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Memories of Moe
I rescued Moe at the local animal shelter a year and 1/2 ago. He was scruffy looking, missing a canine tooth on the bottom,and had a funny "growl". I knew then he was the one that was looking for me! In the time he was with me, I discovered he had cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, thyroid problems, and his lungs with infiltrated with fluid. After many tests, procedures, and trial of medications, he lived a happy life with my other rescue cat Carmen. Unfortunately, time ran out for Moe. After talking to his vet, I knew his quality of life would suffer. So I made the most difficult decision of my life. The vet agreed with me, and said I had done all I could do. I was with him during the process, and I held his head in my hands, so my face would be the last one he would ever see on this earth. He went over the Rainbow Bridge at 3:15 on 3-29-11. I hurt so bad, and am grieving terribly. God be with you Moe! I will see you in Heaven~! I love you!

Moe- it has been a month and 3 days, and still I grieve. Carmen misses you sooo much, and does not wonder far from my side. She still smells your scent, and curls up on the places you used to use. She seems so lost, as I do. I will always remember the day I brought you home, and how much joy you gave me. They say time will heal all wounds, but the pain is still sharp. You were a tuff cat, and went through a lot of procedures, poking, prodding, and yet still remained a good boy. Tonight I will light a candle for you, and hope that you can see it burning from Heaven! I love and miss you, my dear little friend! Love, Mommy

My sweet baby, it is now 6 months to the day that you left me. I still think of you every day, and always look at your picture. Your ashes are on my mantle, and now there is a new little fur baby in the house. His name is Sawyer, a rag doll cat. He is 3 years old, and you would love to play with him! Sometimes Carmen gets mad at him, because he so active. He is not taking your place, but only giving Carmen someone else to talk to, and my chance to give another fur baby a new life. My love for you will always be there until the day I meet you in Heaven. I love you baby, and kiss your picture every day. Until I see you again in Heaven, Love, Mommy.

Hi angel! It is now 8 months as November 29th of this year that you are gone. Spring, Summer, and Fall slept by so quickly, and Christmas is just around the corner. I know if you were here you would try to get into all the Christmas decorations and rip the papers of the presents! Carmen is just about the same, but she is she is slowing down a little. She still hisses at Sawyer, and doesn't play with him. She loves to sit by the fireplace and dream about the good old days. Sawyer is a stinker, and tries to get out of the house whenever he can. Jack is the only grandkid that can come over and play with him, because Hannah and Gabby are allergic to him! I think you and Sawyer would get along, because you could teach him some manners and play with him. I miss you so much, and I know you are happy in Heaven. You have lots of friends to play with, I am sure. Oh, I had a little kitty come to my patio door about 3 weeks ago, and I fed him every night. He was a tiny little thing, and he was orange, just like you! Finally, I was worried that he was going to freeze at night, so I trapped him with a cage from the Humane Society, and took him there. I have visited him a lot, and finally he is up for adoption! He had to be alone for a week until the loving folks said he was healthy enough to be put up for adoption. He was in a cage with 2 other little kitties, and seemed to get along with him after awhile. He reminded me so much of you, except he had short hair! I will visit him today again. I wish I could bring him home, but Carmen would be really mad! I pray that someone wonderful will adopt him and treat him with love! They said he is about 3 months old, but is sooooo tiny. Well, time is going by really fast. I hope God lets you look through the clouds and take a peek at us once in awhile! I love you my beautiful boy, and my tears are falling now. I will see you again some day, and we can have LOTS of fun playing! My love and kisses to my Moe......Love, Mommy

Just a little note to my precious kitty Moe, the little kitty I took to the Humane Society was adopted almost within a week! I named him Peekaboo! A family with children took him their home, and I am so happy for him. I will write to you again soon, on March 29th, which will be one year ago since you went over the Rainbow Bridge. I love you sweet face!

