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Memories of Mittsy
11 years ago, I accidentally met the most incredible dog of my life. As a 6 year old boy, the only thing I wanted was a companion. I remember begging and pleading with my parents to get me a dog. Several months of bargaining to get a special friend, my parents surprized me with a gift. They told me that a litter of puppies had been born in Wisconsin, and that one of the little boys was going to be mine.
I was so excited, and couldnt believe I was going to have a puppy of my very own. However, mere weeks before we were supposed to pick up my little boy, we had terrible news. The boy we had been promised had a terrible case of hip displasia, and could not be released for sale. Though we could no longer take him, the breeder offered us his sister. As a 6 year old boy, there was nothing more devastating than having to settle for a girl, but there was never a more welcome accident in my life. From the moment I saw that wrinkly little pug baby, I fell in love with her.
Mittsy became the greatest thing that had ever happened to our family. She was timid, gentle, kind, and curious. She was never out of control, and always did her best to provide love for her masters in the hardest of times. I grew up with my Mittsy, and though we sometimes had sibling rivalry, in the end we couldn't help but love each other.
Mittsy was a one of a kind dog. I have never met a dog that was more mellow and relaxed as she was. Never once did she bite anyone, and never was she out of control. Her sweet and patient demeanor was the greatest treat to come home to after school.
Even now I can still see her sitting on the couch, perched on her favourite pillow. She spent most of her days up there, watching the world go by, spreading the joy that she naturally put into the world.
I think of her with my elderly grandmother, whom she grew old with, and the last time that she comforted the 93 year old lady. She would sit on Grandma's imobile legs and give her the hope of vitality that only Mittsy could offer. The final comforts for an aging woman, that she would carry with her during the days of loneliness while sitting in her wheel chair.
Mittsy's last week on this earth was particularly special for her. Though she was very sick with pneumonia for most of it, she got to enjoy the things she loved best. She was able to go visit her favourite places at our country house, she got to see her Grandma for the last time, and she got to spend her last days loved by hers cousins, her mommy, her daddy, and her boy.
I will never forget the last time i walked with her in the country. Her legs were weak so I had to carry her outside. But I remember, holding her like a baby, as I rocked and cradled her in the sunlight of the wisconsin meadows. I sang to my little girl as she looked happily into the bright rays of the sun. She was so peaceful and comfortable, and I shall always remember her as she was on that week before she left for the rainbow bridge.
Mittsy, I loved you baby girl. You were like the sunlight we shared in the wisconsin meadows. You provided warmth and light for your whole family. Thank you baby for the years of love you gave to Grandma and all the comfort you gave to your mommy. Mittsy, I am sorry you had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge when you were by yourself in the hospital, but always hold on to that time we shared in the sun in the meadow. Remember Mitts that I always loved you, and that I will treasure that time that we could have together by the lake house the week before you died. Give Aunt Mary a lick for me in heaven, and make sure she takes you into her loving arms. And play with Grandpa, Aunt Helen, and Little Jeffrey who went before you. I hope your heaven is full of sun, grass, and light for you to play in, and I hope you will always be calm and happy as you were on earth.
Mittsy, one day, I will join you in your meadow. And we will walk together with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma in the light of the sun. And we will be together again. I will never forget you baby girl, and I cannot wait for that day.
In our meadow in Wisconsin there grows a tree. And on that tree there now hangs a chime. Every time that chime rings I think of your soft and gentle spirit gliding in the wind that rings the bells.
We are now getting ready to welcome a new baby into our lives. She is barely a week old, but we have made up our minds that we are prepared to open our arms to her as a memeber of our family. Though we cannot bring her home until October, we have already named her. We call her Eve, which, in Hebrew, means life. Baby Eve is named in honour of the pug before her, in honour of the life that Mittsy still brings to our lives. We hope that through the life of Eve, Mittsy will shine.
No dog will ever replace you Mittsy, no matter how great or small. But we open our hearts to Evie, with the love that you gave us. Thank you Mittsy for the years of companionship and love. Though I cry as I write this message, I cannot help but smile at the thought that you lay on your back in the fields of the Rainbow Bridge, sunning yourself in the Summer Sun. I will never forget you baby girl. I love you.

Love For Always and Forever,
Your Boy Derek

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