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Memories of Missy
Aaaaah, my little Missy with the airplane ears. How precious you were. I felt sad though sometimes because you seemed to be left out. I guess you were just one of those souls who would set back unintrusive but there for the rescue when needed. It is not like you did not play ball or dig halfway to China for a mole. Gosh the holes you could and did dig. I mean you were completely lost from site and that is not a small task for an 80 lb dog. Lol you actually had small mountains by the holes and would lay on top of it in waiting for your prey. So I guess you were happy in your life just seemed a bit aloof. That is not to say you did not enjoy a good brushing or belly rub. Remember the barbershop quartet sessions... you were the soprano and actually had a pleasant voice.

You really did not like the squirrels though. In fact, you probably resented them because they would throw pecans at you kids and sometimes connected, although, none of you seemed to mind when the pecans were ripe. You liked eating them. I recall how you would lay just inside the 'doggie' door waiting for one to venture out of the tree and a couple times they paid for that venture. But my how patient you were. I did not know how you could be so motionless for so long of a time. It fascinated me just to watch you.

Hey Missy remember how you kids would play in the row boat in the pond? I still don't know how you all could climb into that boat from the water. But you did it. I don't know how many times I would watch you. You never really liked the water but once in a while you would join in the fun. It was like "ewwww wet", but once you did get wet it was "oh well".

When you met us one day coming home from the grocery store and fell into a seizure all our hearts stopped. I was "oh, please Lord, not again, not now" But it was not to be. You never fully recovered and I spent another long night by the side of one of my kids. In the morning at the vets' we were told brain tumor. So another decision had to be made. We placed you in the back of the station wagon so you knew you were going home. And Home you did go. How I cried. The tears had barely seemed to dry from one of you when I had to let another one go. You were the last of 'my gang' to be born and the last to leave us. I always contemplate that... lost you all in the order of your birth. raising and loving the 4 of you is something I will probably never experience again but will always treasure. I was privy to a lot of awesome things. Now you don't need those airplane ears... you have silver wings

DEC 24, 2010

Hi Missy, remember me calling you Mistletoe... I don't know why I hung that name on you... maybe because I always wanted your kisses. I talked to Smokey and Lady. I told them as I am telling you that I have been missing you kids really bad this year. Why now over any other time? I don't know. I still picture your 'molehills' and smile. Thanks for all the memories that let me know all these tears are worth the time we had together.

Merry Christmas baby girl.

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