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Memories of Mixce

Dear Mixce's Girl,

I miss you laying down between my feet when i read The Bible and daily Devotion every Morning

Dear Mixce's Girl,

Nine days has past now since i lay you down to rest? I miss you and thinking about you always has you well know you are always on my Mine. I hope that you are having fun and playing with all the other pets at Rainbow bridge. I sending you a big kiss baby girl.

Dear Mixce's Girl,
I missed the Me combing your hair and prayer for you each night at bedtime why you eat you dry food.I also miss you close to me as i fell asleep and then got up ans went to sleep in the other bedroom. You have fun up their at rainbow bridge I love you baby girl.

Dear Mixce's Girl,
I went and got a Sister for you and another Companion for Me and Alberto Yesterday? Her Name is Clementine and she will be Three year old in about five week from now. she is a Domestic Short hair patch tabby. You will like her She very talkative like you she Follow me around everywhere. I miss you and think about you all the time Baby Girl. keep have fun and playing with all the pets up there.

Dear Mixce Girl,
Just want to let you know I took Clementine to the Vet yesterday to get her shot taken? she was very good. She remind me of you a quite a bit on where she sleep. I miss you Mixce sleeping beside me every night and Clementine is starting to do that also but she like to sleep down my my feet.I know that you are watching over me from up there in rainbow bridge. You are in my heart baby girl?

Dear Mixce Girl,
I Miss you This Thanksgiving holiday I know how much you love eating the turkey liver I give it to you little sister Clementine but she ate it but not like you did. She is a very good girl and she love to sit in my lap and be petted. I know how much you love to be petted too. stay warm this winter and keep watching over us?

Dear Mixce Girl,
Christmas was a couple day ago I Thought of you Baby girl all the time I bet it was a very special Christmas up there at rainbow bridge. I brought you little sister Clementine a willow play that she doesn't ply with she like the rubber bands like you did to play with. But she sure love to play in the catnip. You take care I will write to you soon baby girl Mixce.

Dear Mixce Girl,

It's a new year and it has been four month since i lay you to rest baby girl? I think about and miss you everyday? You little sister Clementine has help to soothe the pain of losing you?
You take care i love you very much and can't wait to see you again.

Dear Mixce Girl,

Wow it been five month now since you have going to rainbow bridge baby girl I think about you often and miss you very much. Clementine as been very good she like beef jerky like you did but she don't like Asparagus spears. She like sleeping on my back when i go to bed? You take care now keep having fun up there. Can't wait to see you again.

Dear Mixce Girl,

The time has been going Fast Mixce I pray and think of you everyday it been nice outside and Clementine has getting outside she so fast she also been eating cat grass i grown for her from the seed i bought for you. I bought her a catnip plant but she didn't care for it. but she love the dry stuff. Alberto as been staying at home more and clementine love him just as much as you did. Take care now baby girl and i will talk with you soon.

Dear Mixce Girl,

It Father Day today baby girl and i miss you very much? Clementine as been sneaking out side every chance she can but she don't stay out to long just about half and hour. My brother Dennis had to put his dog Amber down a couple week ago so be on the look out for Her if you haven't already meet and been together. I can't wait until we are together again Mixce. Take care now i write again soon.

Dear Mixce Girl,

Happy summertime Mixce hope you are playing and having a great time up there? I miss you and wish you was with me but I know i have to wait until i am with you. Clementine is helping with the void. I was sick last week but am feeling better now. I will talk with you again soon baby girl.

Dear Mixce Girl,

It's almost Fall Mixce and i know you are getting company from my Family who lost there pets please show them around and keep them happy? Clementine is doing good she love her treats and her catnip. I know you will love here when we see you again. I think of you often and talk about you all the time my lovely little girl. Take care and i will talk with you soon Mixce.


Dear Mixce Girl,

It's has been one year today that I put you Down? It was the hardest thing that I ever had to do but one of the thing i needed to do to set you free from your pain? Have a great day and enjoy you time there at rainbow bridge. We all miss you very much until i talk with you again baby girl keep happy
and play a lots with your friends.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Mixce it is getting close to Christmas and last Month was Thanksgiving I have been bust sorry i didn't write to you last Month. I have Lost 36 lbs now and I am feeling better. Clementine is doing good she a good little Girls most of the time but she like to stay in the kitchen while i am cooking you just stay on the table. She like her snack like you did but she have to cover them up when she get done eating. Alberto is doing great also he has been helping John since his surgery couple of weeks ago. I hope you having fun and if you can give me a kiss sometime that would be nice. I love you baby girl I will talk with you later.


Dear Mixce Girl,

It already the second month of 2013 Baby Girl the days are sure flying fast? Alberto is staying here again and he looking forward to working the community Garden and he bought a pet gecko in a terrarium it making Clementine go nut because see can't get to the crickets that the gecko eats.
She had be complaining a lot lately i think that she want to go outside and roam around like you love to do mixce. You take care and i will talk with you later Have fun and hope to see you soon.