My sweet boy, today is the anniversary date of your crossing the Rainbow Bridge, on 3-29-11. I cry as I type this, even I know you are healthy and happy where you are now. Your beautiful picture is on Facebook, and everyone who saw it said you were so lovely! The memories of you leaving me are still fresh, and I am so sad. But the times together when you were healthy were so happy and fun! My heart is aching, and wish you could be here on my lap like you used to do. Carmen says hello, and Sawyer said he wishes he could have known you! I love you so much, and pray you can see me from the Rainbow Bridge. You would probably say "Don't cry, Mommy! I am having fun, and I am healthy, and have new friends every day!" Some day we will all be together, as God promised. Until then my love, you are always on my mind. Love forever, Mommy

Hello sweet love! It is June now, and very warm. We had an early spring, not much rain. I am watering all the flowers every day, and they look so pretty. Carmen is the same, although I think she is slowing down a little. Sawyer is the same sassy boy he has always been. I still go to the Humane Society once a week to donate much needed food for the kitties. Over the weekend Jack, Gabby, and one of their friends Lily had a "Lemonade" stand, and raised $20.00 for the Humane Society! We took the money in yesterday and they were thrilled. There were so many kitties that I would have loved to adopt, but I think Carmen is too old for another kitty. She still hisses at Sawyer, and probably would not like that! I still miss you so much it hurts. I know you are lovged where you are, and that helps me feel better. I love you sweety, have fun with all your Fur Babies! Love and kisses, Mommy

My little angel-it has been some time since I wrote to you. It is now winter, March 5th, 2013. It has been a cold and snowy winter! That is good, since this past summer we had a drought, and the grass turned all brown and prickly! You would not have been happy being out in the "tent" with Carmen (or Sawyer) because the grass was too hard! Because of the snow we have been getting, I think this spring and summer will be nice! I wish you were here to snuggle with me tonight. There is another kitty in the house, too! I adopted "Jinx" awhile ago, and he is a pure black cat! He was a stray, and looked very scared at the Humane Society, so I asked him if he wanted to come home to our house, and he said "yes"! He LOVES Sawyer and kisses his ears every night. Of course, Carmen has nothing to do with them. Mostly she sleeps and eats. I am making an appointment with Dr. Paul to get her shots, and I think she might have a thyroid problem or maybe even diabetes. She is 17 years old, and she has arthritis bad in her back legs. Hopefully the vet can give her something so she doesn't have pain! You would LOVE him. You and Sawyer could run all over the house and raise havoc! I still look at your picture every night, knowing you are having fun and have so many friends! My daughter in law Kathy had to have her sheltie "Ranger" put to sleep, because he was very sick. I know you were there when he passed over the bridge, and even though he is a dog, you are still his buddy! I miss him too, and knowing he is healthy now makes me feel better. I still visit the Humane Society, but not as much as I have in the past. When I see the cats and dogs (and bunnies, birds, and hamsters) I want to have them all come home with me! Well, I must go now, and I know the date is coming up when you left me. I will write to you then-until then my little boy, I love and miss you! Kisses and hugs to you Moe! Love, Mommy

My beloved Moe-today two years ago, you left me and went over the Rainbow Bridge. I watched you as you closed your eyes and looked at me for the last time. I held you so close, and cried so hard. I knew you were already with your friends in Heaven, with my dogs Misty, Shawn, Maggie, and with my son's dog Ranger, who passed over the bridge about a month ago. You are in good company, aren't you??? I have your picture and your ashes above my fireplace, and look at you every day. My heart is saddened today for your loss, but I know it is your gain to be in Heaven. Today is Good Friday, and just like our Lord, you are risen! I will always love you darling Moe. My heart is broken, but when I think of the touching and funny things you used to do, It does bring a smile! I am so glad I have not just pictures, but videos of you and Carmen outside in your "tent" during the summer. You will live on in my heart, and until I see you someday, be at peace my love! Kisses and hugs, Mommy

