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Love: The story of Ms Mitzi

by maryann ...In 1987 I lost my mom suddenly to cancer. I went on a 7 year long spending spree, not realizing it was due to my broken heart, missing my mom, my best friend. I was 40 year old.
In 1994 while out shopping I saw this little black and white Shih Tzu in the window of the pet shop in the mall. At home I had a 21 year old very sick kitty. At the mall my son talked me into buying the little girl Shih Tzu, when I held her in my arms the first time, she wiggled comfortably into my neck she was warm and licked me gently...I knew she was my baby girl. We brought her home that day, she and my kitty ( Cherelle ) got along just okay, Cherelle 21 years old and sickly, very tired and the bouncy pup pup, what a combination, but eventually Mitzi began following Cherelle around and finally learned to go out through the kitty door and make peeps & poohs next to the litter box, imagine the cat had potty trained the dog.
In 1995 much to my dismay Cherelle suffered a bad stroke and we had to put her to sleep, my heart broken again, only this time I had this little pup pup to help comfort my loss. One day when I came in from work, there she was at the top of the stairs wagging her tail so hard her whole body was moving, she was so happy to see me AND I SMILED...then I realized, that was my first real smile of happiness since my mom died.
The years have gone by (so quickly) there have been so many wonderful times and memories with Mitzi, unconditional and eternal love went both ways, she was forever my baby girl. What a truly wonderful personality, everyone loved her. When she went deaf about 2 years ago, I was devastated, she took it with a grain of salt, we developed our own language. She came to work with me (at a senior care residence) where she loved everyone and everyone loved her. Then I began to worry about her sight as she got older her eyes looked cloudy. Oh God I didn't want her to be deaf and blind, I prayed that God would let her keep her sight until the end AND HE DID. We had 15 wonderful years together. I wish it could have been more, but not suffering, and so on Sunday March 21, 2010 I made the horrible decision to let her rest. I couldn't let her suffer as she had those last four days. They gave her the first shot and she fell asleep in my arms, she looked up at me as she had the first time I had ever held her and I knew she understood even though I didn't. So in my arms that first day, until in my arms that last day my baby girl and I loved unconditionally. Thank you baby girl for the years of love and laughter, run through the grass as you did when you were a pup...thank you for loving me as much as I love you. Thank you God for putting Mitzi in my life so we could both share years of eternal love...if only in our memories now buried in my broken heart...until we cross the bridge together my little Mitzi....

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