Dear Mixce Girl,

You would of turn 20 back on April 15, 2013? How time fly by baby girl I been very busy the last couple of month so be forgive me for not written the last couple of month. I think and Pray for you often. Clementine as her own personality about her has you did Mixce. you keep looking for other friend that will come up there to visit you please show then around Love you Girl. take care until i write to you again.


Dear Mixce Girl,

I hope that you are having a nice summer baby girl i know that the temperature is just right at rainbow bridge? I hope that you are having a great time I miss you dearly Mixce and always thinking of you. Clementine is going outside a little bit each day but not a long as you use to when you was with me? Take care and keep waiting for me baby girl it isn't going to be to long and we will see each other again I will write again soon?


Dear Mixce Girl,

I been thinking about you quite a bit lately My Mixce girl? I miss you so much I know you been watching over me I can feel your present sometime. Alberto miss you also and Clementine is doing great getting more mature everyday? I will take with you soon baby Girl bye for now.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Wow My baby girl Mixce it been two year now since i had to let you go? I can't wait until we meet again but in the mean time i hope you are having fun with all of your friends up there? I just turn 60 year old on the 2nd of this month and I had a good time at my birthday party? clementine is doing good she remind me lots of you Mixce. You Take Care talk with you soon bye for Now.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Thanksgiving is over and i Know how much you love the Turkey liver Mixce? I gave it to Clementine see ate it but not like you Mixce you used to gobble it down like there was no tomorrow. Clem she just turn 5 year old on Dec. 5th and Christmas is right around the corner and so is the New Year 2014. I hope that you are having a great time as you wait for me to come. take care my baby girl i will talk with you soon.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Wow we just had a very heavy snow storm Mixce I remember back in 2008 we had one also?Clementine is sleeping my my feet also all of the days it snow? I also Have been very sick for three week back in late Dec. thru mid Jan. I love Clem and miss you very much both of you will sit in my lap when i get to you Mixce Love you and will talk to you later.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Lots has been happening around here? Richard finally made it up here but it didn't work out so he went to live with friends down in LA. Alberto been Manic again but he finally is getting better just can sleep to long but we working on it? Clementine has be taking it in stride and fell happy we she can go outside now since it all most Summer. I Know that you are doing great and that you are waiting foe me and Clementine to come and get you? You have Fun Girl and Tell all of the other pets up there with you that i Know Hi for Me. I will talk to you soon Mixce Girl Love you always?


Dear Mixce Girl,

Wow how time fly bye Mixce Sorry I haven't written to you in a long time Albert will is doing much better now? I am trying to lose my weight now and get down to 200lbs. Clementine is doing great but we had to buy another betta he pass on and of there with you swimming in the River of Life? I will be talking with you soon Mixce. Stay happy and we will see each other soon Love You Baby Girl.


Dear Mixce Girl,

I can't believe it has been three years ago today Baby Girl that you went up to Rainbow Bridge? I sure miss you and pray everyday for the Lord to keep you healthy. Alberto bought two new Lizard yesterday and Clemmy is doing good also? i have been doing good lost about 7 pound now? I am thinking about getting my hip replace it will take a few more month to decide and it give me a few month to lose some more weight? I will write again soon My Lovely Mixce goodbye for now.


Dear Mixce Girl,

It already Feb. of 2015 how time fly by? I think and pray everyday or you Baby girls i don't think it will be to long before i will be with you again Mixce? thing is getting really scare around the world but i know Jesus will get me calm and peaceful? Say I to all the other pets i have known and are with you hi for me. talk with you soon my little baby girl bye now.


Dear Mixce Girl,

It the 4th of July I know that the firework didn't brother you hope that you will get to see some of them? i been losing weight again I am down to 290lbs feeling good but have a bad left shoulder and neck. Alberto is gone for a few days and Clementine she is doing good it been very hot here this year? I pray for you everyday asking the Lord to keep youwell until i get up there to be with you Mixce bye now my baby Girl.


Dear Mixce Girl,

The time sure Fly by baby girl I am down to 233lbs now? The last few week with the cold weather has me eating more then i sure? We are getting ready to honor Lord Jesus Birth and you are with Him wow you are so Lucky baby Girl Take care have fun until we see each other again Love you Always


Dear Mixce Girl,

I haven't been written much Mixce but I pray for you Everyday? Clementine is doing good and Alberto is fine also. I can't wait until we see each other again and you and Clementine can play together. Take care Love you Mixce Girl.


Dear Mixce Girl,

Wow it has been Six years now since you went to Rainbow Bridge and I have Miss you Everyday since you have gone there Baby Girl I will always Love you in my Heart.

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