My dearest Moe--Spring has come and gone, with LOTS of rain. It is almost of the last day of June, 2013, and we are still waiting for sunshine! Sawyer is just a dickens! He got out once or twice, and got the "taste of the wild", and now cries and howls to go out all the time. Yesterday it was raining so hard, and I was trying to catch him, and he ran right into the garage! He did NOT like it! On May 25th I fell and broke my left arm! I tripped on steps up north and whacked it good! I had surgery the end of May, and it still hurts! Carmen still enjoys basking in the sun on the patio, but I don't dare let Sawyer do that! I know YOU would love that, because I have videos of you and carmen in our "tent". You loved looking at the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels, and soaking up the sun. Well, I will go for now...I know you are lookiing down on us, and sometimes Mommy wil cry, like now, but I know my time will come as sawyer, Carmen, and Jinx. We can all celebrate our new life together! My heart breaks for you, and I miss you so much. I wish you would not have had to go through all the tests and stuff before you left me, but I hoped that something would help. God knew you would come to Heaven, and some day I will see you again. Kisses, hugs, and love to you my friend! Hugs, Mommy

Little Moe--It is now fall, and the days are getting shorter. It has been sunny and warm during the day, and cool at night. My daughter's dog Maisy has gone through some rough times, and had all kinds of blood work done, x-rays, and tests. They really don't exactly know what is wrong with her-maybe heart disease or something wrong with her brain. She is wobbly, and can't run or walk in a straight line. She wets herself without knowing it, and she is almost deaf. But, she is a trooper, and hangs in there! You know what that is like, don't you my love?? Sawyer and Jinx are getting fat! I am trying to get them to lose weight, but they know their momma gives in sometimes when they cry enough! At night I give Carmen and the boys their supper around 9, and afterwards they run around like crazy! (except for Carmen) She is still slow, but gets around. The litter boxes are in the basement, and I hope she will continue to go up and down the stairs. Oh-I put your picture on Facebook today, because one of my friends put a picture of her doggy that went over the Rainbow Bridge in May, and I told her you two are probably friends! I know you have lots of fun up there, and God is making sure of that. I see your picture every day, and smile. One of these days we will all be together, and we will bask in the light of God! Well, my little one, I will go for now. I love you, and know you are safe and happy. I miss you terribly. Love you sweetie, Mommy

Hello my love! Today is April 1st, 2014, and I did not get a change to be at my computer on March 29th, to celebrate your re-birth over the Rainbow Bridge. So here I am now, on a cold spring day. It is only 24 degrees, and yesterday it was close to 60! It is spring, and it is time for babies of all kinds to be born. Soon we will have baby birds, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and everything that comes to my patio! I miss you baby boy......Oh how I miss you! We have a new addition to our family-her name is Dumpling! She is around 16 years old, but she gets around very well! She has shown the boys that she will NOT put up with their nonsence! She has long hair, brown with a little black and gold. She loves to sleep on the table next to my bed. She eats like a horse, and seems like every 2 hours she is hungry! We also have a guest named Hobie, who is Maisy and Peyton's "Grampa" She is Kelli's dad, and has been here since right after Christmas. He left Hobie with me, and did last year too so he could go on vacation. So now I have 5 cats in the house! But he will probably be gone without a couple of weeks, and I will miss him. We had a very rough winter, Moe. It was bitter cold and windy almost every day, and lots of snow. We are all waiting for warm weather so I can put up the tent that you and Carmen used to lay in outside. You liked that! I know that you are warm and happy where you are, and have everything you need. You are not in pain, you are not sad, you run with the other cats, and can see me and my kitties down here. Some day I will be with you! We will have so much happiness, and you can meet Sawyer, Jinx, and Dumpling! The thought of all of us together makes me go on day to day, and I believe God is going to make it happen! Maisy and Peyton are doing pretty good! Maisy still goes pee when she is asleep, and Peyton is feeling kinda stiff because of arthritis, but I still see them every day when I let them out during the day. My son Brian only has one dog now, and his name is Echo. Their dog Lucky died not too long ago, and they also had a dog named Honey that they got from the Humane Society, and she died quite awhile ago. Ranger is also gone, and his loss really made me sad. BUT-I still have my kitties, and they keep me happy! And Maisy and Peyton make me laugh, too! I wish all of you at the Rainbow Bridge could come down here just for a day, and play together in my yard! Just one day would make me soooooooo happy! But, I have to wait till God calls the rest of us, and then we can be reunited! I love you soooo much Moe. I miss you sooooo much! Every day I look at your picture on the fireplace, and your ashes are there, too. Well, I must go for now. Until the next time I write you, just know how much I love you! Love and kisses, Mommy!

