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Memories of Molly
This is about how I got Molly. I was working at a lumber yard in Valley City ND. One morning after I showed up from work I heard a loud meow (cry). After searching for where it was coming from, I discovered it was coming from a storm sewer manhole. To make a long story short, I crawled through over two blocks of storm sewer (at least it was dry as it hadn't rained in a long time) and through a coat over her which made her scream more. The fire department opened up the manhole where I was at and we climbed out and I have had her ever since.

Today it will be one week since my little girl crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I am sure she has made many friends and I also hope that my two shepards, Morgan and Marty, have found her and are watching over her. It's been a long week Molly. I have thought of you often each and every day. I still hope I did the right thing. I try not to be sad or shed a tear, but instead be happy and remember all the good times that we had. No matter if you were not feeling good or whatever the situation, I could pick you up and you would always be purring. As I am sure you know, Sasha has been hanging closer to me than she usually does. And I am sure she misses you to. Our time together was to short my little girl. But I will see you again sometime and I hope you are waiting for me. Sometime this week, you will be going home to Valley City to my dads house to be with the dogs. I don't want to let you go but you will be safe there and watched out for. He has a lot of kids outside that will not let harm come to you. I love you my little girl. I miss you so much.

Molly you are back home in Valley City now. Back where your life began so many years ago and where i got you out of that storm sewer. My dad and "the wild bunch" that he takes care of outside will now look out and take care of you. May my two dogs, Morgan and Marty be your protectors now until we see each other again. I hope that you have made many friends and play together all day long. I love you my little girl. Thanks you for "the sign" this morning.

For my little girl. I lost you two weeks ago today. I deeply regret if I put you through any undo pain and suffering. Although I have a lot of pictures of you, I wish I had more. And more videos to. I remember your little meow when I would reach down and scratch you on your head and how you would put your paw up on my office chair when you wanted to sit in my lap. Molly my little girl, I miss you more each day and wish you were here with me. Now go play with the friends you have made. I love you Molly.

Today it has been 3 weeks since we had to part. I keep thinking it is going to get easier with time because thats what others tell me. And it really hasn't. I miss having you sitting in my lap or reaching down to pet you and you let out that cute little meow. As days have gone by I do realize that I was so happy that I did rescue you and for the time we had together. But I still feel cheated because it was long enough. As you know, yesterday was my birthday. I hate birthdays and everything about it. I just want it to be like every other day. Yesterday, Sunday, I made it your day instead and celebrated your life. I love you my little girl. dad

One month to the day we parted ways. Yes my girl, I do all the things I used to do when you were on this side of the bridge but when I'm at home, there is something missing. You. I catch myself looking down when I'm in the office to see if you want to sit with me or I look for you to say goodbye to when I leave in the morning. There have been days that I'm just as sad as I was a month ago and there have been days that I have tried to remember the fun times, the kind things people have said and the day I found you. Have you made a lot of new friends that you can run and play with? I hope you have a nice comfy bed to sleep on when you run out of energy. If you have a minute tonight, come and join me at the candlelight service at 9:00. I love you Molly..... dad

Hey Molly, it's dad. I just wanted to remind you of how much I miss you. I hope you have made numerous friends and play all day. I love you my little girl.

Hi my little girl. You are in your final resting place now; right next to my two dogs who will watch over and protect you. May you rest in peace now my little girl and play with all of your new found friends.

Hello my little girl. Well it was Easter yesterday. Did you and your new friends go chase some rabbits around the meadow? I'm sorry that I do not write a lot my Molly girl. All you have to do is read what I wrote previously and you know how much I miss you. Rest assured, I think of you quite often. And as I have told you before, we will see each other again. I promise. Love dad

Hi little Molly girl. Sorry that I have missed a couple weeks but I wanted to let you venture out and make some more friends. Fear not. I have not nor will ever forget you nor should venture to far, listen to my heart and you will find your way back home. I have some bad news for you. Your brother Malachie left us to come play with you and some of his relatives. I hope by now you have found each other and you are helping him find his way around. Please help him look for the rest of his family.Morgen and Marty will now be the protectors of both of you. I miss you. Love, Dad

Are you here my little girl? One year ago today I lost you and I think of you every day and how much I miss you and the journey we had together. I'll see you again someday my little girl. I'm sure you have made lots of friends this past year and at the end of each long day of play, you search out Malachie and you guys curl up together and take a nap. Give him a big meow for me. And you already know about the additions to the house and what a handful they can be. I will talk to you again this weekend my little girl. I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgot about you and that I never will. Go back and play my little girl. I love you Molly girl

Molly, 3 years ago today I had to let you go. To this day I worry that you suffered when you didnt need to any more but purred and meowed when ever I picked you up like nothing was wrong. I hope that you, Annie and Malachie are keeping each other close by and have made a lot of friends. I want you to know my little girl that I think of you each day and with all things considered, hope you are doing well. Love dad

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