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Memories of MistyLou
...and there you were...
On a cold, Misty Valentines Day morning, laying at my front porch, huddled up and cold, left there by somebody in the middle of the night.
When I brought you inside, you immediately picked your spot, underneath my desk, and watched as my little Pepper dog showed you around. It was Pepper's first birthday, that Valentines Day, and we always said that you were Pepper's little dog. I never knew your birthday, but life began for us with you on that special day!
When we took you to Jim to have your well baby check done, he said he wasn't so sure you could make it because you were much, too much, too little and had a few problems. He asked that we leave you with him and he would try every trick he knew, and.. miracles do come true, little funny face, we got to bring you home! On that happy, happy day, I told Larry we really needed a special name for you because you were so special and your life had been so hard, we were so lucky to have you. He told me he had already named you MistyLou, after that misty morning when we found you, the sweetest thing our big Marine ever did!
You sure made yourself right at home, here under my desk as I worked away. You became my shadow, protecting me from the mailman, my friends, and just anybody who came over and got just a little too close to me got a little MistyLou heel nipping! Even as I moved from room to room, hard at work, you were just a step behind me, always taking care of me. Evey morning, there you were, laying in the doorway as I would shower and get ready for my day, even keeping my little Pepper dog away.
And through the years, you remained my greatest little protector. I am so proud that you chose me to be your "charge."
You cannot even imagine our heartache when Jim said cancer.. He said of all the times he saved your little behind, he couldn't fix this one and it was just a matter of time. All we could do was to return all the love you had given us by taking extra special good care of you for those three extra, precious weeks we had you. You were so tuff, Larry gave you your special breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats, treats and even more treats. Even last night, you munched on that big steak bone and loved every last bite of it. Larry made sure you were well fed, to be sure!
But then, this morning, it was obvious your little body had let you down, something happened in the night, and you couldn't go on. We whispered how much we loved you and I thanked you for being my little guard dog, and then...you were gone...
I promised you that I would be alright without you, but everybody has a shadow, don't they? .. and now mine is gone..
I can only believe that you are with my little Pepper dog again, and you two are up to your same old tricks, happy and healthy and enjoying your little lives with each other, my two precious little chicks, just like before.
It is going be so hard for me, but I must remember every second of every minute of every day that you are only a little MistyLou step behind me. I will never forget you and will love you forever, my little funny face.
Thank you for being mine, Baby Lou, it was such an honor and privilege and you will always be remembered and loved and missed by those who were so fortunate to have known you!
Christmas 2007.. Baby Lou, Christmas is just not the same this year without you and my little Pepper dog. I know you know how much I miss you and love you and that you would be here with me if you could. Merry Christmas, Chops, you are the greatest little guard dog there ever will be and I will love you and be grateful for you forever..
October 29, 2008.. I just had to come and see you today for it has been one heartbreaking year since you had to leave us. Larry and I miss you every day, I still talk to you now and then and I hope you can hear me.. It makes me sad that I can't see your sweet little face any more, Baby Lou.. I know you and Pepper are together and this gives me much happiness.
Much has happened here since you left. We have three new little Border Collies, Gracie, Tasha and little Rocky. They are rescues and needed a good home for three very different reasons.. They are happy, healthy, beautiful little ones and we love them so much. Rocky likes your spot under my desk and little Tasha is the guard doggie of them all. Gracie waits for me while I shower in the morning much like my little Pepper dog used to. I think you and Pepper would be proud of Larry and I.
Your picture is up on my desk and next to my bed along with Pepper's and I think about you all the time.
My life is so much richer for having had you in it, Chops, and I will never, ever forget you both. You have taught me so much, mostly that every day is a gift and that should never be taken for granted.
Thank you for keeping me strong, partly because I just know I will see you and Pepper again, treats in hand and much, much love to give you both.. You will always be the greatest little guard dog ever and I will never, ever forget your sweet face.. I love you, Baby Lou..
Oct 29, 2009 Good morning, Baby Lou, it has been 2 years now since you had to leave me and not a day goes by that I don't think about your sweet face. You will love to know that our three little ones are doing great and have settled in. Gracie likes Pepper's spot, Rocky likes your spot and Tasha loves her big back yard and she takes care of business just like you used to do.
I have to believe that you and Pepper are together and are happy and healthy and playing in the sunshine just somewhere over the rainbow.
I will never forget you chicks and I will love you forever and ever, Baby Lou..
Oct 29, 2010 My Sweet Baby Lou.. I just had to stop by today. You may not be under my desk anymore, your picture still sits in front of me and you are always on my mind. I can only hope your little soul is happy and somewhere with my little Pepper. I miss your little faces but take comfort in knowing you are together and free. All of my rescue work is dedicated to you both and I will carry on with finding homes for the little Border Collies in your honor.. Gracie, Rocky and Tasha love you both and I always will..
April 27, 2011 Hi Sweet Baby Lou.. I just wanted to ask you a little favor for me, I was just at Peppers and asked that the both of you find Chevelle, a sweet little girl who just passed into the Bridge. She so needs to be loved and have forever friends to play with her. Life was rough for her the last year and after she found her forever home, she got her little self sick. We are all so sad at Border Collies in Need, but it would bring me a great deal of comfort knowing my girls are going to take care of her. I so love you, Baby Lou, I feel as tho you are a part of me. Run free, play hard until I see you again..
Oct 29.2012 Sweet Baby Lou, I can't believe I have been without you here for 5 years now. I still see your sweet face every day, your picture is still on my desk. I have such sweet memories of you, my little guard dog, nobody got between you and I. As you probably know, we have another little dog here, Tiny, he sure got himself in trouble at the shelter and when I brought him home, he was supposed to go into rescue, but he was so scared and so little, Larry just loved him, Rocky, Tasha and Gracie took him under their wing, so he is now a Tiny part of the pack. I miss you and Pepper to this day, you were both so special to me and always will be in my heart. Still doing rescue work with BCIN, almost 700 Border Collies are in their forever loving homes since the group began. I hope you girls are having eternal fun and bliss and most of all, that I will see you again someday... till then, be happy and take care of each other and shine your special light on me now and again..
October 29, 2013 Happy Birthday Baby Lou.. oh how I miss you, and I can still see your sweet little face and feel you protecting me. I know in my heart that I will see you again at the bridge.. what a fine day that will be, to see you and Pepper and all of those that you are caring for.. Every time a sweet soul crosses over to the bridge, it makes it just a little bit easier to know that you are there to greet them. Stacey lost her precious Molly, BCIN just lost 4 brand new puppies that were sick from the moment they left the shelter, tried every single thing, just didn't work and wasn't meant to be, Roberta is just so sad.. told her there's nobody else I'd want to take care of me if I was them, they felt love before they left and flew into your sweet company.. Love you and Pepper forever, keep giving me those little signs that you are happy and well and I will keep saving the little Border Collies down here.. Such a sweet, sweet soul, forever my Baby Lou...

Please also visit Chevelle and Pepper.

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