open the front door real slow as if you are still lying on the other side. Molly here is your belly rub and a scratch under your chin and the biggest hug. The weather is starting to get cool but I'm sure the sun is shining brightly in your meadow, so go Baby and play with your friends and listen to the birds singing. We love you Molly.

Good Morning my Molly, Mommy's here to give you a belly rub and a scratch under your chin. Fishy misses playing with you. Remember "Fishy Fishy in the brook Daddy caught him on a Hook and Mommy fried him in a pan and Molly ate him all up". We would sing that to you all the time and you would grab Fishy by the tail and pull her away. If you were still sitting on my foot I'd be reminded that it's time for you to get a hair cut before winter weather started. I'm sure Chelsea misses giving you a bath and talking so calmly while she cut your hair. Baby it's been five long months since you went to the rainbow brigde and Mommy and Daddy still love and miss you so much. Keep watching for us Beau. As for now go play with your friends and know you are in our hearts.

Hi Molly, I wanted to give a belly rub and tell you how much we miss you. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Have a wonderful day playing with your puppy pals.

Good Day Beau, Mommy wants to rub your furry little head today and tell you how much I miss you and love you. Here is your belly rub and a scratch under your chin. Go play sweetie, Mommy is giving you a big hug.

Happy Birthday Beau, we love you.

Good Morning Beau, it seems like just yesterday again. We both miss you so much and we cry everytime we see a dog commercial. This is a sad season without you here. When the trick or tweeter knocked on our door I remember last year and you barking at every kid that walked the street, you didn't know they couldn't hear you and you couldn't hear us telling you to stop barking. In my mind I know you are now better but I still miss you terribly, my heart breaks when I think of you. Daddy is going to try to go back to work but it won't be the same without you tagging along with him and getting so excited every time he picked up his suitcase. These last six months have gone by so fast and yet some days just drag by. I miss you Beau, here is your scratch and rub on your belly. Love Mommy and Daddy

Happy Holiday Beau, it's that time again when Mommy and Daddy's hearts are so heavy thinking of you. We didn't even put up the big Christmas tree this year because I just couldn't go through the decorations and see your stocking and ornaments for you. Last year I had to keep telling you not to try to sleep under the tree, you looked so cute trying to wiggle your behind under those branches. I found a picture of you that we took at your first Christmas, you were so tiny and cried all night long. We were lucky enough to get you on Dec. 14th all those years ago. I hope they have Christmas in the meadow and you and your friends exchange puppy hugs. We love you Molly and miss you so much. Scratches and Hugs and Treats in your stocking. Merry Christmas Baby.

Merry Christmas Molly, we love you. I my mind and heart I'm giving you big hugs and a kiss on your head. Play in the sunshine Beau.

Hi Molly, I've thought of you so much today. These last eight months have just slipped by and so much has happened. Daddy had a heart attack just before the new year and we found out that he has cancer again. I sure would be good to have you here to hug like we did the last time they talked cancer. I remember coming in late at night from the hospital and you meeting me at the door and snuggling close to me all night long. Molly I sure need you now to help me through this. I love you Beau.

Hi Molly, My first thought today was of you. Beau we still miss you terribly. Daddy is doing well and I take care of him the best I can. Today you have been gone nine months and I think of you every day. The snow has finally left and hopefully winter is over and spring can show it's beautiful flowers and I can start mowing the grass again. I love you Beau. Have a wonderful day playing with your friends, we will see you again. Love, Mommy

Hi Beau, Ten months have past since I've last seen you. You are in our thoughts everyday. Daddy is havng a few problems, seems that he has brain and lung cancer, but don't worry we are going to fix him up good as new. And if we can't and God decides to take him to heaven he will stop at Rainbow Bridge and pick you up on the way. So Molly know that we love and miss you, watch for Daddy and keep him safe and happy until I join you both. Love, Mommy

Molly, Daddy died tonight so he will be at the bridge soon to get you and you can lead him to heaven. Take special care of Daddy, I know Daddy didn't want to leave me behind but I am so glad you are there waiting on him. Tell Daddy that I miss him so much already and that I will always love him. So here is a scratch for you and Daddy will give you a big hug from me. Rick now you and Molly can watch over me and know that someday I'll join you both in heaven. Rick you have my heart in your hands.

Hi Beau, Today I'm writing with happy and sad thoughts. I am so sad that Daddy died and had to leave me, but I am happy that he is not hurting anymore. And especially I am happy that Daddy is with you again. I know you are together and walked over the bridge to heaven. I am so happy that you can be together and Daddy can give you hugs and rub your belly. Beau now you are both pain free and I know you will watch for Mommy to come to heaven. I love you and Daddy so much so take care of each other and watch over Mommy.

My Molly, Today it has been one year since you left my life but you are still in my heart and in my daily thoughts and in so many of my memories. Now you are in heaven with Daddy and I know you are both smiling down on me. I love and miss both of you so much. Take good care of Daddy and Rick give Molly so many hugs from me. My heart is with both of you and I look so forward to the day when I can join you in heaven.

Hi Beau, well today is Father's Day and you are up in heaven with Daddy. Give Daddy a doggie kiss from Mommy and let him know how much I miss and love both you. Here is your belly rub and a scratch under your chin.

Hi my sweet Molly, the days go by and I miss you so much still. You are in my heart until the end of time. I know you are having fun running and playing with Daddy just like you did in the rest areas on all out trips. Daddy I love you so much and give Molly a big hug from me. Molly here is your belly rub from Mommy.

Hi Beau, the days are lonely here without you and Daddy. I miss you both so much some days I just want to give up and come to heaven with you. I love you both so much. Smile down on Mommy and give Daddy a kiss for me.

Hi My Baby, I miss you so much and I know you are in heaven playing with Daddy. Give DADDY A BIG KISS from mommy. I hope I can come to heaven soon to be with you and Daddy. My heart is still breaking for both of you, this will be a hard holiday to get through without both of you. You are in my heart everyday...Merry Cahristmas

Beau today Daddy has been gone for one year. I know you love him being with you in heaven but I sure miss him so much.. Give him special loving today and send Mommy kisses from heaven..

Molly, Daddy has been with you for two years now. I know you are having so much fun with him. Mommy misses both of you so much. Take care of Daddy for my and tell him not to be lonely for Mommy. I can close my eyes and still see you both playing and going for walks in the rest areas. We all sure had some good times on the road. I love you both so much. Kisses for Daddy and hugs for you my angels.

Hi my Beau. Time seems to slip by but I think of you so often, I know you are in heaven waiting with Daddy and you must bring him so much joy and comfort while you wait of me to join you. I've been thinking about getting another pet but I don't know if there is room in my heart for another furry baby. Beau watch over Daddy and try not to let him miss me too much. Tell him that I watch parts of his NASCAR race on Sunday's so I can tell him all about the news. I love and miss you both so much, you're in my heart forever.

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