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Memories of Misty
June 19, 2013

My Darling Misty,

You slipped away on us so quietly and peacefully late this afternoon. I knew your time was running short but your passing still came as a terrible shock to me. The realization that after 16 years together I have lost the best friend and buddy ever, has hit me very hard. You were all of that, and so much more to me. You showed your love so quietly and constantly. It always made me smile the way you looked up at me over the years with that special look that only you could give. How I`ll miss that wink you always returned to me and everything that you`ve done for me as a protector and trail blazer on those tough trudges across the snow in winter. You were always there for me, leading the way, and got very upset when I decided it would be better to let you stay in the house.. that never went over well with you.

It`s so hard to have to imagine life without you. In a life filled with turmoil at times, you were that one constant and loving being who always provided the comfort and security that I needed. Thank You Baby, for being such a loving friend and companion to me over the years.

I`ll never forget how you could run like the wind around the yard in huge circles. And it was the fact that you loved to just run that brought you back to the shelter on a repeat basis until Dad found you. City life wasn`t for a girl like you, and once you found that country home with space to run and do your circles, that was all you needed. You never ran away, just around the yard.. and it was amazing to see how fast you could go. You were so proud of your great running ability, and so were we.

I`ll miss you beyond words.. and my only consolation is that maybe some day we`ll be together again. You are one of the great loves of my life Mists. Rest well until we meet again. I love you, always and forever.

You know how deeply Dixie will miss you. Thank you for being such a great `big sis` to her. She needed that so desperately and you gave her all that and so much more. You taught Dixie the ways of Dogdom so very well. What a kind, understanding and loving soul you were and will forever be. We will remember you with such love!

.. Mom and Dixie

August 26, 2013

My Sweet Mists,

Hi Baby.. Lord knows I`ve missed you. As I`m sure you are aware, I say Hello and Goodnight to you every day as I pass by where you lie. It is such a bittersweet way of keeping in contact with you. But I am at least comforted that you are still close to me in a certain way. You are so missed by Dixie and me, and by Shawnee Mist and Sheba Dawn, too. I know how they enjoyed your visits with them on their turf :)

Everyone who knew you loved you! You were our official `meeter and greeter` and you did such a marvelous job on our behalf. I miss that, and I miss a million and one of all the things that you were to us.. and to me. You were, and will forever be, my very special girl. My bestest girl, and someone whom I will forever hold very close in my heart, forever and a day. I know you are with all of the Sunshines of my life who reside at the Bridge.. and all of the wonderful new friends who I know would have been there to meet you when you crossed over. You loved everyone, so it goes without saying that you are now surrounded by a very loving family and very caring new friends. You will truly be in your element among them, one and all.

I know how dearly you loved little puppies, and I can imagine that you have already `adopted` many of the new little babes whose lives were cut short by misfortune.. and that they now have a very gracious momma to ensure that they find love and comfort at the Bridge. Keep up the good work, Mists.. I know that would have been your true calling here.. but it is something that would be greatly needed at RB, so a lot of little furbabes have someone they can count on and rely on after life here on earth let them down.

Hugs and Kisses to you Mists,
We Love you beyond words and we miss you beyond measure!
.. Mom and Dixie

Dec 17, 2013
My Darling Misty,

How time flies, it`s hard to believe this year is about to end.. and it saddens me to know that you won`t be here to share Christmas and the New Year together with Dixie.. and now Cleo and Buddy.. and me. You will be with us in our hearts.. always! You are always in my heart and I think of you so often with such love. I know that you are together with your old buddies and have made many new friends at the Bridge. That is the way you always were.. so friendly, trusting and loving! And I know that everyone at RB will have come to know you for the wonderful and beautiful soul that we knew and loved so dearly here. Have a wonderful Christmas with your RB family and friends, Sweetie, and know that you are never forgotten by any of here at home. We miss you so deeply, but you reside forever in our hearts! Dixie sends huge hugs and big woofies your way.. and you know what a big woof she has :) It`s big!
We love you and miss you so deeply! Huge huggies from Dixie and me, and big meows from Cleo and Buddy!!
I love you, always and forever, Misty.. !!
XOXO from Dixie and Mom

