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Memories of Mitter
9/26/19: Bubby was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society on March 10, 2014 and born in the year 2002. He immediately sparked my attention! He was inside a big room with other cats called, "cat alley." His long, blond fur stuck out instantly. He was on top of a cat tower cuddled up sleeping. I picked him up and cuddled him in my arms and knew instantly he had to be mine. I was so excited to bring him home and introduce him to my other cats. He meowed the entire way home, I told him everything was going to be ok!

He instantly grew a connection with the other cats and started acting more of a "grandfather" figure. He would lay with them, lick them and provide them comfort. When one of the other cats came down with a bladder infection, he was there by his side and made sure he was comforted and loved. He truly was a nurturing cat by nature.

Out of nowhere, we discovered he had a love for drinking water out of the sink. Anytime we were in the bathroom or taking a shower, he would meow for water. He would stick his head under the faucet as the water ran down his face, completely enjoying himself and life.

Bubby has the cutest meow. It was so comforting. His purr was also comforting. I enjoyed coming home everyday seeing him looking out of the front window waiting for me to come home. He would always run right up to me. He loved catnip and treats. He loved watching the snow fall and looking out of the windows. He had the sweetest face ever and don't even get me started on his fur! So long and underneath his belly it was super curly! He loved being pet. Eventually, he started to sleep with me every night. He would sleep right on top of my head, on the pillow. The love I felt for him is indescribable. He was truly my baby.

My family and friends loved being around him. They gave him nicknames such as, "Mufasa, Old Man Mitt, Old Man and King." To me, he was, "Mitter, Mitt, Mitrin, Mitty, Mitt Schmidt, Old Man Mitt, Lion Kitty, Bubby, Bubber, and Bubbers." He always had a smile on his sweet face.

Bubby showed signs of aging, especially in his eyes. They just became really brown and dirty. With all of the love and joy I felt, I never once thought my cat could be "dying." Of course, I understand we all die but I thought he could live to be in his 20s. He was still the same baby. Same pur, same meow, always begged for water out of the sink.

It was about a week and a half ago when I remember him coming downstairs and begging for my attention and meowing. All he wanted to do was lay on my lap and be with me 24/7. Within a few days he wasn't himself. I noticed he started licking his lips and thought that was strange. He also stopped eating his dry food. He became very tired and would sleep all day. Then... he started to hide under the bed, when he would get up to walk, he would wobble all over, walk slow.. He would however eat wet food and deli meat.

I cried my eyes out for days. I've never experienced this pain of a loved one before, not even a family member (human). I had to prepare myself. I knew he was going and I felt helpless and heartbroken.

I contacted the vet immediately and made an appointment. Within that timeframe, he drastically got worse. He completely stopped eating and came extremely thirsty. It pained me to see him hiding under the bed and knowing he was in pain. At the vets office, I explained to them what was going on. They could tell he had gum disease. They did a blood and urine analysis and had to wait until the next day to receive results.

The vet called me early Wednesday morning while at work with bad news. He said Mitter's kidneys are rapidly failing along with him being anemic and dehydrated. He said we could give him fluids as a temporary option but the cost was too extensive and I couldn't stand to see him suffer. I called Glenn to let him know and we both started sobbing and crying. We didn't know this day would come so soon and him become ill so fast. We knew we had to do what was best and agreed we needed to lay him to rest. My mom and I were going to take him.

I contacted a VCA hospital and told them the bad news on why my mom and I would be coming in. We spent time with him at home, holding him, kissing him, letting him outside, letting the other cats sniff/say goodbye, letting him drink that water out of the sink one last time.... 😥 When we arrived at the VCA, they were so friendly, soft spoken, loving and caring. We had our own private room with Bubby to say our final goodbyes. I took pictures of me holding his paws and kissing him. I even took videos of him where he gave his last meow. We told the vet we were ready for the preparation, she took him back and prepared him. She brought him back and placed him in my arms while I cuddled, kissed and held him. I spent more time with him before the vet came back to do the procedure. He was uncomfortable in my arms so I placed him on a large ottoman that was wrapped with a blanket. As soon as I placed him there, he laid his head down like he was ready to go 😥 I told her I was ready. I was crying and told Bubby how sorry I am, how much I love him and how he'll be out of pain and in heaven soon. I held his paw the entire time and made sure he was looking at me. She prepared the sedative and barbiturate. He was sedated quick and within moments he was placed in Gods home in heaven. I spent another 30 minutes holding him, sobbing my eyes out and whispering in his ear, "mama loves you baby. You're free of pain now and in heaven. I love you so much and I'm sorry." He passed peacefully around 6:50 PM.

9/25/19 was the hardest day of my life. I watched every video I had of him, looked at every photo and cried uncontrollably. My heart broke today and it's going to take time to heel. I will never forget the love I had for him and the love he had for me. I will forever miss my sleeping buddy and waking up to his sweet face.

I knew the moment when he came down begging for attention a little over a week ago, was the moment he knew he was dying. It absolutely breaks my heart. Although I will feel this pain for awhile, I am also at peace knowing he is no longer in pain. I know he's drinking all of the sink water up in heaven and spreading joy to everyone up there.

The night he passed there was a beautiful sunset and the following morning was a beautiful sunrise.

