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Memories of Missy ("Rudy")
A true "dog" -- full of energy and full of life. Half Beagle and Half German Shepherd -- she was curious and as smart as can be.

Missy knew each one of her toys by name and she loved to play with each and everyone of them. She especially loved to chase tennis balls over and over but would not give you the one in her mouth unless you had another one to throw. She loved to go for car-rides and enjoyed going to camp every weekend.

She loved to sleep on "her" recliner and sofa and insisted that she sleep under the covers with you.

She especially loved to help us open Christmas gifts. She would never touch a gift while it was under the tree, but put it in front of her and she would get great joy in ripping the paper off the gift. That was her Christmas morning job -- and on Christmas morning 2006, we missed her help, but we knew she was there with us.

She had the ability to talk to you -- through her howling (rooing thus the nickname "Rudy") she seemed to be able to carry on conversations and always got the last word. A true "dog" throughout her life.

She was adored and loved by her little "sister" Codie who now has a empty spot in her heart too. Codie misses you and so do we.

We shall always remember, love and miss you Misses Rudy! Good bye, sweet girl!

Your Daddies
Bobby & Ron

12/05/06-- for the past month our hearts have been filled with sorrow and our house has been way too quiet. What we wouldn't give give to hear that beautiful howling of yours once again. We know that you are waiting for us at Rainbows Bridge with all your new fur-friends.

12/25/2006 -- Miss Miss, it just wasn't the same without you helping us to unwrap all the goodies. Your little sister, Codie tried to help out, but it was you that we missed. We know that you were with us this morning under the tree and you were in our hearts.

May 5, 2007.... It's hard to believe that it has been 6 months already. With spring in the air, we continue to miss you, Rudy. The snows have melted from the backyard, but you're not here to play with your tennis balls. We took you sister Codie for a walk the other day, and it just wasn't the same without you covering three times the territory as she does. Boy, you sure got your moneys worth from each walk.

May 10, 2007... tomorrow we go to camp for the first time since you left us. How you loved to make that 2 hour drive and then wander around our campsite checking out each and every little thing. We, and all your friends at camp, will miss seeing you, but we will know that you are there with us -- in our hearts and in our memories!

5/24/2007 - Miss Miss... Today would have been your 14th Birthday. We continue to miss you but we know you are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Run and play, Rudy-roo.

9/23/2007 . Well, Rudy Roo, we closed up camp after our first summer without you there. We missed you chasing the tennis balls up and down the road, we missed taking you for your walks where you made sure you got every inch of walk in as possible. But we know you are in a better place where there is no more pain or where your own body will no longer be attacking you. Be a good girl and we will see you again someday.

11/05/2007 -- It is hard to believe that it has been 1 year since you were called to the Rainbow Bridge. We know that someday we will see you in the valley waiting for us, and hear your delightful howl once again. Yet, we still miss you and think of you. You are gone, but you are still with us... in our hearts and in our thoughts. Rest now Rudy-roo.

05/02/2008 -- In a few days, it will be 18 months since you left us. And you are still missed every day. We can still see you sitting "your" chair by the front window looking out, we can still hear your howling. We can still feel you under the blankets at night. Be a good girl and someday we will be together again. We love you and miss you still!

09/11/2008 == As we get ready to close up camp again for the summer, our thoughts turn to you. Oh how you loved to be at camp! To wander into the woods, checking for lost tennis balls, smelling every spot and blade of grass to see if any of your friends left behind messages. And we still see you running up and down Utica Way chasing those darn tennis balls over and over and over. You will always be missed and you will always be in our hearts.

06/11/2009 -- Where has the time gone? Miss Miss, we have a new trailer at camp and you would love it. More room for you to lay around and share your love with us. While you are no longer here with us, you are still with us in the new summer home--we have hung our favorite picture of you on the wall so you will always be with us.

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