January 25, 2014
Wow, Mists.. the first month of this new year almost gone! Where does time go? However fast time may fly nothing diminishes how deeply I love you and miss you in our lives. I hope that you are settled in and happy among all of your friends and family at the Bridge. You will do very well there I`m sure. You loved everyone and everyone loved you.. including Dixie and me!! Just wanted to check in to say a huge `Hi` and remind you how deeply we Love you and Miss you!!
Always and forever, sweets!
Mom and Dixie.. and the kitties, too.. plus your Big Sisters!! Love you, babe!!!!

My Dearest Mists,

Happy Valentine`s Day Baby!! I wish you could know how deeply I`ve missed you, and Popeye, too. We both long to see your lovely smiling eyes and that sweet little grin of yours. So often I think of you and wish so badly that I could have you back here to break trails in the snow for me. You were the Best TrailBlazer, girl!! And how I miss that.. and everything else about you.

Mom came to add a Valentine for her very special girl.. You!! I love you and miss you beyond words. I hope things are going well for you at RB. I`m sure they are, everyone always loved you here and I know nothing would be any different over there... but We All Miss You so very deeply!!

Love You, Always and Forever !!!
Mom... Pops, Cleo, Buddy, Shawnee Mist and Sheba Dawn


March 9, 2014
My Dear Mists,

Hi Babe.. came to change the season and get current with the upcoming special days! Hope you like what I picked for you. Mom isn`t feeling great today so will keep it short and sweet. Just want you to know how we miss you here and continue to love you, even more than ever! Hope all is well for you over there.. always remember that you are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie.. you are never, ever forgotten.
I love you!!

April 7, 2014

Hi Mists.. came to check in on you. Today is the birthday of a very special friend of mine who crossed over in 2004. Maybe you have come across one another.. hope so. If not I`ll send you some vibes and you can try tracking her down :) You would love one another! Remember that I love you and miss you more than ever. Would so love to have your comforting looks and touch right now, it would mean the world to me through this difficult time I`m having right now. I know that you are twigged in on things though and I can sense that, especially in my dreams. You are my special angel!!

Huge Hugs from All of us here XX0XX !!

Love You, Always and Forever!!!

April 8, 2014

Hi Sweetie, Just checking in again to change the flowers.. it`s that time of year and you always need fresh flowers. ((((Hugs)))) Mom & Dix LuVyU !!

May 6, 2014

Hi Baby, Thinking of you so much and loving you so dearly. Spring is here and we`re waiting for it to warm up :) Hope all is going well for you baby, it`s so hard being without you here. I know how deeply Dixie misses you, too. Life gets lonely when someone so important to us isn`t with us here in person.. but you know that you`re always with us in our hearts. I love you so.. and I miss you beyond words Mists! Huge Hugs to you.. and many loving vibes are going your way.

Be back soon...
Love You Always and Forever,
Dixie & Mom

June 25, 2014

My Darling Mists,

I am finally.. finally able to post a message here again. It broke my heart to miss your first anniversary at RB. I had something special that I wanted to say and then I found out that I couldn`t even get online. What a terrible let down. But I do hope that you felt my loving vibes. I miss you so deeply and just find it so comforting to send a vibration your way and hope so much that you`re able to receive it. It`s a very special vibration, filled with love.. and gratitude.. and total admiration for you and all that you have been to me over the years that we shared together. Even though you started out being Dad`s girl, you wound up being my girl in the end. Ironic isn`t it.. but you and I always shared a special love anyway so it wasn`t like we found out something new about each other.. just that our love had grown so big and so beautiful.. and so incredibly special. I never forget your ability to hone in on my feelings and how sympathetic you were when times called for it. But it is those incredible moments of joy that I remember best. Nothing beat the way you looked when something good was happening.. you had such a beautiful way of expressing that joy.. and I will never forget it. I know there were times of disappointment for you, too.. and am so glad I was able to hone in on that too.. just like you always did for me. It made our bond all the stronger and sweeter, Babe. And that bond will never cease. I love you. Always and forever I love you Baby.. Mom


