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December 22, 2014...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY SPECIAL BOY...Christmas time is here and again I remember all our Christmas' together when your tail used to hit the tree and the village and sometimes things went flying! Special memories that still make me smile. I think of how you used to bring out your "guys" and fing them around...especially the big ones and how you'd be so happy. I think of how you and I used to lay on the floor in front of the tree. I know how much you loved Christmas and all your new "stupid toys". I miss you everyday still. Mousse fills some of the void and does make us laugh. He too loves Christmas and does know where his presents are under the tree but his tail is a lot shorter than yours was so the ornaments are safer! Mousse lives a calmer life than the days of you and I...he doesn't need to be my guardian and support as you always were...you were my heart and will always live there. I love you everyday and you will forever be the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD. There will never be another like you. You and I will always be together in our heart and in our mind. I think of you at the Bridge and hope that you are playing fingy thing with Papa and that you both are smiling and without pain. Tell Papa I love him and wish him a Merry Christmas...stay together and know that you will both be with me on Christmas eve. I love you and miss you my precious boy, my mometta...XOXO...Momma.
April 17 2014...MY PRECIOUS BOY...This day continues to live in my heart knowing that three years ago now I woke up and still had you laying next to me. Little did I know that morning, that your journey to the Rainbow Bridge would begin later in the day. It started as a normal beautiful spring day...a Sunday morning...remember? We went and got the newspaper together? "Dad" was working so it was just Momma & Mocha time together. The sun was bright in the afternoon and I opened the door and you ran out to chase the 'bad bird' in the yard...and it was then that God called for your journey to begin. I knew when I saw you stumble that you were at that time planning your route. As my heart continued to break it also swelled with the love that I felt for you and all the memories that we made together. Our final ride with Dawn and Anthony....you made sure that you put your head up between them as if to say goodbye before you closed your eyes for the last time with your head in my lap. We made it to the hospital but as much as they tried, you had already left for the Bridge. I see you now in my thoughts as running and playing and I stopping every once in a while to hear me talking to you from the other side of the bridge. Hearing me tell you how much I love you and miss you. The piece of my heart that you own will never be replaced. Your new brother is a joy [and sometimes a real 'pain'!] but he is not you. I know that you sent him to us to make us laugh and fill the void and he does. And, he does love you too. We say "where's Mocha" and he runs to your picture. So, my sweet boy, know that Momma and Dad loves you and misses you. I hope you see Papa from time to time and he still says "hey mocha". I will always hear that in my mind too. Run free without pain and catch your fingy thing. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART...Momma
April 17 2013....MY BELOVED MOCHA...two years ago I had you by my side and I knew no greater joy. But, by tomorrow, you will have made your journey to the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago. The pain of your loss is still as great. You were at my side for 11 years and held me steady and strong in the hard times and was my best friend and made me smile in the good times. I still miss looking in my rearview mirror and not see your ears 'flying'. If only I could have that one day back. When you fell into final sleep in my arms on the way to the hospital I hope you were feeling the love that only you and I shared. Mocha, I hope that you still feel that love, remember how you 'flew', remember all your 'guys', remember chasing fingy thing and remember laying on the floor together. I hope that you are playing and happy and have made some new friends. I hope that you have found Papa and that he said "hey mocha"...I can still hear him say that. I've lost two of the most important pieces of my life. But, Mocha, do not worry or fret for me...know that you live on forever in my heart. Yes your little brother Mousse [well not so little anymore!] occupies a space in my heart and in my life, but it will never be what you and I had. I know you sent him to me and I will love and care for him. Your picture is still in the livingroom and Mousse does give it 'putputs' when we say 'tell mocha you love him'. Don't worry, I still have your toys safe on a shelf and your blanket under my bed. And, YOU are sitting on the dresser so I will have you near. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. You are my baby dog...my mometta...my angel. I LOVE YOU MOCHA AND MISS YOU SO MUCH....Momma

Mocha, it is one year since you left me for the Rainbow Bridge. My heart still has a large piece missing. I know that it resides with you at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss your companionship, your love, your friendship and the support of your big brown eyes looking up at me. My life will never be the same. I keep your comforter under my side of the bed so you are always there 'protecting me'. I still have all your favorite toys safe on a shelf. We have your brother Mousse now and I love him....but he is not you. I have your picture in the living room with your collar hung on the side. Mousse will go and stare at your picture and i wonder if you are talking to him. I miss you so very much. Sending you hugs and kisses...I look forward to being together again someday. I can still hear Papa say "Hey Mocha" so I still have you both. I love you baby dog....Momma

Mocha was an incredible dog. He was a part of every corner of my life. He was "da momma's boy", loved his fingy thing, his new house, patroling, riding in the car and going to "big dog beds". Mocha was my world and I miss him so very much. He provided laughs and silliness and comfort when I was sad. Mocha had the unique ability to know what I was thinking even before I did! Mocha will always have a piece of my heart with him at the Rainbow Bridge. I think of him playing there with his fingy thing and it gives me comfort.

Mousse...your new little brother is home. He is a delight and a challenge and I do see so much of you in him. His 'registered name' is Mocha's Mousse. I know in my heart that you sent him to me to take away the tears and make me smile once again. He is not you and I know that I cannot think of him that way, because while he has a part of my heart, it is still a smaller part that what you will always have. I miss you every hour of every day. I hope that you and Papa are playing fingy thing together. I love you my baby-dog...Momma.

April 17, 2017...its another year and yet every day Mocha I think of you and wish you were still here with me. I miss your gentle way of being next to me when I needed you or the fun times of watching how excited you were to play fingy thing or go on patrol. You will always be a big part of my heart. You would love baby Ryder. He's mom as new grandson. You would have watched over him. Mousse is still trying to walk in your paws and is a good dog and I love him but he will never be you. Always know that you are in my heart and I hope that you and Papa are in peace. Thank you for taking care of me all the years of your life. I still am taking care of your favorite toys. I love you my baby dog. Sleep well. Xoxoxo. Momma

April 17, 2018. Mocha another year passed since I saw your sweet face for the last time. My heart still aches for you and I still have tears in my eyes. You took a part of me that can never be replaced. I remember your big brown eyes staring up and me. I know though that you are at peace. You now have grandma with you along with papa. Keep them both happy and safe. And give them my love. I love you with all my heart baby dog and that will be forever. Always know that momma thinks of you every day and that your guys are safe on a shelf and your blanket still under my bed. Sending you love, hugs and kisses. Momma

April 17, 2021. My dear Mocha. You still live on in my heart. I have never forgotten you, your love or your warmth. I know you are still watching over from the Rainbow Bridge and running free and happy. You will always be my boy. I love you so much. Throwing you a virtual fingy thing. Hugs and kisses. Miss you. Momma.

June 3, 2023. Mocha. You are always in my mind and my heart. You will always be my protector. I love you.

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