I'm crying as I'm writing this. I love you and miss you so much my sweet baby and I will never forget you. I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow 🌈

RIP 3/10/02 - 9/25/19

9/27/19: It's been 2 days since you've been gone. Bruno hasn't been the same without you. The cats miss you and I miss you. I've cried so much these past weeks I haven't cried much today. It's hard for me to go into the bedroom because I think you'll be laying on the bed. It's hard for me to get out of the shower because you'd always stand right outside the door and meow at me. I played a video of you today and it made me smile. I miss when you would lick my face at night and I'd always laugh because you'd lick my hair and you would smack your lips. I hope you're drinking all of the water you can and eating as many treats as you want. I love you and miss you. 😥

9/28/19: It's been 3 days Mitt and I miss you so much. It rained today and as I was driving to Mom's to check on Trixie, there was a rainbow. Guess what! I could see the other side! I knew it was my sign from you. 🌈 I wish you held on a few days longer so you could breath this beautiful fall air, it was one of your favorites.

10/2/19: It's been 1 week since you've been gone. I think about you almost every moment of the day. The cats now lay at the top of the stairs thinking you're coming back home. Charlie cries for you, Bruno looks for you and Dotty lays on the bed hoping you'll jump up. This house hasn't and won't be the same without you Bubbs. I love you so much and always will. Anytime I cry, it's brief and then it turns into a smile. I am at peace knowing you are no longer in pain. I still wish it didn't happen so quick. We have the windows open and you loved looking out the windows getting fresh air. I'll be excited for the vet to call me when I can come get your ashes and paw prints. I'm going to create a very special memorial for you at the house. Again, I love you and I miss you so much.

10/9/19: It's been 2 weeks since you've been gone. I feel so numb and extremely exhausted. This whole grieving thing is really taking a toll on me. Sometimes I have feelings of anger and regret thinking I could have caught onto this sooner. I miss your meow. We still call out your name on accident 😢 I always said if I had a lot of money that I would have cloned you so that I could have you forever. I still look at the fur clippings I clipped before we said goodbye. I'm hoping the vet will call me soon so I can pick up your ashes, clay paw print and paw prints. I'm going to get a very special tattoo done in honor of you. I miss and love you so much Bubbers.

10/10/19: Guess what! I got to pick up your paw prints, clay paw print and ashes today from the vet! They packaged everything so beautifully. I waited until I got home to unpack everything and balled my eyes out. I placed you in a very special memory box that was gifted to me, it's purrrfect for you. I think about you all of the time. It's still hard coming home, going to bed and waking up because you aren't here physically anymore. I'm glad you are back home baby. I love you so much ❤️💔🐾

10/23/2019: It's been 1 month since you've been gone, I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday when you were in my presence. For the first time, Bruno slept with me last night. He just laid on my legs. I miss you sleeping on my pillow. I miss you a lot. We still call your name out 😢 I can tell the cats are still depressed without you. Charlie howls a lot now and really loud. It's weird to see how cats react when one of them is no longer there. I still picture that evening when I held your paw the entire time and you passed peacefully. You let out about 3 breaths and I panicked thinking you were still alive. The vets reassured me it was normal. I still can't get out of my head what your eyes looked like and I would gently close them. For those who don't know, animals eyes stay open when they pass but the entire eye eventually turns a hazy grayish/black. I stayed with you for another 30 minutes, crying, telling you how much I love you and that you were out of pain now. I haven't mentioned this before; before I took you to say our final goodbyes, it broke me even more when Glenn and I picked you up and you peed on us. I knew your body was giving out on you 😢 I really hope you are enjoying wherever you are and I hope we can meet again someday 🌈 I love you and I miss you so much 😢😭

11/6/19: 6 weeks now.. Charlie was just sitting next to your memory box and I said out loud how much we all miss you, Bubby. Life/work has been crazy since you've left. I miss coming home and holding you after my crazy days. It was such a good stress reliever. I flew out to North Carolina to see Dad and thought of you as we flew through all of the clouds. I feel like I'll never get over you passing. Hear comes the tears again 😢 Something isn't right with Bruno, he seems so sad.. Dotty has laid by the top of the stairs for 6 weeks now. He probably thinks you'll be walking up the stairs someday 😢 Colder weather is here and we've had a few light snow showers. You loved looking out of the window when it snowed. I still scroll through my Snapchat memories and watch the videos of you. My heart is broken and I'm not sure when and if it will ever heal. I love you and miss you so much.

11-30-19: Bubby, it's been 9 weeks and a few days without you now. I've been so busy with work and haven't made time to write. It's the Holiday season now so I took out the Christmas jingle bell necklace you would wear and the antlers I would put on you. Charlie was the only one who would let me put the necklace on him. I've been opening up your memory box and holding your ashes and telling you how much I miss and love you. I wish I knew what happens after death; my only hope is that your spirit lingers wherever I go. This time of the year is hard because it makes me miss you even more. Aunt Barbara's friend, Dianne, lost her kitty Missy yesterday. Take good care of her and send kitty kisses to Barbara and Dianne during this difficult time. You now have another friend to play with! Charlie, Dotty and Bruno were spoiled with some turkey over Thanksgiving - you would have LOVED to have some. I'm sending you turkey, love, hugs and cuddles to heaven. I miss you and love you so much baby boy.

3-30-2020: Bubby, its been 6 months since you've passed. Your birthday was 3-10-2020 and I miss you so much. I thought about you last night, I really needed to hold you. I'm going through a hard time right now and all I want to do is hold you. You were such a great comfort kitty. I still plan to get your paw prints tattooed on me. Spring is almost here; the weather has been so nice. I wish you were here so I could let you outside and you feel the fresh air. I love you always and forever. I am sorry it has taken me this long to write.

9-25-2020: I can't believe it's been 1 year since you've passed. I still have your ashes in your memory box. Summer has passed and it's almost Fall now. It's crazy how fast time flies. I miss you a lot and wish you were still here. I miss cuddling you and hearing your raspy cute meow. I love you 💕❤️😘

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