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Memories of Molly
Sweet Molly entered our lives on Jan. 24, 2007. She had a checkered history. Her former mistress had died the year before, and the daughter of this woman did not really like dogs, but had cared for Molly out of respect and love for her mother, but really wanted Molly to have a loving home. She believed that Molly was deaf and mute and almost blind. Wrong on all counts! Molly found her voice in our home. She could hear the cookie container opening. She chased the cats just fine. She was challenged with a bad back (a kind of age-related condition that could not be fixed with surgery, but could be controlled with pain medicine, massage and acupuncture). She had difficulty walking, but she was a champ and never complained, unless her meals weren't coming fast enough. She loved to nibble on our fingers and play pretend tug-of-war. Q - "What's she got?" A - "Your finger." The day she didn't want bacon, was the day we knew she could fight the pain no longer. We miss sweet Molly. Say hi to all our fur-babies from us. Go to your Mistress, the woman who nursed you back to health after she found you wandering around, filthy and matted so badly that you could not use your back legs at all. She massaged your legs and back and loved you for a few years. We do not know her name, but you will recognize her face and we know you can hear her calling you. And, if there were others in your life before her, you will know them, too. Rest little girl. You are missed.

10/1/10 - Can't believe it's been a year! What you missed - the great escape! Magoo and Cody got out, because the lawn guy forgot to shut the gate, and of course, they were naked, because why would they need to wear their collars with a totally fenced, safe yard! We searched frantically all night. No luck. Next morning our pictures on the mail boxes helped locate Magoo - he spent the night with neighbors who live a mile away - how did he not get smacked by a car! We're great friends with these neighbors now! Cody spent two nights in jail (Orange County Animal Services) - he was terrified, but safe - we don't know who his angel was. We adopted a new girl, because we missed you so much and she kind of looked like you. Maud is great in her own special ways, but she's not you. Magoo and Cody say thanks for looking out for them on their great adventure! But, there's no place like home..............

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