November 20, 2014

My Darling Mists,

Seems like forever since I came here to write a longer message but have keeping in touch on the visitors page since I changed computers and of course lost all of my shortcuts. But that sure doesn't mean that I have forgotten my bestest girl!! You were and will forever be that and so much more to me Sweetie. Winter is here, although we had a big snow and some very cold temps for the beginning of it the past few days have been much kinder to us. We are getting lots of birds at the feeders as always and it keeps me busy refilling them :) But they really rely on our help through the cold season and I'm happy to help. Popeye has been such a trooper for me. You taught her very well the ways of dogdom. She really learned from your example how to be a wonderful, loving companion and protector. Thank you for teaching her so well! You were such a great example to everyone, not just your fellow puppy girl, of what it means to live a meaningful life and to provide such a loving and helpful presence in the lives of those you love. You loved everyone and everyone loved you, Sweetie! I miss you. I love you. And I wish I could hold you and hug you. I wish I could talk to you. I love how you always listened to me. I love how you always looked up at me. I love how we used to wink at each other. It was our own special way of connecting.. eye to eye and heart to heart. How deeply I miss that. I love You! Always! And Forever! Right now I have tears running down my face as I try to put into words just how much you meant to me.. and always will. Until next time..

I Love You. Always. And Forever!

February 5, 2015

Hi Sweets,

I think of you so very often and oh how I miss you.. still! Especially for breaking trails through the snow for me :)
You were always the best trailblazer.. ever! And I miss that and everything else that you were to me. You were and will forever be my most loving and beloved soul mate. I so miss that smile of yours and those eyes that shone so brightly and always with a smile in them. You were so special, Mists, and I know you were truly one of a kind. How deeply I miss you, Cleo and Buddy! Huge huggies to each and all three of you and all of your Sunshine buds. I miss you so, everything about each of you that was so endearing and unforgettable. It's so cold here, big snow storm today, and really miserable out there. Wish I had you leading the way out there Mists! Wish I had you Cleo and Buddy to keep me warm and cozy at night :) I miss all of you.. always and forever.

Love, Mom

February 14, 2015

My Darling Mists,

Happy Valentines Day to you, Cleo and Buddy... and all the Sunshine Kids... and all the babes at the Bridge who have no one here to send their love to them. I love you one and all, so very deeply and send you huge hugs and kisses with all my heart!

It's a beautiful day here today and Dixie and I enjoyed it so much when we went out to do chores. She's still outside enjoying it after all the cold, dreary and snowy days we've had. It's a nice break for all of us here.

I hope you guys are having a lovely day at the Bridge. I'm sending you a Happy Valentines care package filled with all those goodies you treasure the most............... and a bunch of hugs attached! Know that I'm with you in spirit and wishing I could actually hold each and every one of you............. but until that day comes..

I send you All........ All my Love, Always and Forever!

XX00XX and Huge Hugs! Mom, Dixie, Chloe, Shawnee Mist & Sheba Dawn

March 22, 2015

Hi Baby,

You are so often on my mind. And you always give me great vibes, happy memories and positive feelings about 'things'. :)
I think Popeye is finally catching on a bit about being a 'trailblazer' through the snow, lol. I'm sure if you've noticed you would have been thinking.. where did I go wrong on that one! But, of course, you didn't.. and with time I think she remembered what her beloved Mists taught her. You taught her so much, so well! Remember that.. because I certainly do.

I hope all is well for you over there.. always know that in my heart and soul I'm with you. I miss you Sweetie, and I always will, until we meet again. Be well, be happy, just continue being you Baby.. and remember how very deeply you are loved, missed and remembered by your number one fan.