5-27-14 Hello my beautiful Moe...as you know by now, you have been joined by Maisy, who crossed over the bridge on May 23rd. She was so sick, and tried to go on, but she just couldn't. A wonderful vet came over and stroked her fur, talked to her and my Kelli, and then gave her the injection to make her go to sleep. She was in Kelli's arms when she crossed, and we cried so hard. We know she is with you, and you are both happy and healthy in the warm sunlight, but we still cry and grieve. Peyton was there too, and told her good by. She will join you someday as we all will. I still think of you all the time, and I am happy Maisy is with you now. I love you, Mommy

3-2-15 Greetings my little one! As you know,more of our loving fur babies have joined you. Echo is now with you, as well as Honey and Lucky. I know you have noticed a cute little rodent named Sofie, my son's Guini pig. She died not too long ago, and now you all have a different kind of fur baby to play with! Peyton is getting very slow. but she is hanging in there. My son got a beautiful dog named Boomer, and Kelli got another sheltie named Finny. They are both puppies, and full of energie! We had a mild winter, but the past 2 months have been very cold and windy. I can't wait till it gets warmer, and take Dumpling, Carmen, Jinx, and Sawyer for a walk in their special fancy strollers! I also have 4 hamster friends, 2 girls named Anya and Crystal, and 2 boys named Smokey and Spike. You would LOVE to chase them! They are fast like greased lightening, and you would be a great one to round them up! I know you are happy where you are, but I still wish I had you to kiss and hold you. Some day I will join you, and we will be able to run through the Rainbow Bridge fields of green fresh grass. All you cats can run after the mice and other little critters, but only for play! They are probably faster than all of you! Well my sweet little love, I will sign off for now. When summer starts in June, I will let you know what is new. I never forget to look at your picture every day, and touch the beautiful urn your ashes are resting. I love you so much Moe, and will never forget you. Some day I will see you again.....What a fun day that will be! Love and kisses, Mommy

11-9-15 Hi sweet baby! I hope you are enjoying all your new furbaby friends! Echo, Honey, Lucky, Maisy, Peyton, (Those dogs are fun, aren't they?) And now Anya and Spike are with you! All the cats say hello...AND, mommy even rescued a dog from the shelter! Her name is Ally, and she is 8 years old. I think she is a cross between a Sheltie and Cattle dog. She kinda looks like Maisy, so be sure to tell her! SO-I still have Carmen, Dumpling, Sawyer, and Jinx. The only cat that does not like Allly is Jinx! He hisses at her! Of course, Smokey and Crystal are still her, but I keep them separate from everyone. It is the fall season, and Halloween is over. I did not hand out candy, and kept my porch light off, cuz I knew poor Ally would bark every time the doorbell rang! Our weather has been wonderful for this time of year! I take Ally for a walk every morning, and in the afternoon also. It is good for both of us. I am afraid I might have bad news for my cousin's cat Franny. She is very sick, and might already be over the bridge. She is 18 years old, and her sister Zoe went over the bridge last year. I will find out tonight. It will be a sad day for my cousin, because that is her last kitty. I hope another kitty will adopt her in the future.... I know you are having so much fun up there, and that you feel so good and healthy! It makes me happy to know you are in a safe place, and that so many of my friends are up there with you. You never know when God will tell me "Well, Jill, it is your time to go to Heaven." Then MOMMA will see all her family that are living in peace and are playing with all of you! So I must for for now. Before you know it, it will be winter and the Christmas season. I still see your picture every day on the fireplace shelf where I have your ashes, and dream of the day when I see you again! I love you my dear little one. I am so blessed to have had you, even for such a short time. I know you were happy here, and I know you are even HAPPIER in Heaven! I love and miss you so much! Love, Mommy

