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Memories of Missy
Missy was my prodigal daughter. She was very strong-willed but a sweeter dog there never was. She loved ALL people, dogs, cats, and children. She didn't have a mean bone in her body. She at times could be very bossy, which made me laugh, and very independent, and also very exasperating with her stubbornness. Those who knew Missy know exactly what I am talking about! But at the end of the day, she would come into my office to inform me it was time to go to bed, and she would jump into bed with me to snuggle, letting me know she was my girl, in spite of her independence. It will be hard to imagine her not jumping on my bed any more, or not seeing her laying outside in the lawn, or not smiling at me which she did quite well, or not being my traveling companion. It will be hard to not have her lying on the sofa behind me while I work in my office, to not have her lying on the love seat (HER love seat!) in the living room while I am watching tv, to not have her come over and ask if she could lay on the couch with me instead. It will be hard to not have her greet me at the door when I come home. So many things will be hard for quite awhile, I suspect. And I imagine that eventually I won't feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach. But now I have to be here for my Golden Retriever, Buddy, who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure just 3 days before Missy passed. I consider myself blessed to have been entrusted with Missy's care and to have had her for what would have been 11 years in June. I will miss her deeply because she meant so much to me for so long, and she was just a beautiful gift from God. But I firmly believe that what God has breathed life into, including animals, will return to Him who created them when they pass on from this world and leave their bodies behind. His Life and Spirit is what caused her to live, and it surely has returned to Him. And so we will be together again, my girly! Thank you Missy, for being my sweet, nosey girl and for loving me so much. I will miss you my sweet angel! 3/29/10
4/3/10 Hi my sweet nosey girl! Mama has been thinking about you a lot today. It is a beautiful day and I was thinking how much you would be enjoying being outside. But then I remembered that where you are, it is always beautiful outside, more beautiful than anyone could possibly imagine, and that made me very happy. Buddy is feeling better. I know you knew he was not well when you were here last. But he is doing better and getting better every day. He misses you terribly as I do, but I told him you crossed the bridge and went to be with God and that we would all be together again. He kept licking me when I told him, so I am pretty sure he knows. He lays in your spot outside in the evening to be close to you. I love you my sweet baby! Mama
5/2/10 Hello my sweet baby girl! Today is 5 weeks since you passed over Rainbow's Bridge my sweet girly. Mama misses you so much Missy; I so wish you were still here so I could kiss your sweet nose. I half expect to look behind me and see you laying on your couch in mama's office, asleep with your nose tucked under your paw the way you used to do. You were so beautiful, you just made mama's heart ache! I have a sweet picture of you on my desk that I look at all the time. It is the one from Sullivan's birthday party at Mary's house, remember? When she served vanilla ice cream and Milk Bone cookies to all the pups. You have the most beautiful big happy face on, with that sweet Missy smile that I loved so much, just waiting for someone to give you more ice cream. You ate so much that day! Honey bear, mommy loves you to the ends of the universe and back, forever! You will always be mommy's sweet, sweet nosey girl, and I love you forever! I know you are happy and well cared for where you are, my angel, and I can't wait until you and I and Buddy will be together again. Mama
1/23/12 Hello my sweet Missy girl! I'm sure you know by now that Bandit crossed Rainbows Bridge yesterday. I know you & Buddy bear were there to meet her. We will all miss her so much, but I know she is happy & whole where she is & she is in very good Hands. It made me smile to think that you & Bud would meet her when she came over. Poor Max is very sad & upset. He so loved his Bandit. He has been howling a long, sad howl & keeps looking for her all over the backyard. It just breaks my heart, but I know he will be ok. I told Nicholas to make sure he spends extra time with him, throwing the tennis ball & giving him love, so he will know he is not alone & that we love him. It is sad when your best companion in the world that you love so much leaves for the Bridge before you do, but I know Maxy will be ok. Well, give Bandit a hug for me. And hugs & kisses to you & my Buddy bear too, my sweet Missy girl. Mommy misses you so both, so very, very much & I think about you & Bud every day. You will always be my special, special babies. Love, Mama
3/28/13 Hello mama's girly! How's my sweet baby? It doesn't seem like it can be 3 years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I guess that's because I think of you every day & I miss you so, so, so very much. You're my sweet baby girl & always will be. I hope you & Buddy Bear are having fun. I can't wait to see you both again. Much love from your mama.
8/15/16 Sweet baby girl, how is my Missy Monkey doing? There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I still miss you so very much and I always will. You are my special baby, my sweet angel. We will be together again one day, you, me, Buddy, and Ruby. Take care of each other until then. Love you to pieces! Your Mama.

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