I Love You.. Always and Forever!
Hugs, Kisses and Sweet Remembrance,
XX0*0XX Mom & the Crew


April 2, 2015

Hi Cleo and Buddy,

How I miss you. Honestly, there just aren't words for how often I sigh and just wish I could have you here with me. Everything went so wrong for you last year. It was unbelievable and so terribly sudden. I never dreamed that I would lose both of you in such a short time. My God how it saddens me that two such healthy, young and beautiful souls would be taken from me by such a vicious and untreatable killer virus. Life is so unfair. You were robbed. And it still angers me that you were taken that way. All I know is that I carry both of you in my heart and in my soul and that wherever I go you go with me. You are not forgotten. You are always and forever loved.. with all of my heart I love you. And I miss you so terribly. Know that. Remember that. Be at peace my loves. I love you. Always. And Forever!

Love, Mom


May 7, 2015

Good Morning Sweeties
My Darling Misty, Cleo and Buddy,

I think of you all so often. I miss you even more. It's spring and that special time of year that I especially love, but it would be a much happier time if I had all of you back here with me. Hope all is well for each and every one of you at the Bridge. Know that you are not ever forgotten. Time just makes the memories sweeter.. and even more precious. We're doing better now. My back is improving.. it was a tough time for quite awhile, but things are much better now. Know that you reside in my thoughts and in my heart.. front row center. You are always loved and remembered with such joy and sorrow, too. That you had to leave me so young was one of the great letdowns of my life. But nothing can really ever take you away from me.. not even death can truly separate us. You're always with me even if I can't see you or hold you in my arms. I still have the memories.. and they comfort me.

I Love You.. Always and Forever!
Hugs from Mom

May 24, 2015

To All my Sunshine Babes at the Bridge,

Hi Babes, I Love You.. and I Miss You. Since I am unable to get into your guardian area I'll state it here. You each had such an impact on my life. I wish I could even put into words how much you gave me, so unselfishly, of your time, your love, your comfort, your faith and trust in me. And I thank you! Know that wherever I go, you all go with me. There is never a moment in time that I forget you, not a one of you. I love you and miss you all, beyond anything words can ever express. It's in my heart and my soul.. and you reside there. That gives me such peace and comfort.

Always and Forever
All my Love,


June 19, 2015

My Darling Misty,

Today it has been two long and painful years without you in our lives. But you live on in our hearts. Nothing can ever really take you away from us. We all know that don't we. Love just lives on.. love just keeps on growing.. and you are never more than a thought away. But it would be such a pleasure to wrap my arms around you again, to feel the warmth of your beautiful being beside me, and to see that loving look that you gave to me.. so often. I never forget that. I'll never forget anything about you. You had such a tough start in life yet you never let it destroy the loving spirit that resided inside of you. You gave so much to us. And to so many. Everyone was treated like your friend. People still talk about that, and about you. You were just that special to all who knew you and loved you. What a wonderful girl you were, and will forever be. You left a beautiful legacy. In a world gone amuk at times, it is so refreshing to look at the fur friends in our lives and see how genuinely you live your lives. Your honesty is so incredibly refreshing. And so desperately needed in today's world. There is so much to be learned from you.. you, Misty, have taught me so much. I take those lessons forward with me in my life's journey.. and I thank you for how much you have taught me through your presence in my life. Thank you, Baby. I love you!
Always and Forever,
Mom... Popeye and Chloe. Shawnee Mist and Sheba Dawn
We Love You and we Miss You
Hugs and Sweet Kisses!


October 24, 2015

My Darlings Misty, Cleo and Buddy,

My goodness how time flies. Summer is gone, so is autumn, and winter is on its way. I can't believe how quickly another year has flown by. Another year without your irreplaceable presence in our lives. I am so grateful for the time we had together. Each of you were and will forever be so special and so very dear to me. I think of you so often. So many things remind me of you, each of you, each in your own very special way. So, know always, that you're never forgotten. The passage of time only makes you more dear to me and those precious memories are a beautiful reminder of the time we spent together. It was too short, but it was wonderful while it lasted.
I miss you so and I'll love you for always and forever!

We miss you and we love you!

