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Memories of Mitch
In January 2015 Lindy had to let a rescued cat named Charlie be sent to Heaven. Many of you responded. Now she is faced with another sad departure. So soon.

On March 15, 2001 (circa) Mitch began his spiritual journey, on earth, with Abba. His arrival follows the moveable celebration of Easter following the full moon on March 9, Friday -- a Supermoon. Mitch traveled for two years when he met his forever earth friend and caretaker, Belinda (Lindy) Young, in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Mitch brought with him to his forever earth home, a younger sister, Tinkerbell. Mitch was very protective of Tinkerbell and Lindy chose not to separate the two...a wise decision...a discerning decision indeed. The three have lived harmoniously these fourteen years. Mitch shared Lindy with Tinker and at the same time remained Tinker's earth protector against other cats. He knew how to communicate with other cats and has taught a few cats things they needed to know while waiting for their forever families to find them.

In 2014 Mitch was diagnosed with cancer located in his head near his left eye. Lindy opted for surgery in hopes that the cancer would be completely removed. Mitch healed quickly and began again to climb and jump, snuggle and purr. We were blessed. Many humans had prayed for his recovery.

We all had hoped Abba would let Mitch stay longer. But the cancer was not completely removed, unknowingly to the vets. It came back with vengeance. Quickly spreading, it began to interfere with his walking. Lindy took him to the vets hoping and praying it was something curable and not the return of cancer even tho' she could see the lump returning."Perhaps the lump was an abscess", we all said. The vet drained the lump and he did feel better -- for a few days. But then...even the pain pills could not help. He lost all abilities to climb and play very quickly and he became frightened.

Lindy had to do this bittersweet thing...let him return to Abba at the vet's clinic. Bitter because we, his earth family and friends, wanted him to live, but healthy - not at the expense of suffering. Sweet because we know, there will be no pain in Heaven. He will have his new body, sit in Jesus' arms and meet his cousins and aunts and uncles and new friends who arrived earlier. He will see his earth grandfather, Daddy Bob.

Now Lindy and Tinkerbell must console each other as well as Mitch's cat pal, Sammy. I, the earth grandmother, ask that you rejoice in Mitch's ascension, and send thoughts of empathy to Lindy, Tinker and Sammy. He ascended February 16, 2015, to unite with God on President's Day.

In Proverbs, we are told that a righteous man [person] cares for the needs of his [her] animals. A lion, among beasts, is stately in stride and bearings, and retreats before nothing. Mitch was indeed stately and did not retreat but stood firmly and proudly and lovingly.

This posting is from Belinda's email.

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