3-29-16 My beautiful Moe-it has been 5 years since you have been in Heaven! That is scary to me, that time has passed that fast! You have been joined by Smoky, my pretty black hamster. Crystal is still here, but she seems to be less active now, and stays in her little house most of the time. Finny and Ally play together when I take Ally over to Kelli's house, and when we go to the dog park. Now that it is getting warmer, I take her out for a walk. I didn't take her much when it was cold, but Kelli, John and Gabby come every night to walk her, and she loves that! I miss you sweet baby.....I wish you were here with me cuddled on my lap. But, I know you are being taken care of in Heaven, and some day I will join you! It must be beautiful where you are! You never have to worry about being sad or hungry, and you can run and play games with all your other friends and have no pain! I love you and think about you every day. Your beautiful picture above the fireplace makes me smile so much! Sawyer, Dumpling, Carmen and Jinx say hello, and some day you and momma and all of us will be together forever! God made this promise to us, and I know it is true! I can't wait to hold you and kiss you! Easter was a couple days ago, and this is how we look at life, that we all will be together some day. I can't wait to see you again! I love you so much, and miss you! Can you see me???? Love to you little boy, and I will talk again! Love, Mommy

1-31-2017 Hello my sweet baby....I have some sad news about Jinxy. He got loose in September of 2016 and has not been found. I put signs up and a reward of $500.00. I got lots of phone calls from peope who said they saw him, but it was not our Jinx. I have not given up yet, but feel that either somebody has him safely in their house, or maybe he even is up over the Rainbow Bridge with you. Poor Carmen is very lame, and cannot get up on the bed without help. She also has to be lifted down. And my little Dumpling is getting very confused and acts like he does not know where he is going. He must be partially blind, but will still jump up on the couch, and uses the steps to get up onto the bed. My last hamster Crystal is over the Rainbow Bridge also. Sawyer is still the same, and loves cuddling with me in bed. I know he misses Jinx, because they were good buddies. He is the only boy cat in the house now. Crystal is gone, too. I put together a beauful gravesite in the back yard right by the edge of the woods, and it has so many of my little creatures of God buried in there. All my hamsters, birds that I have found frozen during a horrible winter, small baby birds that didn't live to long, and even my gold fish from years ago. On December of this past year on the 13th, I fell and broke my jaw. I had to have surgery, and my mouth was clamped together with wires. I was in a rehab center for over a month, and got to come home about a little over a week ago. Sawyer, Dumpling and Carmen were very lonely, because they had to stay her all day and night. Kelli and John would come over here to feed them a couple times during the day and change the litter box, but it was hard on them. We are all together now, but I still miss Jinxy. If he is with you, please give him a kiss from me, and tell him I will see him too someday! I wish I had better news for you, but now that the end of January is here, and sprin will be here soon, then maybe things will look up! I will pray they do. Happy 2017 my sweet love, it won't be long now that that we will all be together, and we will all be soon happy! I miss you soon much and love you!!!!

7-2-17 My dear Moe.... It is summertime and raining hard today. It feels so good compared with the winter we had! Not much has changed, but Carmen is slowing down more, as is Dumpling. He is almost compleatly blind, and hears only the really sounds like thunder. He is sooo skinny, even though he eats a lot. I hate to take him to the vet, because they would stick him with needles to talk blood, and that is not fair to him. I just keep him close to me, and cuddle up on the couch. Carmen can't get on the bed any more without me putting her on there, but that rascal Sawyer gets on himself and hogs the bed. Dumpling sleeps on the couch. No news about Jinx...... I am still very depressed about him being gone, as well as you too. I feel like maybe I could have done something more about your health, and Jinx just slipped out the door so fast. I feel terrible that I wasnt being careful enough. I will probably never get over it. Anyway, My dog Ally is still crazy and barks all the time! She and Finny get along well, but I wish she would learn how to play! Both dogs are afraid of fireworks, and the next couple nights will be loud in our neighborhood! Oh how much I miss you! I think about you a lot, and smile when I see your picture. I will never forget you my love. I will catch up with you later in the summer....... LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Kisses to you......Mommy

