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Memories of Missy Hanlon
Missy would always sit on the back of the love seat looking out the window watching for us to come home. When we pulled in the drive she would jump down on the arm of the love seat and start barking until we came in. She would then follow us around running and jumping on our legs until we stopped to pick her up and pay total attention to her. Then we would get our faces licked so much from her kisses that we ended up soaking wet. God blessed me the day that I walked into that shelter and saw Missys beautiful face. From that second on our lives changed she loved us unconditionally as we did her and still do. We think about you all the time honey. We love and miss you so very much. We will all be together again up in heaven. But never forget how much we love you. You will forever be in our hearts and our prayers.1/6/2018 Hi mommy's baby girl Missy. Honey all I do is think about you no matter where I am or what I'm doing. It's been 4 days since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and my heart aches without you. I am so glad you aren't suffering or in pain anymore. I'm sorry for the suffering and pain you went through. You got sick so quickly. But now you're with Jesus and all the other furbabies running and playing and you even have your teeth back. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy. No one could have loved you more than we do. In the 4 years we were blessed to be your mommy and daddy you have given your love to us so freely. I only hope you know how much we will always love and miss you. I still sleep with your blanket on the bed. Even though this is hard for me I want you to run play jump and have a grand time. You deserve it. Good night my precious baby girl you are forever in my heart thoughts and prayers. Like mom would always ask you: Who's your momma???I am your proud momma forever.

1/9/2018 Hi mommas sweet baby girl, my beautiful Missy. It's been 1 week since you went to heaven. It's been a really hard week without you. I miss your kisses your snuggles your bark and I just miss you. I hope you're having a funtastic time playing with your new friends. Sometime i hope you stop to think of me. I'm always thinking and praying for you.you are mommies world. I know you're busy up there but could you please visit me in my dreams.I just need to see you and hold you and to feel your sweet kisses. Rest my baby girl and know that we love you so very much and always will. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS. I LOVE AND MISS YOU.

1/13/18 Good morning my beautiful baby girl. I found myself calling your name this morning. How I miss you. I think about your little antics and I wish I could just hold you one more time and feel your kisses and watch you play. But it was not to be. I still sleep with your blanket and sniff your favorite toys. I can still smell you on them. I know you wouldn't want me to cry as much as I do. You my baby girl are just so special. You are my heart and always will be. Just want you to know mommy and daddy loves you so very much and always will. I hope someday you'll visit me. Oh how I long to see you if only in my dreams. I know you are having fun up in heaven. Please don't forget us. We love you. YOU'RE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.
1-16-18 Good morning my beautiful baby girl. Tonite it's been 2 weeks since you went to heaven. My heart aches for you constantly. I miss everything about you. Mommies been having to stay home because of the ice. It's been hard staying home without you. There are times i don't want to go home cause you're not there. I know you're happy being in heaven with Jesus and all the other furbabies. Do you remember how you would follow us around the house at our heels? We still look for you everywhere. I still have all your clothes hanging up in my closet. How i always loved to see how excited you were when you seen me pick up a dress or sweater. You always knew you were going bye bye. We have been asked to take in another small furbaby that needs a home. I don't know if I can do that right now. Nothing or no one could ever replace you. My dear sweet baby girl Missy I hope you have a wonderful day playing. God is working on healing my broken heart. Please don't forget me and how much you're always loved. Kisses and hugs to you our baby girl. WE LOVE YOU! YOU'RE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!!

Hi mommies sweet baby girl. Its been 3 weeks since you left us for rainbow bridge. Oh mommies girl how much I still miss you and always will. I know you're happy with Jesus and playing with all the other furbabies. I hope you know how much you're loved and always will be. As you already know we rescued another fur baby that would have went to the shelter if we didn't. I know you talked to Precious and told her about your toys. Blankets and bed. No other fur baby could ever take your place in out hearts. Mommy still cries for you but the GOOD LORD is working on healing my heart. I hope you stop and think about me sometime. I know one day I'll get to hold you again and feel your wonderful wet kisses on my face. But till then please don't forget me.I LOVE AND MISS YOU MY SWEET BABY GIRL. YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.
Hi my darling little baby girl. Well... It's been 4 weeks now since you had to leave us. I still love and miss you as much as I ever did. I wish I could hold you and feel your love and kisses. I know you are still with me my little one but I still look for you everywhere. I know you're in a much better place having the time of your life. Every once in awhile i hope you think about me and i hope you feel mommies love rising up to you. Never forget how much you are loved and missed by mommy and daddy. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS. YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

Hi our dear sweet precious baby girl. Well.. It's been 5 weeks tonight that you went to the Bridge. Oh how much I still miss you. I still wish I could hold you and watch you play, and take you bye bye. Oh how much you loved to go bye bye. I would love love love to take you bye bye again and to feel your wet kisses. I hope you think of us every once in awhile. I hope you know how much I love and miss you. By now I know you know about Precious. She needed a home so we took her in. I hope you don't mind. She was never here to replace you. That would be impossible. But i know you're ok with it. I keep calling her by your name not meaning to. I know you're in heaven making new friends daily and playing with all of them. Mommy is sending you bunches of hugs and kisses so is daddy. Daddy said to tell you he loves and misses you very much. This is always your home honey so please come visit mommy sometime. YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS OUR BABY GIRL. I LOVE YOU.

Hi mommies sweet baby girl. It's been 6 weeks since you went to heaven. I still miss you so very much and always will. You and Precious would get along good together. As you already know. Hope you're having a good time playing with all the kids and fur babies up there. Please don't forget to think of us at times. We think about you all the time. I'M so glad you came into our lives. You're still mommies lil valentine. I need to go to bed now honey but don't forhet how much we love you. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY SWEETHEART!!! YOU'RE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!!. I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!! You would have been 14 today. I know you're celebrating it up in heaven with Jesus and the furbabies.i know you're having a great time. I love and miss you so very much. YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

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