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Memories of Mitsy
To You " Mitsy " A Very Special Tribute

Mitsy was such a loving and loyal Pet - My whole Life has been torn apart - to love Her like I did
is so hard for my Family and Friends to understand - after losing Her nothing means anything to me
right now.

I cannot believe how much hold a little Dog could have on you - My whole Life was revolved around
Her - We did everything together - went everywhere together - so much so Mitsy suffered
separation anxiety if I was out during the day to go shopping. Than the excitement of my return
was just amazing - to see Her little antics etc made me realize just how much She loved me too.

It didn't occur for one moment that She wouldn't be around for ever - The only Peace I have is
knowing that I didn't go first - because my Family would have had to have Her euthanize - Mitsy
was a One Person Pet and just freaked out if She thought I was leaving Her with someone.

At least now I can have her buried with me in Her Special Little Jewelery Box - which sits in
a Special Place in my Bedroom.

You were so Special and I loved you Dearly - I miss you dreadfully and waiting to meet up again
with you once We cross Rainbow Bridge together.

X x x o o o Love From Your Mom.


" Your Simply The Best "

They said Our Love was just Emotion - that time would slowly fade away.
But time has deepened My Devotion - I Love You more and more every day.

Still - after all this time - still - your still on my mind - I Love You Still.

Though we're far apart - still - I Love You Still.


" Your Still In My Heart "

It has been 6 Months and 7 Days - and you still pull at my Heart and Soul.
I just wish I could bring You back. Love from your Mom always - x x x o o o.


" Still Tearing At My Heart "

Now it has been 7 Months and 12 days - and I still take Her Little Jewelery Box with me every where I go.
From the Photo's I have around the Home - Her Eyes follow Me Everywhere.
So hard to imagine that something so Loving could have such a hold on you Heart.
Missing you terribly Mitsy - Love from Mom x x x o o o


" Still In My Heart "

Tomorrow is the 8.10.2011 - it is 8 Months since You left Me - some days the pain is worse
than other days - I don't know how I managed to get through some days - I wish you were still
hear. We will be together again one day - I just can't wait.
Love From Mom x x x o o o


" Love You Still "

Still missing you - They say time does heal - your still with Me every where I go.
I look at all of your Photo's I have of you on My Computer all the time - you are so Lovely.
Hope you are Peace.
Love from Your Mom always x x x o o o

P.S. A Very Special Tribute To Ginny For All Her Help.


" Merry Xmas "

Still missing you - This is Our First Xmas that We are not together - Still waiting for you to come and
see Me or appear to Me in some way or another. Love you and miss you still.
Love from your Mom always x x x o o o

" Happy New Year "

Thinking of you today as the New Year starts without you - How you tear at My Heart.
Love from your Mom always x x x o o o


" This Is Your Special Day "

To My Special little " Mitsy " - it is hard to believe it has been 12 months to the day that you had to leave Me.
I wish it didn't have to happen - Mom hasn't been to well lately - I feel and hope you are looking out for Me -
I am looking after your Special little "Jewelery Box " that you are resting in - and I love you so much.
I will always love you - you meant so much to Me.
Love from your Mom always x x x o o o


" Memories of You "

There are always Memories of You - Your Photo on My Dressing Table is a Happy reminder of the Love I feel for You.
You are never far from My Heart - I wear your Photo in My Locket every day - Just wish You could come back to Me.
Love you always - Love from your Mom x x x o o o

1st. 10.2012.

" You Are Still In My Heart "

I haven't forgot You - You are all around Me - Your Photo's - Your Little Jewelery Box - that You are Resting in.
It is just I haven't been Visiting Your Residency as often as I should - I was hoping You might have visited Me somewhere
along the way - just to see You once more.
The heartache of loosing You was tearing Me apart - so I have gone and acquired
another little Dog like You but a different color - Her name is " Sasha " - and though I love Her dearly and She has helped
in some ways to heal Me - I would exchange Her for You if I could. I talk to You every day - I find it hard to believe You
have been gone just over 19 months - " Sasha " is 13 months old - Her Birthday is the 28 August - and She brings back
memories of You as a Puppy - I even call Her Your Name sometimes by mistake - I didn't realize how much time a Puppy takes up of one's time - so please forgive Me if I don't visit Your Residency as much as I should - You know You are in My Heart and I love You more than You can ever imagine.
" Sasha " can be Your Little Sister - and somewhere along the track I will put a photo of Her in Your Guardian Area - There are still sometimes I wish I could just be with You.
Love You Always - Your Loving Mom x x x o o o

" Merry Xmas 2012 - Happy New Year 2013 - "

