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Memories of Miss Thea
Dear Thea,
What a special day it was bringing you home as our new puppy! Everybody hovered over you It was Christmastime, you were my gift from daddy. You were so devoted to us and very willing please us in every way. You were housebroken quickly; learned to tricks quickly, rode in the car very well, (you loved the car rides) and walks with daddy were delightful. Then you met Delavan up at the lake, whom was quite the stud! He took you running down to the pier to the lake and jumped in, you were so excited to be with him, followed! It was your first time in a big body of water you were used to a wading pool. Well needless to say you sunk straight down with your red fur floating softly till you were out of sight. You didn't know how to swim! Delavan's daddy got you above water and put his hands under your belly and helped you learn to swim. Delavan's mommy taught you to keep your chin above water. Then we couldn't keep you out of the lake. The decoy duck would get thrown in the water and Del would always beat you to it but he was such a gentleman he'd let you fetch it up and bring it back. Then you and Del produced a wonderful family of 12 fur babies! You were a very good mama. Mom and dad kept 2 of those wonders, Rhett and Scarlett. What a joy it was! You always shared your meals with Rhett, spitting out tidbits for him because he such a little pig. Scarlett and you played tug-of-war. Scarlett always wanted to be where you were. Your bond was different with Scarlett than with Rhett. Then there was the awful accident of you falling down the stairs and having to have special surgery at a vet hospital 2 hours from home. For weeks we made the trip there changing your cast and follow-ups, sometimes 2-3 times a week. Then 9 months ago you got a balloon ear and have to have surgery. Other than those you were in good health, we thought. Darn cancer anyway. Such a hidden disease till it is too late!!!! Special people in your life that spoiled you: Grandma Sally always had treats for you. When you went to her house, you'd always show her where she kept the treats. Cindy & Scott (owns your sister), they always brought treats and toys Aunt Yvonne would love you up and you would try to climb up and sit on her shoulders! Aunt Connie and Becky you would always tug with their hair. Grandma & grandpa Brown, Loretta too, watched you when mommy and daddy went on trips. One trip we were on you had gotten sick and we were going to come home a day early, but couldn't get a flight. We hated being away from you. Rhett and Scarlett are very lost too baby. You left us way too sudden. It is true the saying "not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." Del's mom and dad have been so wonderful through this and laid you to rest next to Del under the pine trees, together forever. Del will run with you again and play with you. Dearest Thea you are buried in mom and dad's hearts! Till we meet at the bridge hugs and kisses baby girl. Mom & Dad Rhett & Scarlett

Thinking of you on Your Birthday...really miss you Thea Mia!! Our hearts still ache. Scarlett and Rhett miss their mama bad.It will take time.I know you have made lots of friends and playing with Del. Love you baby girl.

It is Christmastime and really thinking and missing the best Christmas gift we ever got, love you baby girl.

Here it is...springtime and I still get a lump in my throat when I go outside to do gardening and watch the birds without you by my side or watching you sit in your favorite chair on the porch. Miss you baby girl!!

11 months and I still get very teary eye and miss you so much!! Love, Mom

Miss Thea, 4 years ago today and my heart still hurts. Another Halloween without your silliness sharing fun with the trick or treaters. They are special memories. Love you baby girl!

Christmas is not the same without you and hearing your jingle bells from your collar. 2/8/2014 your son Norman has joined you and his brothers at the bridge, we know you will greet him with open paws. 12/16/2014 Chesney your son has joined you.

With deep sadness in our hearts, Miss Scarlett has joined you at the bridge December 16,2014. She had the same darn cancer. Now I have lost both my baby girls. Scarlett was my side kick and went to work with me often and always on Mondays. She was a comfort to my clients and the volunteers. She was a special people pleaser just like you!

Well Miss Thea my dear, another sad day here this 22nd day of June 2015 we had to put Rhett your son down,he started having seizures at 6:15 pm and had 4 by 8:00 pm. They were awful and hard. Not to good for a final memory that is for sure. The lymphoma had made it's way to his brain. All my babies have died from this horrible disease.

Your sister Annie joined you on 11/10/2015. She missed her 14th birthday by 5 days. Happy Birthday my Angel Baby Thea.

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