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Memories of Mokey
Mokey came into my life when she was almost 3. She was rescued and my family adopted her just after we lost our first dog Lucy. Mokey was so happy all the time, and I had never had a family member like that. We were the same age, me 18 and her 18 in dog years. She became the glue to our family. Mokey would follow anywhere you went, she wanted to be where you were. 'Outside' was her favorite word. She went on so many thousands of walks. She always wanted to go outside, no matter the condition. Her only deterrent was wind that was so strong it would blow her 17 lb frame around. She loved the snow. She walked close to 14,000 miles in her life. She was the most considerate, smartest and sweetest dog I have ever met. In spending almost every day of 14 years together, she remained peaceful in attitude every day. She trained us. She was house trained when we got her and she made it so extremely obvious when she had to go out, it was dummy proof. She laid peacefully minding her business unless she had to pee, when she would sit directly in front of you and stare you in the eyes, ears up until you stood when she would lead you to the door. She got treats whenever she went out, and yet only a handful of times did I consider that she might have faked a pee or two. She always had to pee! She would romp back inside for her treat. If you were eating she would never take your food. She would stand and stare and dream, but she would never make any move towards it, despite how much she wanted it. She could communicate so well. She taught herself to find her toy when I said its name. She loved laying in the sun, coming in where it's cool to get a drink and heading back to it. Her beagle nose would tell me so many stories on walks. She would find all interesting areas where any other animals were. When you told her you loved her or that she was good, she knew, and she would kiss you. I love you Mokey. You helped me through so many things. You had a perfect view of the world. You showed me a love so perfect that I know there can be nothing better in any time, in any dimension or any universe.
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