Love, Always.. Popeye and Mom XOXOXO***XOXOXO

My Darlings Misty, Cleo and Buddy,

Even though I haven't updated here for awhile it doesn't mean you aren't in my thoughts and in my heart each and every day because you are and will forever be. Just came to change your residency back to spring. It's a little early but it's not far away now. I hope you are all keeping busy and happy over there. We're doing better again after a long bout with cold and flu bugs. It sapped all my energy and that's why I never got around to doing this sooner. Things are back on track again, thank goodness. Remember that I love you and I miss your loving presences in our lives. Things haven't been the same since we lost you and they never will.

Love You, Always and Forever!
Moms, Pops and Chloe


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.... We Love You with all our hearts!!!!!!!


My Darlings Mists, Cleo & Buddy,

Easter came early this year so I'm placing some special goodies here for you and all of your friends to enjoy. I know that you will all share with those not fortunate enough to have someone here to do that for them. Enjoy! So often you are thought of as I go about my days. I have such wonderful memories of when you were all here with me. How I wish you still were. But that is out of our control isn't it. But someday I hope we will all be together again. I look forward to being with you again with genuine joy. Until then, remember that you are never forgotten and are loved more than ever. I remember you with such love. And until we are together again I never forget you. I love you. I miss you. Always. And forever. With much Love. Moms, Popeye, Chloe, Shawnee Mist & Sheba Dawn


June 19, 2016

My Darling Mists,

Hi Baby, it's been awhile hasn't it. It's already been a very hectic year.. with the kind of surprises nobody needs but have to deal with in spite of it all. Thankfully it's pretty well done with now and maybe, hopefully I have my life back again.

It's so hard to believe you've been gone from us for three years. So often I think of you or see photos of you that make me feel like you were here just yesterday. But yesterday has now turned into three long and lonely years without your presence. What a difference it would have made to have had you with us through the trials and tribulations of the past three years. You had such a special way of comforting me through situations that were upsetting or just plain bad. How much more joyful the good times would have been with you here to enjoy them too. But that was not to be and life must go on in spite of it all.

You have two beautiful messages from two faithful friends. It's wonderful how people like that always remember and take time out of their day to leave a remembrance message for you. How we cherish their kindness.

And I cherish what you have always meant to me. A loving and very faithful companion and friend to me. You taught me so much about the wisdom of your kind. I will never forget what I learned from you. And my love for dogs is because of you. You are my most precious jewel, Misty, and I will never forget all that you were to me.

I hope you are happy and very content at the Bridge. You so deserve to be. I miss you so very much. Even more than ever before. Remember that you are my dearest friend and confident. You are still my bestest girl. And you will forever be.

I love you. I miss you. And I always will.

Love, Mom.. and your forever bestest pal, Dixie sends huge huggies and puppy kisses.

With All My Love Baby, Always and Forever.. Mom


Nov 19, 2017

October 2, 2017, I love you Dixie and there will never be words to describe what losing you has done to me. NEVER. I feel so alone and aimless since losing you. I only hope this isn't the end of our story together. The day we parted was the worst day of my life because you were so incredibly special to me. You were such an important part of my life and got me through some of the worst experiences of my life. Like being treated like a piece of shit at my work place. The great thing about dogs is that they're smart and they know how to judge people. They know who's genuine and decent. And they will stick by them through thick and through thin. That's more than we can say for some people in this world. I miss having you in my life so deeply, girl, and I always will. My love for you and my loyalty to you will never fade. It only gets stronger with each passing day as I remember all the times you placed your trust in me and showed your love for me with those beautiful brown eyes looking into mine with such love. I think of that so often and I keep those memories very near and dear to me. As I write these words in the middle of March, 2018 the feeling of emptiness and that huge hole in my heart remains the same. And it always will until we meet again Babe. Loving you.. always and forever! Mom


Nov 28, 2017

It saddens me deeply that my beloved Sheba has now joined you at the Bridge. Sheba was a very special and beautiful horse who inspired me many times over the years with her determination and grace under every situation. I loved you so deeply Babe and will miss you beyond words. I know that Shawnee will be ever so lonely without you and I will try to help her through this. I love you Sheba, rest well now and be happy with your buddies at the Bridge. You're getting to be a big family now. Wait for me.. and until it is my time to join you know always how deeply you were loved. Mom

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