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Memories of Misty
Misty; when i first saw you at the animal shelter you were just sitting waiting for "someone" to take you home. You were in the sick section 'cause you had kennel cough.
I took you home, you were my first dog that i'd had since a child....it took a while for us to get to know one another, but when we did bond.....we had a great time! I was told by those at the shelter that you shouldn't have another dog/cat etc; but before we knew it you had a little "sister". I know at first you struggled to enjoy needing to share your toys etc; but you did....and in the coming years you and she enjoyed a very close bond.
Then "mum" really thru the spanner in the works, & got you a couple of kittens to share home with too! :) Wow! it was a growing time hey? Another challenge to go thru! :)) But you did with flying colours!
In between times we had fun taking you to the beach, going to obedience lessons, trying to learn agility, but you weren't really interested in doing agility...someone said because you really were too intelligent to be doing something like that to "prove" yourself :) Ah well, we had fun in other ways-you loved your walkies :) especially around the reserve area, which now has expanded since you've gone.
I really miss your learning to cuddle, you loved your cuddles as you were getting older:), especially miss snuggling when it is cold you 'sister' isn't as cuddly now you've gone.
You even made up your own little grunting noise to let me know when you wanted a cuddle :) LOL
I miss that little grunting noise. :(( You don't have to worry about car trips anymore :) i know you never enjoyed a car trip...
Your lovely little soft ears the way they flopped forward :) & those beautiful soft brown eyes...no-one has soft brown eyes like you...cute as! Your lovely little staffy legs! whoohoo! that way you used to stick you bum out so i could grab the little bit of fur near your legs & gently pinch you....which you loved me doing:)
You learned to "speak" like your 'sister' does how she baroos, you wanted to baroo like she does and you managed to baroo was very cute when you did that :) just wished i'd gotten it on video. Never mind, it's in my memories.
You have to know your "sisters & brother" miss you very much, they wait for you to come home everytime someone comes to the door. Or if i go out somewhere for a long time...they think i'm bringing you home again. That's been the hardest thing to not be able to let them know what happened the day you left this world :( Little George (boy) has joined you since...as of 29th May '12.
My biggest regret is that i didn't see the symptoms you showed, which now with hindsight i do. I'm sorry i didn't see the signs of the tumour that you had that was taking your life :( Your sister was sick at the same time...& you "knew" that she was sick with cancer too, but you chose to hide your symptoms-i see now that you wanted to give your 'sister' a chance to go on. My brave brave little girl :) I was devastated when told you had a splenic tumour...what a blow! :'( I was completely unprepared for that answer to your sudden collapse when you went out for you walk-your last ever walk. Goodbye my beautiful baby girl....

Today my darling Misty; your 'sister' Shandy has joined you at Rainbow Bridge your resting place....dear Shandy mama's girl, who came into this world on the 23/11/2000 I know she missed u when u left, I'm sure she greeted u with a big "BAROOOO"! when she saw u & George (boy) RIP my little ones...mummy loves u & Smokey-Jo is now with you too...well my babies you are now all together xx mummy misses you all

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