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Memories of Misty
I found you in a windstorm lost and scared,
You found me in the darkness and guided me out,
We became one being, one mind, you were my shadow and forever will be,
I held every door open for you, and you opened every door within me,
The anxiety you felt when someone came in the door ran through me as I calmed you,
The fear of being alone,
The fear of returning to the dark windstorm is now gone,
You are free!
You are disconnected from this fickle shallow world,
Where you were kicked by wicked men,
Where you hid under houses and desks from the monsters that roamed,
Where people yelled and screamed even when your ears didn't work,
You don't need to bow your head in shame anymore because your bowels don't work,
You are free from the pain in your bones,
You are free from the fear of being alone,
The frustration of not being able to stand up,
You are freed from this mortal plane,
The dimensions bend around your spirit as it soars,
Become one with the great mind, the great spirit, eternity and infinity,
I will see you on the other side my shadow, my conscience, my eternal friend.

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