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Memories of Missy
You were mixed in with a group of other puppies but you looked at us and we knew you were special. You grew to be a loving, protective and wonderful companion. Even though you were almost 14, we wanted you to stay with us longer. We will miss your funny habits; bringing your ball to play, barking for some beer, opening the bathroom door when I was in the bathtub to see where I was, dancing for your supper. I brought your ashes home today and thought I would feel better that you were back home, but I don't. My heart is broken. I look for you around every corner, wake up hoping to find you in my bed. I know you were not happy and the cancer was not going away. I didn't want you to suffer or be in pain so you went to sleep in my arms while I told you how much I loved you. Missy, you were the best.

My precious Missy. today is a week you have been gone from us. Daddy is trying to be strong and telling me to remember the good times. When I do that, I really am sad. Your ashes are in a beautiful velvet bag that says "Pet Angel". They are in a beautiful box. I have them in the dining room on the table next to where you always laid when you were sick. I have several pictures of you and cards from some dear friends. I have met some other people who have lost Pet Angels and hope you have met their Angels to play and run with. Please forgive me for yelling at you when you wouldn't eat. I was afraid that if you didn't eat, you would die. I yelled because I loved you and didn't want to lose you.I will write again soon. Love you.

Missy, they called us yesterday from the vet. They had made an imprint of your paw in clay and wanted me to come and get it. I couldn't go but daddy went. When he came home, I had to bake it in the oven for 15 minutes. It is on the table with your ashes, your ball and pictures. It is a perfect paw print. We both miss you so much and hope you are doing OK. We love you forever.

Missy my beautiful baby. I have cried all day today. I thought I was doing better but I guess not. Everybody said you would send me a sign that you were O.K. Daddy and I had chinese food tonight and there was a message in a fortune cookie. It said, "may the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your spirit." I guess you can read anything into that, that you want but I choose to believe that out of all the fortune cookies, I got that one. It is your way of telling me that you are O.K, no longer in pain, that you are happy and healthy again. I miss you so much, I can hardly stand it. I held your ashes tonight and cried for a long time. God bless you, my special girl.

Missy, Michael drew a beautiful picture of you. I framed it and it is on the wall over your ashes. It is just perfect and looks just like you. Your eyes are so bright and full of life. It makes me sad to see it because it makes me miss you more. I pray that you are strong and happy and all your pain and suffering is gone. You just looked at us with such sad eyes the day we put you to sleep. It was like you didn't understand what was going on with your body. We didn't want you to suffer because we loved you so much. Daddy and I send love and kisses util we see you again.

Missy, today is 3 weeks since you left us. I am reading a book on pet loss and it is supposed to make me feel better but Daddy and I feel worse. We miss you so much. It is empty in the house. There is no one to greet me when I come home from work. I hope we made the right decision. You looked like you were sad and in pain and we couldn't see you like that any longer. Daddy and I promised we wouldn't let you suffer and we kept our promise. You are such a pretty baby, almost 14 years old. We were so lucky to have you as long as we did. I guess I always thought you would be with us. In the book I am reading it says that you don't want us to be sad. We are trying very hard. Love you always.

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