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Memories of Molecule
I bottle fed you my sweet boy- you would talk to me and play peek a boo with me. You would follow me around and come to me when I called. I loved the way you laid on my chest and go to sleep. You purred so loud, it sounded like a motor boat. You knew when I had opened the package of cheese and would meow for a piece. You enjoyed licking the bowl after I ate cottage cheese and pineapple. You comforted me when I felt sad. You loved kitty head massages and having your toes played with. You come running and jump on my computer desk and just be with me. I loved your company in my workroom. You had your blanket and would spread out your big body , sleep and watch the rabbits in the yard.I will miss so deeply your funny swagger of a walk and the sometimes deer in the headlights look you would get on your face. I would walk by you and you would give me a little funny meow sound like "what's up". You had so many funny ways about and weird habits, but you and I understood each other. 4-30-12. Always thinking of you. Kahlua is 15years old now and is not doing well. She has diabetes and kidney issues. Very nervous right now. I love the two of you so much. So many years of fun and love. You are always in my heart baby boy. luv mom.
I can't believe it has been 4 years. My clients still remember you always being in my workroom. You were loved by many. xoxo March 20,2013.. Kahlua joined you on March 17,2013. You and Kahlua can now play together. She kept me company while you were gone. Be nice to her and keep watch over her. I luv you Molecule and have not forgotten you. xoxo Mom
December 31,2013...Just letting you know I still think of you and love you very much...Mom xoxo

March 1, 2015. You are and always remain a part of my life..I love and still miss you big boy..xoxo...mom

March 23,2015 you are always in my heart my Molecule xo

December 2015--I think of you often my baby boy--merry christmas i love you xoxo mom
February 6 2017 I have not forgotten you little boy--your photo is till in my workroom. I will love you forever. I know you are playing with Kahlua now that she is
March 3, 2022 Hi my sweet boy. it's been 14 years but I still think of you. I moved and in packing I found your little bag with your blanket and your little box sits on my dresser. You will always go with me wherever I go. XOXO

with you. XO
May 19, 2017 -- moving to another house again. Yours and Kahlua's memory box will go with me wherever I go. You will always be in my home. XX D
December 9, 2017 I have not forgotten you my sweet Molecule. I love you XOXO
February 5, 2018 Its a new year and one more without you. XOXO
July 5, 2018 I still think of you my baby boy- someday you me kahlua and baci will all be together XO
February 4, 2019 always in my heart XO
March 1, 2020 XOXO to my baby boy
May 20, 2020 Kisses to you .. always in my heart.... XO
August 4, 2020 sending you kisses my sweet boy
February 1, 2021 always in my heart XOXO
March 9,2023. I still think of you baby boy ❤️
May 20,2023 😻😻

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