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Memories of Mo
Mo came into my life in October 2011 it was her first day in the adoption part of Pets at Home and we decided to give her a home with us and our other rabbit Maxie and originally she was to be my husband's pet and at the time even though I loved her the bond was not there but in December on a Monday night she had her myxi vaccination and by the Thursday I was starting to get worried about her on the Friday morning I phoned the vet and he said bring her in which I did and she ended up staying in over the weekend that night the vet asked me would I like to come and see her which I did and he left me alone with her probably knowing that she might die during the night but Mo survived and that was it the bond between us was cemented. Mo and Maxie didn't get on for a number of years and then they both happened to be out in the back garden at the same time they had a little chase and sniffed each others bottoms and that was it they were as happy as two peas in a pod for which I am very grateful each bunny groomed each other and loved each other until in September 2011 Maxie suddenly got sick and died of kidney failure after a week, Mo took to staying close to me she formed a special attachment to me and I to her and even when I got her another friend she didn't take to him for a long time she preferred to sit next to my chair at night and I would sit on the floor with her this continued right up to the time she died. About a year or so before she passed she started needing dentals and it became apparent that she didn't like pain and she eventually was on medication for the rest of her life. The night before she went to the vets she sat next to me the whole time I kissed her and cuddled her and told her how much I loved her never knowing that it was our final night together the next day she had her medicines and breakfast and we went to the vets I honestly thought she would be home if not that day then the next as she took a long time to recover and she seemed fine with the vet. About 15:30 hrs I got a phone call to say she had passed away and my world stopped it would seem that while they were waiting for the anethesia to work her heart stopped and even with three vets working on her they couldn't bring her back I felt like my heart had been ripped out and to this day I regret taking her for the dental if I had delayed it then she would have been with me for her gotcha day which was December 22 I went and saw her that night she looked like she was sleeping and I cried for her and the vet cried as well as everyone knew her I spent some private time with her telling her how much I loved her and how I wish I could swap places with her. Mo's ashes are next to Maxie's both next to where I sit at home and I have her painting on the wall I talk to her all the time and even though I have another three bunnies in the house making it four in total Mo was and is the bestes

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