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Memories of Miss Puddy
Miss Puddy ruled the roost which meant that the Rottweilers, the Chihuahua's and all the other cats that became family learned to bow to her status as Empress of the House.....when she was hungry she would come into the bedroom and come to my side of the bed and stand up and yowl....yes yowl into my ear.....and then wait for me to get up so she could lead me to her food bowl and demand her favorite wet food....which was Gerber's baby meat....for her morning treat.....this would go on several times a day...ad as her faithful slave would succumb to her wishes....she loved to sleep on top of my husband's legs at night ....he was very careful to wait 'til she was comfortable and then try not to disturb her.....when I wet to Jamaica for 4 days, she waited for me to come home the first day at the time I would usually arrive from work....she was upset when I did not appear that night and the next day as well....when she finally realized I might be gone for awhile she jumped up on my husbands lap and cuddled up to him for the first time since we were married.....I guess she felt she better make nice to the guy that has been hanging around so she could get her favorite treats....once I came home from Jamaica, she completely forgot about him and climbed back up on my lap where she purred and purred to let me know she was happy to see me...the jumped down, flicked her tail to show her annoyance and went over to my husband's lap to punish me for leaving her....when we moved to Georgia a few years ago, she took the trip from New Jersey in stride and walked into the new house with authority.....she picked all her favorite spots out and allowed the other furbabies to take the leftovers....and when I ended up with two little babies that I had to hand feed when their Mommy died....Miss Puddy took it upon herself to clean them and show them the ropes as they grew older and bolder....Pookie and Woobie followed her everywhere and she took their admiration and love as just part of being the Queen of her Castle...I will miss this amazing cat...she was with me through my divorce, the good times...the bad times and all the times in between...how will I manage without her....I will just have to wait to be reunited with her when she waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge...Sleep in Heavenly Peace......

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