7-31-17 Sweet boy, I just wanted to tell you about Finny's new friend. He is a 9 week old Sheltie named Scout! Kelli and Gabby drove all the way to Iowa to get him home. He is just about the cutest little stinker ever! He and Finny get along, and even Ally is getting better with him! We had a lovely walk tonight, because it was so beautiful outside. Perfect weather! You would love it! Of of course, you have perfect weather all the time where you are, which makes me happy. Well, I am still hoping you will show up somewhere, and i will not forget you. As long as I am alive I wil continue to keep you in touch what is going on here, and live for the day we can be reunited! I love you baby, and think about you ever day...... Love, Mommy, Dumpling, Sawyer, Carmen, and Ally. Until the next time-----my heart is full of love for you and will never stop hoping you are somewhere out there! Hugs and kisses to you my sweet baby! Love, Mommy

9-6-17 Hello my love, well, as you know by now, Carmen and Dumpling are with you. Losing both of them within such a short period of time was really hard on me. I know, they were both old girls, and it was their time, but still hit me hard. I cried and cried and cried some more, until I ran out of tears. So, now Sawyer is the KING of the house, and Ally is the queen! It is beautiful out now, considering we have had rain for over a week every day, and there were lots of areas around us that flooded. Finny and Scout are doing great, and both are barking maniacs, Just like Ally! I feel kind of lonely not having so many cats here, but Sawyer is fine without having the other cats annoying him....Ally is a good watchdog, and loves to bark at anything. Brian and Kathy still have Boomer, and he is a service dog! I am so proud of him! They also have 2 VERY small frogs at home! Normally I would have more to tell you, but it has been kinda slow here. So I guess I will close for now. It must be fun to have all your old buddies up there with you! I bet you all sleep like a baby at night after running around all day and playing! I am happy for all of you, but miss each and every one of you. Some day my friends we will all be there! I love you my dear, and hope you can see me from where you are...... tell the other friends I love and miss them, too, OK????? Hugs and kisses, Mom

11-24-18 Hello my sweet boy, It has been awhile since I talked to you! It is Fall now, and the past year went very fast. We just had Thanksgiving, and Boomer was there at Brian and Kathy's house. What a goofy dog! It is cloudy and cold here, and we have less light at night because of Daylight's Saving Time. Believe it or not, people have their Christmas ornaments up already! I probably won't do much, just a little fake tree that my Mom had in the window of her house. It has lights and some ornaments, but nothing special. I am not into the spirit any more, because my grand kids are all older now, and Christmas doesn't mean what it used to be. Oh well. So Ally and Sawyer are still here, and keeping me company. Ally is 11 now, and Sawyer Is getting up there, but he is still very agile, and loves to eat! Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we all went to Brian's house. Good food, and lots of laughs! Both Sawyer and Ally are good buddies now, and it is funny to see them close to each other......We are waiting for a snow storm tomorrow, and hopefully it won't be too much. Sweetheart, I miss you so much. It still hurts that you are gone. I have had lots of pets leave me in the past ten years since I have been here, and it doesn't get any easier. I know I will be there in the not too distant future, and we will celebrate like crazy! Sawyer and Ally keep me going, and they are really funny with each other. Well my love, not much news to tell you about. Some day, after I am gone, I hope my kids can get into my letters to you. I would hate to see anything happen to these letters........so until I talk to you again, (probably in the spring) I love and miss you terribly my sweet one......I will see you again some day!!!! Kisses and hugs, Mommy

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