( I Haven't Forgotten You )

Dear " Mitsy " Please forgive My delay in not visiting You sooner or more often. Grandma has been unwell over the last four months and has taken up all of My time. We now have
Her settled into a Home - it's no fun getting old - Grandma has had to give up Her old life now as She is unable to do a lot of things for Herself. It has worn Me out.
I still miss You dearly - some days I can cope - some days I can't - Being caught up with Grandma eased some of the pain - but You are always in My Heart and Thoughts.
I told You about " Sasha " - My new companion - I often call Her " Mitsy " sometimes by mistake - I do hope You don't mind.
She is 17 months old now - such a dear little thing - but I would have You back any day if it was at all possible.
The photo's I have of You in My Bedroom and Office are amazing - Your eyes follow Me from every angle - Just wish You would communicate with Me - just once - to ease some of the pain I feel for sending You away.
Love You So Much - Never Forget That. Love Mom Always x x x o o o

" Happy New Year 2014 "

( I Haven't Forgotten You - You Are Still With Me Every Day )

So much has happened - Family issues have been a real problem - Because of it all We are Moving to Albany - You will love it down there - more
country life - and less stress - i just don't know where the time has gone - I still call little " Sasha" by your name " Mitsy " sometimes -
and so do some Friends and Family - I just wish You were here - some days I am just so lost without You.
Uncle Pete' passed away late in 2013 it was so heart breaking - He adored You.
So everything has been a upheaval - with trying to pack and sell this dam house - Hoping to move by the end of February.
Please forgive Me for not writing to You sooner - but You Know You are always with Me - never forget that.
There has been so many times this last twelve months I wished I could be with You - would love to see You - Just once more.
Love You always - Love Mom - X x x o o o - Once settled down in Albany - will write again. X x x o o o

Love You Always " Mom " X x x o o o

" Happy New year 2015 - 2016 - 2017 "

Hello To My Darling " Mitsy " - Its Been So Long Since I Have Visited You - Its Not Because I Have Forgotten You - You Are All Around Me - Day In And Day Out - Never Forget That - I Love You Dearly Xxxooo
The Last 2 Years Haven't Been The Best For Me - I Have Had Double Knee Transplants - And Its Been An Awful Long Haul Recuperating -
Wished I Hadn't Moved To Albany - But That's Life - And Sometimes I Make Awful Choices - But Having Little " Sasha " Keeps Me Sane - You Would Love Her -
Aunty Wendy Sometimes calls " Sasha " By Your Name - I Even Do As Well -
How Could You Have Such A Hold On Me - You Are One Loving Little Joy I Will Never Forget -
Just To See You Again Would Be Such A Blessing - We Will Be Together Again One Day -

Love You Always - Lots Of Love from " Mom " X x x o o o

" Your Still In My heart And Soul " 11.8.2018

I Can't Believe How Time Goes By - I Talk To You Every day - I Just Don't Get On The computer As Much These Days - Though I Miss Doing It - Love listening To Your Song " Unchained Melody ".
My Health Isn't The Best - Still Hard To Understand How Come I Am Still Here And You Aren't -
I Still Miss You So Much - I Find It Hard To Think It Has Been Over Seven And A Half Years Since You Have Gone = 8-2 2011 = Time Is Certainly Not Healing Your Absence - I Still Miss You Dearly -
" Sasha " Is Doing Fine - She Has Some Funny Little Things She Does From Time To Time - Reminds Me Of You.
Always Will Love You - If I Could Only Turn Back Time - Please Keep Watch Over Me - Hope To Join You Soon.

Love You Always - Lots Of love from " Mom " X x x o o o

Special Thanks To " Ginny " For Her Little Reminders .

" You Are Still In My Heart And Soul " 2.4.2019

Haven't Forgotten You My Sweet Little Misty - Have Been Having Eye Issues - I Will Always Be Here Remembering You - You Still Pull At My Heart
Strings - Wished I Had Never Moved To Albany - But Never Mind - At Least You Are All Around Me With Photos Of You In Every Room .
My Health Hasn't Been The Best Of Late - Keep Watching Over Me - Love You So Much - Lots Of Love From " Mom ". 💖 🌹 💖 - X x x o o o

" You Are Still In My Heart And soul : 29.3.2022

How Time Has Gone By - Health Issues Haven't Been The Best For Me Over The Last Couple Of Years.
I Have Never Forgotten You - You Are Never Far From My Thoughts - I Think Of You Everyday - Your Photos
Surround Me Everywhere.

This Is A Short Note This Time - Keep Watching Over Me - Miss You So Much -
Lots Of Love From " Mom' 💕 🌹 💖

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